Tips and Tricks for Holiday Parties

Tis the season for so many holiday parties  and so many reasons to just have a great time this holiday! From ornament exchanges to Holiday Galas- parties are the thing “it” thing this time of year! Plus, with New Year’s Eve a few hours away there are a several rules we don’t want to forget to be the best party goer we can be!

Be Comfortable

All of the parties I have/ will be attending this season, comfort was always put first. From a ballroom to a living room, dress for the occasion. Heels and LBD’s aren’t always needed for every party, especially the ugly sweater party you bestie is holding in her basement. I want to hold a chic PJ party for NYE (Just think SJP in the Sex and the City movie).

Bring something for the host

It’s an unwritten rule that once you attend a party that does not charge you $5 to enter, you bring a gift for the host. It’s common courtesy. Whether you bring a dish for people to enjoy or a bottle of wine, it will be much appreciated. People remember these little acts of kindness, because they go a long way.

Have a DD

Drinking and driving is not worth it and is completely avoidable. If you have someone who will drop you off and pick you up, everyone can have fun! If you don’t-well someone needs to bite the bullet and stay sober. Plus I think we associate drinking with having fun. That doesn’t need to be the case, learn to socialize without a beer.

Treat yourself

It could be something as simple as getting your nails done or a new lipgloss but parties are used as an excuse to treat yourself to something (well at least I do this). I also use parties to try out new styles I have been lusting over. I just recently went to a party and wore a dark plum lipstick that I bought because I was surrounded by friends and that gave me the confidence to try something new!

Practical Shmactical

When it comes to shimmer, short dresses, costume jewelry, and completely ridiculous footwear, we’re heading into the biggest night for impracticality of the year. So dress for the occasion but wear whatever you feel like! Even if your plans include a night in there is no reason you can’t wear sequins and jewels!

So if you’re anything like me, you’ve been so busy buying gifts and eating cookies that you haven’t even given a thought to your NYE outfit. (Heck, you might not even have plans nailed down). So just go out have fun and be safe! Enjoy a night surrounded by good company!

Cheers to 2015! Let’s make it a great one!

Happy New Year my loves,



Is it really worth it?

There are so many things we do every day that in the long run are not worth it. And by worth it I mean to get upset, mad, angry, mean! Why do we do this to ourselves. Next time we find ourselves overcome with any negative emotion ask yourself is it really worth it to…

Stay mad at a friend

This hasn’t happened to me much but the time it has eats away at me. You have this amazing friendship and something goes terribly wrong. Before you know it all the late nights and amazing times are gone. No one chooses to remember the good they just focus on the bad. Life it too short to stay mad at someone. Plus it’s exhausting!

Fight with your family or loved ones

This probably upsets me the most because I have lost so many people in my life that have made me a better person. I hear stories about families fighting over money or objects. What’s the point? There will always be money and you can always buy more crap. So, shouldn’t we just focus on the people and love around us every day? One day they won’t be here and the last thing you want is regret.


Don’t worry about what hasn’t happened! Don’t worry about about the future or events that are coming up. There is nothing you can do differently. What’s done is done. There is no point to lose sleep over if you did everything you needed to that day at work. Enjoy the time you have with the people in front of you, don’t let worry overcome your life.

Obsess about your image

Someone in this world thinks you are flawless. Don’t worry if you gained a few pounds over the winter, you can always lose it. We need to be happy with ourselves, end of story. There are other problems going on in world around us, being ignorant to these issues just makes you look bad. So stop focusing so much on yourself.

Care what others think

People are going to talk and judge. It is the inevitable that our friends will talk about us behind our backs. You know why we shouldn’t care? Because it is human nature to judge. And if you claim you don’t I call bullshit on that one. Just live your life like Elsa says “Let it go”!

Hate someone you don’t know

 Oh boy am I guilty of this! And honestly it makes me seem like a horrible person. First off jealousy looks terrible on everyone and second you don’t know this person, what could you possibly judge them on? Well it’s usually stories/rumors we hear and voila our opinion is formed based off of someone else. Instead get to know someone, even if they don’t have a flawless reputation.

