Sorry I forgot it wasn’t 2002

There was some pretty phenomenal things that came to us in the early 2000’s. However most didn’t last through the decade.

Burning the perfect CD for your bestie because her mom wouldn’t let her get the new Nelly album.

Your attire with your group of friends was very cult like. Always wearing clothes from the same stores and sometimes the same shirt in different colors

The phrase “metrosexual” was put into our lives.

Conversations went as followed via AOL:

What’s up
GTG my mom needs the comp…
Away message: “So mad! Don’t IM me!”

Friends were not determined by years of trust and love but only if your initials were on their MySpace

You allowed your friends to go out like this because you yourself had a similar outfit on

Asymmetrical jersey skirts. Styles pretty much exactly like this were everywhere in 2003.


"Rehabbed" sport shirts (jersey/number tops plagued with rhinestones, eyelet holes, and cuts).

Some other questionable fashion decisions you made included:

  • Jeans that laced up in the front with no back pockets… Because your mom obviously let you wear a thong
  • Two little hair antennas (the curled version is a tendril) slicked down the side of your head while the rest of your hair was adorned in a scrunchie
  • And there were the accessories like the Pukka Shell Necklaces, studded belts from Hot Topic, body glitter, “bling bling” and trucker hats

Calls to friends had to be made after 7p.m. because you had free nights and weekends.

Prince William prior to losing his hair was the man you wanted to marry.

Going over to a friends house just so they could fix up your AIM profile by adding in a little of this ~*~*~

When someone showed you cheat codes for the Sims and gave you the link to that free website so you can download new shit for them, you didn’t sleep for days.


No greater match than JT and Britney except for

There was nothing worse then when your download from Limewire finally finished and it was just a terrible radio version.

And there was this:



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