13 Things That Are Guaranteed When You Get Ready With Friends

1. Some bizarre playlist will be playing in the background that will cover everything from DMX to S Club 7

2. Lots of pictures will be taken, some will never be seen by another soul except for the persons phone they now reside

3. A toast will be made before every shot is taken, some funny, some sentimental but all represent your friendship.

4. Compliments will be flying around because you are with your people. They are not going to let you out looking a mess.

5. Dancing- lots of dancing will happen. Moves that should be seen by only those who love you. A lot of dancing that you think looks like Beyoncé but you really couldn’t be more wrong but WHO CARES?!

6. The rules of the night will be put into place. A) after x amount of drinks take away my phone B) after x amount of drinks don’t let me dance C) everyone needs to get very drunk

7. Lots of statements (some true some very false) will be made like “I’m totally going to dance on the bar!” “KARAOKE!” “I’m getting laid.” “Absolutely no talking to guys tonight!”

8. Stress and work are no longer a factor. So cheers to the freakin weekend! It’s time to dress “unprofessionally”.

9. Unlimited styles of makeup and clothes. You’re trying a new shade of lipstick, taking your shirt off to give to your friend, you sometimes leave the house wearing more of your friends clothes than yours.

10. Confessions and secrets are told because it’s like having your own ethics panel sitting in front of you! Because honestly who knows you better than a friend who has hosed you off in the tub!

11. Promises are made to stay friends forever and to never forget one another because honestly these are the nights that create your memories.

12. The scene can be similar to back stage at fashion week! Topless girls with interchanging outfits. Shoes and makeup every wear. But before you walk out to strut your stuff they don’t let you look less than flawless

13. Sometimes we forget that all of this getting ready is actually to “go out” but honestly this part is the best!

“There is something to be said
for the pure joy of dressing up and going out,
of being young and alive in the city.”

So remember these nights are memories in the making! So go out and just have a blast. In the words of the immortal John Bon Jovi “I’ll sleep when I’m dead!”


So until next time lovers



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