Make more money

With this one I mean constantly worrying about money. Most of us live paycheck to paycheck or a little above. Don’t worry about they money because you still have an income coming in, which is more then most. Just live within your means

Be rude to people when you’re having a bad day

This is the worst! When people are miserable it’s frustrating. When the people you work with and see more than your family are miserable, it’s awful. There is no need to be a grump, we have to spend too much time together to be pissy. So put your big boy/girl pants on and buck up cowboy because no one wants to deal with your nonsense.

When something happens break it down first, jumping to conclusions does not help. Really think your actions through because you will have to live with the consequences. Remember to live your life with as little negativity as possible. It makes things so much easier.

So until next time,


Oh Look, Tartan’s Back!

Tartan never goes out of style. While checks and plaids may not have a permanent spot in the limelight but tartan has been known to take Chanel, Vivienne Westwood and Alexander Mcqueen runways by storm. It is a look no longer confined to a Scotsman’s kilt or a schoolgirl’s skirt.

But before you start to implement this style you need to know the difference between Tartan and Plaid.

Plaid’s original definition is ‘as a woolen cloth having a checkered or tartan pattern’. It evolved to mean any such checkered or tartan pattern. Tartan’s first definition is a ‘woolen cloth woven in stripes of various colors at right angles to form a rectangular pattern; also, the pattern and design of such a cloth’.

So, lets begin. We are fully engulfed in the winter season and tartan is making its way back into stores and inevitably our closets. Invading stores like ZARA, Topshop and ASOS.

The key to wearing the tartan trend this season is to give the heritage pattern a more contemporary spin. Dress it down with denim or give it the grunge treatment with beat-up leather accessories. You can easily wear a tartan skirt with a plain top or a tartan shirt with a pair of classic blue/black jeans. You can also choose to take it to a more extreme level with a head-to-toe tartan look.

Check out these tartan street style looks to inspire your wardrobe!

Black Watch Tartan

 MacBeth Tartan

Talbots - Macbeth Plaid Puffer Vest | Coats and Outerwear |CashTouch Plaid Scarf from Lands' EndLove this look...scarf and fur vest!

Stewart Tartan

Red puffer & tartan scarfRelaxed weekend tartan shirt. Ruffles are key.Twill Yarn Dye Slim Leg Pants in Stewart Plaid for you (and a matching top for her!)

Wellington Tartan

Plaid flats are a fall 2014 fashion trend staple

Boyd Tartan

Lots of good choices for teens adn moms too! 55+ Fall Outfit Ideas, super cute clothing inspiration for fall!jacket: H&M (similar below) top: c/o Windsor pants: c/o Windsor shoes: Target watch: c/o Jewelers Wife (Movado) bracelet and ring: c/o Melissa Lovy

So next time you say that you love plaid now you can tell people where the style comes from and the traditional name. There is so much history that comes along with this pattern. So what do you think of tartan? What is your favorite way to wear it? Comment below! I can’t wait to hear what you have to say!

Stay stylish my loves,

I Feel Fashion in All Black

14 reasons to wear all black,
as seen by the Queen herself. Well mostly it’s just her looking fierce in a bunch of GIFs but I say that the all black is the finishing touch of hotness.

It’s what “fashionable” people wear.

beyonce animated GIF


It slims you

There is no darker color

It transitions between ALL seasons

The black pallet allows for amazing accessories.

15 Beyonce GIFs You Need To See Right Now

You can’t tell cost in solid black.

