25 Things Every 25 Year Old Needs

“Your life is your message to the world.
Make it inspiring.
Write something worth reading!”

Queen B

  1. The ability to say “no”, whether it is doing a favor for a friend, turning down hours at work, going somewhere you don’t want to go and even if you don’t want to have sex with someone.
  2. Recognizing when to stop complaining and when to do something about it.
  3. Doing grown-up stuff. Like making and keeping doctor’s appointments. Having a general understanding of your health insurance and benefits, especially your 401(k). Not over drafting your accounts, and just overall being in control of your finances.
  4. Live within your means- keep to a budget and make sure you put away a little every month
  5. Learn to get off the grid every now and then. Turn off your phone. Don’t post things to Instagram, and lastly don’t even think about updating the digital world on how you are feeling via Facebook. So hide away and just be alone with you.
  6. How to be content with being alone, from being single to just enjoying a quiet night while your significant other is away. Learn how to entertain yourself.
  7. The ability to know how to clean ALL of the clothes in your closet, everything from that vintage leather jacket, to that bright white lace dress. If something says dry-clean only don’t through it in with your sweats, unless you really don’t like it, then have at it.
  8. Having the right cleaning supplies in your house- even though you think Clorox wipes were sent down be the gods, they aren’t meant for that glass stovetop or soap scum.
  9. Have a passport, a nice piece of luggage, the ability and essentials to pack a carry-on. Not only because that is all a weekend trip requires but because you need don’t need to over pack anymore
  10. A healthy relationship with her body and the ability to not have her happiness dependent on comparison or what a man might think.
  11. Household essentials: a drill, working flashlight, how to unclog a pipe, change a fuse, paint a room and hammer something properly into a wall.
  12. A hobby. That does not involves vodka, shopping or a combination of both.
  13. A mild idea of who she is going to become
  14. No longer having to justify who she is, what she eats, who she dates or what she is wearing.
  15. Having a relationship with your mother, preferably a healthy one but functioning will do
  16. An emergency kit that is always handy including- Advil, tampons, Band-Aids, clean underwear, travel toothbrush, $50 in cash, a condom, extra contacts and a charger
  17. How to make decisions.
  18. Control over your patience and temper. You will have to learn how to deal with people that you would rather not deal with. Trust me; I know there is nothing more annoying than your friend who sighs over the crying baby. Oh honey your day will come…
  19. The ability to cook something quickly, master a recipe that people will swoon over and know how to make a basic breakfast. Your guests (even if they are hung-over) will appreciate it
  20. Staying in is just as fun as going out.
  21. Claim responsibilities for your own actions. If you hurt someones feelings apologize. It takes a big person to admit to their errors. Do your best to right your wrong. Also know when you have unintentionally caused someone pain. Realize that all of your actions will have a reaction.
  22. A favorite coffee order, a spot you can go sans makeup to grab a beer, a place to take a friend who is visiting from out of town and lastly a place you can go that is just for you
  23. A general understanding about politics and what is going on in the world around her.
  24. Choose your friends wisely. You won’t keep everyone from college and high school, but the ones who matter will stay.
  25. You have been on this Earth for 25 years, you should make the most out of every day.

So remember, just be the most fabulous you, you can be!



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