Wardrobe Staples for Every Fashionista

A hairstyle that works for her, along with a color that she not only adores but one that looks good on her and most importantly a stylist that will help her obtain this.

A signature perfume because you want to leave that lasting impression.

A pair of nice flats. Ones for the days your running late or just not in the mood for heels.

Jeans that make her ass look incredible.

A good pair of heels that remind her how strong and confident she is. They may live in her closet 360 days of the year but when she finally does put them on she is unstoppable.

A signature piece of jewelery. I have a necklace with a Johnny Cash quote on it that rarely leaves my necklace.

A real smile. You all know what I am mean.

A style icon. Use your muse as a guiding light. They’ll never lead you astray.

Lipstick that you can wear to help out your flushed skin AND for a night on the town.

A make-up routine you can wear when your alarm clock didn’t go off. Nothing is worse than when people ask if your sick because the bags under your eyes are showing.

A jacket to throw on in a pinch. You don’t want to be the girl at the bar who is freezing because she only owns a NorthFace.

Sunglasses that are used as an accessory because honestly when the frames don’t fit your face people notice for all the wrong reasons.

A few pairs of matching bras and underwear, you never know when they might come in handy.

A cross-body used  for traveling, shopping or any other activity where she will need her hands free.

Lastly, confidence. Wear it, own it. She takes the clothes she buys and makes them fit her style.

 Stay stylish my loves



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