You don’t have to worry if you “match”

It makes anyone look mature and chic

beyonce animated GIF

You look pseudo dresses up and mildly sophisticated

beyonce animated GIF

Skin tone is never affected

It is always in style and timeless.

beyonce animated GIF

You can always mix and match different fabrics

When you wear color, it POPS


Black on Black on Black

As I continue my journey of cultivating a wardrobe, I’ve found myself adding more and more black into my closet. Black has always been the new black to me. It’s my favorite “color” to wear. As I’ve said in past posts, there was a time where I tried to not buy as many neutral pieces because I was influenced by others, but now that I’ve come into my own I know that I personally can never have too many black pieces in my closet. Whether it’s the cut, an angle, trim or pattern, black is never boring.

This is one of my absolute favorite no-brainer outfits.  It looks amazingly chic and you get the opportunity to showcase your hair or makeup a little more when your canvas is all black.  You can also use it as an opportunity to show off the amazing new statement necklace you’ve got, or try out the leather pants you’ve been wanting to wear.

My biggest tip is to just keep it sleek, but don’t go too simple.  Make sure you have at least one special piece on, whether it be a silk blouse, a killer pair of black sandals, or a new pair of sick boots. Below are some of the best black pieces you can pick up to put one of these all black outfits together.

See how they styled it:

.Outfitall this look for fallAll black outfit with leather skirt and bootiesAll black outfit with statement necklace- perfect for working behind the scene at a wedding.Eleven Nine black outfit; works because of different texturesAll black outfit and statement necklace in a different color--Something about the idea of wearing all black for the fall has me so excited.

Create your own look:


Image 1 of mbyM Jacket With PU Sleeves & Asymmetric ZipBack-Zip Pullover SweaterSilk georgette lace blouseBlack Widow Maxi Dress


High Riser Skinny Skinny Cut-Edge Jeans in Black SeaCollection leather leggingsFactory dotted Gigi pant with pocketsMadeline JumpsuitSugar Plum Tutu Skirt


Highbow Suede SkimmersBromley Point BootFactory chain strap clutchSpun by Subtle Luxury Chunky Knit Basket Infinity ScarfImage 1 of ASOS Cord Braid Through Headband

So start mixing and matching with styles, fabrics, and textures.It all matches no matter what because you have a black pallet to work with! So comment below with your thoughts on the style and your favorite places to buy black pieces. Can’t wait to hear what you think!

Until next time,


Details Make the Decor

Modani is a modern furniture store specializing in contemporary and modern pieces. I was immediately floored by their style, it was so bold and sleek. Furniture done in ways that I have never seen before. They have a fashionable approach to their designs. They don’t play safe, which gives their stylish pieces personality.

Modani shares their secret to style:

In life, there’s the Trendsetters… and the followers. Have you ever wished your home looked like those modern mansions featured on TV, or one of those edgy hotel lobbies that catch your eye the minute you step a foot on their white marble tiles? Modani has made a goal to create lines of furniture that would be ultra modern, yet affordable to everyone.

I am a firm believer that personal style should always shine through. But who says that it should strictly deal with clothes? My boyfriend and I recently bought a house and our personalities are everywhere, from the color on the walls to the details on the bookshelves. A set of pillows adds the finishing touch to a room just like a statement necklace completes an outfit. Fashion isn’t just for the closet so lets see some ways we can show our style throughout our house.

I focused on Modani’s  modern sofas because they are beautifully designed! As the statement piece of a room, it is so important to have to perfect sofa to complete a design. So here are some of my favorites paired with my favorite details from Modani.

Black and White

I love the black and white look. There were so many options I couldn’t choose just one room. The white details will highlight and accentuate the couch. The light pillows will draw your eye right to the modern sofa.

2 4Boho Chic

The white sofa with the bold lines can only be paired with something of equal fierceness, I mean look at that ottoman. It can hold so much color so the more the better. I chose pink because I love how it ties in the ottoman. If we look at the strong lines of the sofa, the book self is the perfect match.

Boho Chic (1)

Citrus and Grey

This room is done a bit differently. It allows the sofa to blend in with the room in a non-conventional way. The citrus pillows will add bits of color to the otherwise neutral room. But I love the way this flows together. The statement piece ties in the whole room, if the sofa was any other color it would stand out in a negative way.



