Black Friday

So I always loved Black Friday! There is a rush to get amazing sales and report back to your friends how much you saved. I would never get anything for anyone else, just eye up things I needed from Winter lines that I refused to pay full price for. Something was different this year though, I couldn’t really explain it.

As I spoke to the woman at Bath and Body Works all about her Thanksgiving dinner.. I was pushed aside by a women (who reeked of cheap beer). She began to shake her hand in the woman’s face, so she could get her plastic tote to fill full of discounted shit. The older woman politely handed her the bag as the customer impatiently flailed her hand about. The woman continued on with her story. I let her finish and we parted ways.

Our mall was riddled with Elmo pajama pants and toddlers being drug out of their bed sleepy from a crazy day of turkey and family. People grabbing, shoving, pushing and cursing all why the employees hide their disgust behind friendly and helpful facades. I watched people grab clothing, realize halfway through the store they didn’t want it and SHOVE it somewhere else. No! Walk your lazy ass back 5 feet and put it where it belongs.

That’s when I realized my problem isn’t necessarily with the idea of Black Friday but the how people think it’s appropriate to act like barbarians. From their lack of parking skills to manners, I was appalled by it all.

Someone posted on Facebook awhile back about how some people could never afford certain toys and clothes at the full price and Black Friday allows their children to receive the gifts they want for Christmas. It was a great way to look at the chaos of Black Friday and shine a positive light on it. It definitely made me look at things in a different way, which I really appreciate. Because when given the option to find the good in something, I can appreciate that perspective.

That being said, 75% of the behaviors I saw this past Friday were unacceptable. Most people if given the option would not go in to work but instead would stay home with their families. So let’s respect everyone who opened their stores, worked through the night and greeted you with a smile. Don’t be rude, it’s exhausting.

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