Beauty Habits We Should All Adopt

So I’m not one of those Pretty People. Reason being I’m not a 9+ (you know on the hotness scale of life) and honestly I don’t have that mentality of the beautiful people. There is an air about people, a sense of confidence. Some days I have “it” but “it” should be apart of us 100% of the time. Here are a few things we should try out EVERY day.

Wash your face of make-up, dirt and the stress of the day away

Smile big for pictures

Nail polish should never be worn chipped, so touch it up or take it off.

Accept a compliment with grace- it shows how much you love and respect yourself

Take care of your body- treat yourself right. Salad is great but so is a bacon cheese burger, don’t deprive yourself of anything. Moderation.

For some it’s a bit to late but for the younger generations… Wear your retainers you’re going to regret it later if you don’t.

Don’t apologize for your health and wellness. If you get facials because have less than Maybelline skin, good for you.

When someone does something for you, really take the time to say thank you. Don’t take someones kindness for granted, make them feel appreciated.

Laugh when you think something is funny. Don’t hold back. Even if you snort- it makes it all the better.

Buy it if you like it. Even if it is a little too dressy, who cares? Wear it when you go shopping with your mom- people who love fashion will appreciate the beauty of the piece

Makeup should enhance, not change. Use it to make a better version of ourselves, not to hide.

Wear what looks good on you and what makes you feel comfortable. Don’t force yourself into heels if you walk like a new born calf stick with flats!


Spend a little bit more on certain beauty products like I love a good red lipstick, a perfectly matched foundation and a nice dry shampoo.

Learn different hair styles so you can mix things up a bit when your feeling sassy even if it’s just adding some curl to your usually straight hair.


So keep that in mind! Remember nothing is more important than inner beauty but we need to keep ourselves in the best shape we can. From laughing a lot every day to making sure we drink enough water, we need to take care of our one and only body.


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