I absolutely adored the decor of American Horror Story: Coven. The house was done in all white with splashes of black throughout each room. The designer did a beautiful job pulling the out the elegance and artistry of the all white style.

Boho Chic (2)

Use the world around you for thoughts and inspiration. There is so much beauty, we just need to know how transition it to our style. Nature is colorful and soft, buildings offer cool and clean lines, take what you like and work them into your home. You can even combine styles because there are no rules when it comes to what YOU like. So tell me what you think of their style! Comment below with your thoughts on Modani and what your favorite ways to design your room!

Stay fashionable my friends, furniture

How Honest is Too Honest

From fashion choices to choices in men there is only a certain level of honest we can have with people, especially our friends. People really don’t want to hear that you don’t like their new hair style even if they preface it by saying “tell me honestly what you think!” You still lie!

I was out to dinner with a group of friends when friend A and friend B starting talking about different hair styles they never really liked and they were not holding back. Well friend C chimes in once they get to the stacked bob and says how much she loved that cut (which she had for several years). Friend A without a moment of hesitation says “well it never looked good on you anyway!”

This was one of those moments I couldn’t help but think, damn; now that was just too honest. I’m always puzzled when people say foul things and then follow the foul statement with the whole “I’m just being honest” nonsense. Looky-here missy, I’m all for being honest but everything we think, doesn’t need to be said aloud. Whether it’s family or friends some thoughts should be kept to ourselves. Meaning you don’t call up another friend up and tell her the evil you were thinking, that is still rude Regina George.

Now you know, I’m not the pot that calling the kettle black, because I have certainly been guilty of what I call “bad honesty” before. Actually, I’m convinced that my DNA is embedded with forward opinions and sassy comebacks, so this issue is one of the many “hope to learn soon” life lessons. I distinctly remember a good friend’s boyfriend calling me a bitch because I said some quip about him watching too much TV (because he did) and it’s bad because still to this day I don’t think I said anything wrong!

But bad honesty is the kind of self-serving honesty that only benefits the person who’s “being honest” AKA giving their opinion when it really isn’t needed. Please don’t justify a honest answer with a rude comment. You know, like the brash aunt that tells the naïve child there is no Santa or the busy body neighbor that notifies the neighbors of your marital problems before the ink on your divorce papers had dried. In any case, no one wins because you have hurt feelings and a ruined reputation.

There are very few times and even fewer relationships that can handle true honesty. Mostly people are looking for a friend to reassure that what they are doing it have done is good or acceptable or justifiable. So think before you speak and always remember that you would want people to have the same filter when speaking to you. Be kind to others and always think of a way to break news to people, don’t do it like a Band-Aid.

So stay civil my friends,




Warby Parker: the Concentric Collection

It was in the third grade when my world came to a crashing halt. No matter how hard I squinted I just could not see that last row of letters. There had to be a mistake, I don’t wear glasses! No one in my class wears them, plus Nickelodeon says glasses are for nerds. So, after an Academy Award winning performance of tears, I picked out my first pair. Before I knew it I was needing to wear them all the time. The world around me is getting blurrier and blurrier. But, wait, the story gets better.

One sunny afternoon I’m playing softball, a sport that I never really cared for. They stick me in the outfield because a ball hardly ever got hit out there. Well some girl that looks like the Great Bambino steps up to the plate and nails one into left field, right at me. I mentally prepare to make the play and before I know it I’m in the ER with a shiner on my eye. They said my glasses being there made it worse so my parents “because they loved me” got me purple rec specs. Here is a picture of what I resembled wearing them:

sdNeedless to say, once I was old enough to stick contacts in my eyes, I never looked back. Glasses were strictly worn for lazy Sundays and nighttime reading. They were usually crooked from me stepping on them or getting lost in my covers when I fell asleep watching TV.

