You Know You Love Me XOXO Gossip Girl

There is something magical about Manhattan especially the Upper East Side. Maybe it’s the undeniable wealth and the lavish lifestyle it brings or maybe it’s the fact that none of us will ever come close to living in a penthouse overlooking Central Park. Either way when you create a television series about a bunch of over privileged New Yorkers, you’re looking at a success. But when those New Yorkers are actually high schoolers, who have access to the hottest parties, front row seats at MBFW, and all the latest gossip, you have yourself Gossip Girl.

Well this girl is a sucker for some good old fashion drama, so when a friend suggested I watch it (Netflix is a gift from the gods) I hopped right on that band wagon. For all of you outsiders, GG is Clueless of the 2000’s. So here is some of what we learned along the way.

How to Dress

Never leave your house looking less than perfect. You have to dress appropriately for every occasion. From their school uniforms to a flawless outfit for a white party, it made you want to burn all of those sweats and buy a really good make-up routine. They inspire us to put more towards our appearance, because everyone wants to be the best looking person in the room and the proper accessories can make that happen.

Walk like a Crown Adorns Your Head

31 Reasons Blair Waldorf From "Gossip Girl" Is The Real Queen B

Believe in yourself. Act like you are the best. Never let anyone make you feel less than the princess you are! The GG girls did not need men to build up there confidence, they had that from the start. The women of Gossip Girl were strong and (at times) independents. They wanted to rule the world, one minion at a time.

Pretending is Half the Battle

The difference between Serena and Blaire is that Serena seems more fun and outgoing, while Blaire seems stuffy and uptight. But honestly, Blaire, no matter what always looks like she has her whole life together, even when she doesn’t. She did things here way and really let minimal stop her.

Chuck Bass

From that deep whisper of a voice to his constant pursed lips, he had it all. Plus the man could rock an ascot like no other. No matter how vial you think he is, you just can’t help but fall in love with that smoldering look. And all he ever had to do was just look at Blaire to make her weak in the knees. And by Blaire, I mean all the women of the world.

Keep Your Friends Close and Your Enemies Closer

If you want to be one step ahead of your competition you need to keep them close. You have to know what their next move will be. B and S were constantly at each others throats but when it came to those two they were more like sisters who would sleep with each others boyfriends. B knew when S was lying to her and visa-verse, so it made it easier to know what was going on.

Don’t Underestimate a Blogger

Gossip Girl showed us first hand the power of Social Media. “She” had the power to make or break a person with the click of a button. She built people up just to knock them down. The internet is a scary place and you don’t want to piss off the people who control it. And your mom was right when she said that “someone is always watching”.

Always Be Confident

The men and women of Gossip Girl did not have time for insecurities. There was an air about them because when you act like you’re the best people believe you are. Confidence gets you a lot further then most people even realize. I mean god they could even drink when they were 16 because people knew they had a presence.

Respect Your Body

From eating disorders to drugs and alcohol. Gossip Girl showed us how bad people treat their bodies.Just because the show never had an episode about loving yourself, there was definitely an underlying theme. It showed, through every episode, how to be a strong person and work through all of the tough times, even if you needed a friend to lean on.

So until next time lovers,






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