Holiday Party Fashion

Shine On

Sequins always stay true to the holiday season but try this new shimmery style.

Tip: Get ready to turn heads when you shimmer in the light. Just remember keep the accessories light, you are draped in lame.

Streamlined Shine-this particular look could start a holiday dressing revolution. Sleek gold tunic, skinny pants and low-cut patent pumps, let us count the ways this look works.Little black holiday dress

Better in Leather

Not a typical fabric but for all your fashionistas out there looking to make a statement- leather is the way to go.

Tip: Mix textures and styles. Any winter fabric pairs beautifully with leather especially a softer feel, like the white wool skirt pictured below.

love this leather dress + bold statement necklaceCalzedonia Fall Winter 2013 New Full Collection featuring Emily Didonato | FashionMentionHoliday Beauty Tips Winter 2012 - Best Holiday Hair, Makeup  Nails - Harpers BAZAAR find more mens fashion on

Come on get higher

High wasted pants with a crop top doesn’t need to be a teen only trend, so ladies let’s give it a try.

Tip: Typically a more fitted look will give you more of a flattering figure but if you don’t feel comfortable in fitted try a looser style up top and tighter pants on bottom. Like a loose top with some sequin leggings.

high waist pants and crop top


Since the winter months are upon us, some climates (like mine) don’t always allow for strappy sandals that the magazines always show with winter looks. So cover those piggies up and keep warm! It isn’t chic to shiver!

Tip: Just make sure you can walk in them. I made the mistake of buying and keeping this fabulous pair that makes me look like a baby giraffe.

Two Beautiful

I’m still not sure how I feel about this trend but honestly don’t these outfits make you want to try.

Tip: Make sure you have a great deal of confidence when wearing this high fashion style. It isn’t a “safe” route to take.

Jonathan Simkhai CLASSIC CROPPED TURTLENECKethereal high waist maxi skirt by @forloveandlemon #planetblue

Goodness Greycious

This bold move will give you the holiday look you desire with that runway feel. You won’t blend in this season.

Tip: Try mixing several different shades of grey.

glitter and jewels // sparkly feminine lookThis black maxi skirt pairs perfectly with a simple white tee for a feminine yet edgy look.27 Wonderful and Trendy Skirts and Dresses for Every Occasion ‹ ALL FOR FASHION DESIGN

Shoulder Showoff

To me there is nothing more feminine than a woman’s collarbone. It adds that classic touch without being too risque.

Tip: Watch the fit of shirts (you don’t want it too baggy) and for dresses make sure you are comfortable because you shouldn’t be pulling at it all night.

I would do different shoes, but adorable outfit!Sweetheart Off-the-Shoulder DressSuper cute shirt. Sequin Off-the-shoulder Tunic - Victoria's Secret

So what are your holiday favorites?? Email me with pictures from your holiday parties this season at! I can’t wait to see them!

Happy Holidays my Fashionistas!



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