Fast forward a few years and I realized that looking at a computer screen all day under florescent lights didn’t always feel the best in contacts. I decided a needed a pair of glasses that I could wear in confidence to work. This was the first time in 15 years that I thought of my glasses as an accessory. I found the perfect pair. They were fire-engine red and I loved them and they loved me back, until I stepped on the in the middle of the night. So, added they were to the fallen soldiers who fought so valiantly.

A friend of mine suggested a brand for me to try. Since I am so hard on my glasses, they reassured me that not only were they reasonably priced but they would hold up to my use and abuse. Well, she failed to mention how adorable they were and it was love at first sight (pun intended).

Warby Parker was exactly what I was looking for. They covered every style from channeling my inner Jenna Lyons to looking like I stepped out of the pages of the Great Gatsby. I decided to do a home try on, where anyone can pick their 5 favorite pairs, and have them mailed out for free! This was not an easy task because they had so many cute choices!

This is a company who wants to you to try their product. They believe in their glasses so much they will let you try them for free. Because, when you buy your glasses don’t you wish they let you try them out first to see if they hurt behind your ears?

Warby Parker gives you a trial run to see if the frame fits you and your style. We have different moods and our glasses should reflect that . Plus the trial gives you the ability to show your friends all the different styles and get the opinions of others,  besides your 65 year old optometrist (no offense Dr. Brown).

And there’s more!

Not only are these glasses fashionable but they are fiscally responsible for all you people out there trying to save money. Glasses are expensive and not everyone has the luxury of getting a new pair of frames every year. At around $100 a frame, you save. Plus this is a company that gives a solution to a problem, with their “buy a pair, give a pair” program. They allow for people to own a quality pair of glasses who might not have the opportunity to.

The Concentric Collection debuts today adding three new styles to the Warby Parker family, the Benchley, Murphy, and Everly.


This line is just in time for our favorite layering season. I constantly mix and match prints by layering them on top of each other, because honestly who says plaid and camouflage don’t go together? This line does the exact same thing, with mixing and matching different hues. Look closely at the ring right around the lens, it’s that perfect hint of detail. It’s an elegant style with just a dash of color.

Warby Parker giving us some insight on this newly added style:

To achieve a striking new feature, we worked with a factory that specializes in a friction process in which two hues are pressed together repeatedly, resulting in a subdued but handsome ring around the lens fashioned in a matchless acetate.

So check out their newest line which includes eyeglasses and sunglasses, released today! Here are my favorites:

20402-DE_Warby-Parker_Topdown-Everly984Lately I can’t get enough of the wooden look that seems to be popping up everywhere. These sunglasses are for someone looking to show the world their personal style!20402-DE_Warby-Parker_Topdown-Everly951I have a soft spot in my heart for these frames. I love the bold look the smokey clear gives. Since I have blue eyes I think that’s why I immediately flocked to this pair. Just a hint of blue, is perfection.20402-DE_Warby-Parker_Sidedown-Benchley225I love tortoise shell and all that it has to offer to my outfit. It is a neutral that isn’t boring! There is a touch of luxury in these glasses but the cut of the frame would highlight anyone’s face.20402-DE_Warby-Parker_Topdown-Murphy283
Now these bring out a classic style. The subtle white ring around the lens, it adds the perfect mix of luxury and fashion.

So what do you think of the collection and the meshing together of the different styles? Comment below with your favorite new Warby Parker frame and don’t forget to tag on Instagram #togwarby to showcase how you style your frames!

Until next time my fashionistas,


Holiday Party Fashion

Shine On

Sequins always stay true to the holiday season but try this new shimmery style.

Tip: Get ready to turn heads when you shimmer in the light. Just remember keep the accessories light, you are draped in lame.

Streamlined Shine-this particular look could start a holiday dressing revolution. Sleek gold tunic, skinny pants and low-cut patent pumps, let us count the ways this look works.Little black holiday dress

Better in Leather

Not a typical fabric but for all your fashionistas out there looking to make a statement- leather is the way to go.

