Signs You Were in a Sorority

You can recite the entire Greek alphabet. Backwards? Child’s play.

People skills: nothing develops them quicker than recruitment

Your reaction when people said you paid for friends:

Source: giphy

You have multiple pictures in these poses: (I don’t know these people)

  • Squats
  • Hand on Hip
  • Head Cocked- Grab your big

You know the difference between alumna, alumnae, alumni and alumnus

You wish you could trade board meetings for sorority meetings

You still can go to your big for anything

Whenever you see your mascot you take a picture OF it or WITH it and tag everyone you can think of. I can’t even tell you how many turtles I am tagged to.

You have an immediate connection with people at work who were in sororities- especially yours!

You still have all of your letters and Greek shirts

The late nights of recruitment are nothing compared to late nights in the office

Mixers now involve coffee not Jungle Juice

Most of the guys in your phone read something like “Mike Sig Chi”

You miss waking up to your sisters, then running down the hall to grab the rest

To craft: a verb.

Whether you feel like staying in, going out, or watching SVU all day, there will be someone who feels like doing the same thing

Having your sorority on your resume allows for an easy scapegoat when employers ask you to tell them about yourself

Nothing beats the deal of $5 at the door and free drinks all night, even if they are out of a gin bucket

You can never take too many pictures

Not every girl is Elle Woods

There is a bond you will forever have with the girls in your pledge class- Alpha Pi!

After all this time you will still be sisters for life


“My sisters have taught me how to live.”

Sounds tacky, I know, but some of the girls I met through my sorority have helped me grow and develop into the person I am today. Life wouldn’t be the same without them! And I love them for that! So here’s to my Phi Sigma Sigma sisters and all the others who have experienced the happiness of Greek Life!



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