Warby Parker: the Concentric Collection

It was in the third grade when my world came to a crashing halt. No matter how hard I squinted I just could not see that last row of letters. There had to be a mistake, I don’t wear glasses! No one in my class wears them, plus Nickelodeon says glasses are for nerds. So, after an Academy Award winning performance of tears, I picked out my first pair. Before I knew it I was needing to wear them all the time. The world around me is getting blurrier and blurrier. But, wait, the story gets better.

One sunny afternoon I’m playing softball, a sport that I never really cared for. They stick me in the outfield because a ball hardly ever got hit out there. Well some girl that looks like the Great Bambino steps up to the plate and nails one into left field, right at me. I mentally prepare to make the play and before I know it I’m in the ER with a shiner on my eye. They said my glasses being there made it worse so my parents “because they loved me” got me purple rec specs. Here is a picture of what I resembled wearing them:

sdNeedless to say, once I was old enough to stick contacts in my eyes, I never looked back. Glasses were strictly worn for lazy Sundays and nighttime reading. They were usually crooked from me stepping on them or getting lost in my covers when I fell asleep watching TV.

Fast forward a few years and I realized that looking at a computer screen all day under florescent lights didn’t always feel the best in contacts. I decided a needed a pair of glasses that I could wear in confidence to work. This was the first time in 15 years that I thought of my glasses as an accessory. I found the perfect pair. They were fire-engine red and I loved them and they loved me back, until I stepped on the in the middle of the night. So, added they were to the fallen soldiers who fought so valiantly.

A friend of mine suggested a brand for me to try. Since I am so hard on my glasses, they reassured me that not only were they reasonably priced but they would hold up to my use and abuse. Well, she failed to mention how adorable they were and it was love at first sight (pun intended).

Warby Parker was exactly what I was looking for. They covered every style from channeling my inner Jenna Lyons to looking like I stepped out of the pages of the Great Gatsby. I decided to do a home try on, where anyone can pick their 5 favorite pairs, and have them mailed out for free! This was not an easy task because they had so many cute choices!

This is a company who wants to you to try their product. They believe in their glasses so much they will let you try them for free. Because, when you buy your glasses don’t you wish they let you try them out first to see if they hurt behind your ears?

Warby Parker gives you a trial run to see if the frame fits you and your style. We have different moods and our glasses should reflect that . Plus the trial gives you the ability to show your friends all the different styles and get the opinions of others,  besides your 65 year old optometrist (no offense Dr. Brown).

And there’s more!

Not only are these glasses fashionable but they are fiscally responsible for all you people out there trying to save money. Glasses are expensive and not everyone has the luxury of getting a new pair of frames every year. At around $100 a frame, you save. Plus this is a company that gives a solution to a problem, with their “buy a pair, give a pair” program. They allow for people to own a quality pair of glasses who might not have the opportunity to.

The Concentric Collection debuts today adding three new styles to the Warby Parker family, the Benchley, Murphy, and Everly.


This line is just in time for our favorite layering season. I constantly mix and match prints by layering them on top of each other, because honestly who says plaid and camouflage don’t go together? This line does the exact same thing, with mixing and matching different hues. Look closely at the ring right around the lens, it’s that perfect hint of detail. It’s an elegant style with just a dash of color.

Warby Parker giving us some insight on this newly added style:

To achieve a striking new feature, we worked with a factory that specializes in a friction process in which two hues are pressed together repeatedly, resulting in a subdued but handsome ring around the lens fashioned in a matchless acetate.

So check out their newest line which includes eyeglasses and sunglasses, released today! Here are my favorites:

20402-DE_Warby-Parker_Topdown-Everly984Lately I can’t get enough of the wooden look that seems to be popping up everywhere. These sunglasses are for someone looking to show the world their personal style!20402-DE_Warby-Parker_Topdown-Everly951I have a soft spot in my heart for these frames. I love the bold look the smokey clear gives. Since I have blue eyes I think that’s why I immediately flocked to this pair. Just a hint of blue, is perfection.20402-DE_Warby-Parker_Sidedown-Benchley225I love tortoise shell and all that it has to offer to my outfit. It is a neutral that isn’t boring! There is a touch of luxury in these glasses but the cut of the frame would highlight anyone’s face.20402-DE_Warby-Parker_Topdown-Murphy283
Now these bring out a classic style. The subtle white ring around the lens, it adds the perfect mix of luxury and fashion.

So what do you think of the collection and the meshing together of the different styles? Comment below with your favorite new Warby Parker frame and don’t forget to tag on Instagram #togwarby to showcase how you style your frames!

Until next time my fashionistas,



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