Tip: Mix textures and styles. Any winter fabric pairs beautifully with leather especially a softer feel, like the white wool skirt pictured below.

love this leather dress + bold statement necklaceCalzedonia Fall Winter 2013 New Full Collection featuring Emily Didonato | FashionMentionHoliday Beauty Tips Winter 2012 - Best Holiday Hair, Makeup  Nails - Harpers BAZAAR find more mens fashion on

Come on get higher

High wasted pants with a crop top doesn’t need to be a teen only trend, so ladies let’s give it a try.

Tip: Typically a more fitted look will give you more of a flattering figure but if you don’t feel comfortable in fitted try a looser style up top and tighter pants on bottom. Like a loose top with some sequin leggings.

high waist pants and crop top


Since the winter months are upon us, some climates (like mine) don’t always allow for strappy sandals that the magazines always show with winter looks. So cover those piggies up and keep warm! It isn’t chic to shiver!

Tip: Just make sure you can walk in them. I made the mistake of buying and keeping this fabulous pair that makes me look like a baby giraffe.

Two Beautiful

I’m still not sure how I feel about this trend but honestly don’t these outfits make you want to try.

Tip: Make sure you have a great deal of confidence when wearing this high fashion style. It isn’t a “safe” route to take.

Jonathan Simkhai CLASSIC CROPPED TURTLENECKethereal high waist maxi skirt by @forloveandlemon #planetblue

Goodness Greycious

This bold move will give you the holiday look you desire with that runway feel. You won’t blend in this season.

Tip: Try mixing several different shades of grey.

glitter and jewels // sparkly feminine lookThis black maxi skirt pairs perfectly with a simple white tee for a feminine yet edgy look.27 Wonderful and Trendy Skirts and Dresses for Every Occasion ‹ ALL FOR FASHION DESIGN

Shoulder Showoff

To me there is nothing more feminine than a woman’s collarbone. It adds that classic touch without being too risque.

Tip: Watch the fit of shirts (you don’t want it too baggy) and for dresses make sure you are comfortable because you shouldn’t be pulling at it all night.

I would do different shoes, but adorable outfit!Sweetheart Off-the-Shoulder DressSuper cute shirt. Sequin Off-the-shoulder Tunic - Victoria's Secret

So what are your holiday favorites?? Email me with pictures from your holiday parties this season at! I can’t wait to see them!

Happy Holidays my Fashionistas!


Questions to Avoid Asking Me This Holiday Season

So, when are YOU getting married?

20 Things Every Twentysomething Is Tired Of Hearing

Let’s literally talk about ANYTHING else at this point, work, kite flying, sex slavery. I went to a wedding where I was the only one NOT engaged or married. I get it…

When are you giving us grandchildren?

You know there are multiple days of the week that I eat candy for 2 of my three meals? Plus, there is no way that right now I afford my lifestyle and a baby.

How is work? Is this your dream job?

I’m not upholding the family name, if that is what you’re asking.

When will you get promoted?/ Oh you’re only (insert job title)?

19 Moments Every Twentysomething Experiences During The Holidays

I know the last time we spoke I still held the same position, but that was Easter.

You at least cook now right?


Are you in a lot of debt?

20 Things Every Twentysomething Is Tired Of Hearing

Dear lord of course I am! But instead of trying to save like a responsible adult I just charged $200 to my Gap Card.

Don’t you think you’re too old for that?

Probably, but I don’t think my great-aunt has any room to talk.

What is a hashtag? Do you use those on your website?

Social media is not for the weak. There have been many occasions that I have had to explain what is happening on my iPhone. I think they do it because they want to me to realize how dumb it all is when I say it aloud.

Have you gained/ lost weight?

30 Hilarious Dowager Countess Of Grantham GIFs For Every Occasion

My grandmother would always tell me I looked too skinny, which I didn’t realize sounded much better then when I was told I was “filling out nicely”… like a turkey…


Happy Holidays!