Unrealistic Romantic Cinematic Gestures

Big Fish

One word: flowers. More precisely daffodils from FIVE states. I’d settle with a bouquet from Wegmans.


Oh I can’t even! When she tells him her name is Rose Dawson, my heart melts! I guess that’s the least she can do for the poor guy.

Love Actually

Not only does Sam dodge airport security but he also learns a musical instrument for the girl he loves. Gentlemen take notes.

10 Things I hate About You

The man hot wires the sound system and interrupts her soccer practice to serenade her to “I can’t take my eyes off of you”! And the marching band is even involved!

Dirty Dancing

“Nobody puts baby in a corner”. You’re damn right Patrick! Because they need her to dance!

Never Been Kissed

Grossie Josie apologizes to Sam in the paper and waits anxiously to see if he will show *SPOILER* He does.

50 First Dates

No man has the patients to continuously try to hit on a woman he doesn’t know especially if she doesn’t (or pretends she doesn’t) remember him

Beauty and the Beast

So he’s an animal, who takes a human as his prisoner? he begins to fall in love with her? is excited she “doesn’t shutter at [his] paw”? and gives her a library? Makes sense.

Pretty Woman

A successful business man falls in love with a hooker. Oh but here’s the kicker… He faces his fear of heights to confess his love for her.

The Proposal

Editor-in-Chief needs her assistant to propose to her so she can become a citizen, oh and he’s loaded!


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