9 Times We Put Outselves in Bad Situations

Offering help with no intention of following up

Typically when you offer someone help they are in need, emotionally, physically, spiritually. When you offer help because it “sounds” good and you don’t follow through, that says something about you. If you have no intention of helping, don’t offer.

Early morning weekend plans

For everyone who works a 9-5 job Monday through Friday, the last thing they want to do is have to set an alarm Saturday and Sunday morning. So yes early morning breakfast or helping a friend move might seem like a good idea, remember you have to wake up with the sun on a Saturday.

Telling someone a secret you know they won’t keep

We all have the person that you think you can confide in. Every time you do though, everyone some how knows your secret that you shared with them. If someone has blabbed in the past they will blab again.

Going somewhere you know you won’t enjoy

Why go? If you know you won’t have fun or enjoy the company around you why are you there? And if the answer is “because I have to be!” Then you better make the best of it because no one wants to be around you if you’re miserably sitting in a corner.

Starting an argument with no intention to finish it

We all do it. Midway through you realize you’re wrong or that you just had a bad day and needed to yell at someone. Well this isn’t ok to do because this innocent person you’re yelling at got the brunt of your bad day. Now they don’t want to drop what you created and rightfully so!

Relying to heavily on others

It’s a bad habit to get in to. You feel as though you need to constantly be surrounded by someone. Whether it is constantly being in a relationship or relying on friends for everything.

Overloaded schedule

Hi my name is Ellen and I am a chronic overbooker. I think I can do 100 things in one afternoon. But it isn’t enjoyable for my or the people I am spending time with. Everything is usually rushed and no enjoyable because you have allotted yourself only so much time.

Worrying about things that we don’t yet know the outcome of

I am very guilty of this! I stress over things when I myself aren’t even sure if the outcome. Don’t worry, what will be will be. We can’t control fate any more then we can the weather.

Pushing our friends out of our lives when a new relationship starts

It happens. Your friend starts dating a guy and you never see her again. Her life revolves around him and his life. Well she eventually comes back because they broke up and has pushed everyone so far away that they want nothing to do with her.


So remember think before you act because you don’t want to be that friend! We all have them, the one who says things because it sounds good but that doesn’t get anyone anywhere. Just be kind and rewind!

Until next time!



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