How You Know You Have Been Friends With Someone For-Ev-Ver

The biggest ingredient in a best friend
is someone whose actions you respect
and who you can truly be yourself around.

They know and have witnessed some pretty horrible things. Middle school romances, your questionable fashion choices and the headgear for your braces at sleepovers. And yet, they stuck around.

They know EVERY person in your life, probably without ever meeting them! From your freshman year roommate your co-worker BFF and they are probably friends with them on Facebook.

They are pretty much the only person who you can say “Shut the fuck up!” or “Suck it up and move on!” to you because at that moment they know that is exactly what you need to hear.

You’re the person their other half has to “win over”.

There is no running tab of who bought what drink, there is no running tab on money at all. It eventually evens out right?

They know you. Like you pout when you’re mad or that it’s a given if a movie is put on after 10 you’ll only make it through the opening credits.

Their house house runs on a open door policy. You no longer serve them like they’re a guest and you definitely don’t clean if they’re coming over. You know exactly where the fridge is and you are entitled to bitch when there isn’t food there that you like.

Their parents are like your parents. You probably text each others moms whenever you feel like.

Maybe you don’t talk every day but when you get a text at 3am you know it’s something worth answering.

You know everything about them especially their birthday, phone number (even their parents home phone), siblings middle names, address, and something about them is an answer to a security question to log into your bank account.

You can  reach across the table to steal food off their plate.

They can tell you when you look less than fabulous, not to hurt your feelings but because they’re the only one who can.

Forcing you to talk about something you don’t really want to talk about, but they know it’s bothering you and that it’s important you talk through it in order to deal with it and move on.

You make plans for the both of you because sometimes you just need a friend there, and it most instances only your best friend can handle whatever pit you’re throwing them in to.

They know the nitty gritty details of your life…

You can send literally 30 messages and they’ll patiently answer every one and not think for one second you’re out of your fucking mind, because they’ve known that since you were 10.

When you tell your side of a story they are secretly editing it because they know that you have an “active imagination” but they never call you out on it. 

You have grown together over the past 20 years, never drifted apart. That means that they are in your life for the long haul.

Remember these are the people who came into your life and never left your side. They have been through it all and more. So base all your relationships off of this. So many times we befriend people who really don’t care about us but a great friend won’t ever get tired of all your pointless drama that you like to tell over and over again or get mad at you when you don’t answer their messages. They honestly just chalk it up to “well this is how she is” because they know. I never had sibling so my best friends were my sisters. They knew everything because they were my people to confide in to. So thanks girls!

Until next time,



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