Is it really worth it?

There are so many things we do every day that in the long run are not worth it. And by worth it I mean to get upset, mad, angry, mean! Why do we do this to ourselves. Next time we find ourselves overcome with any negative emotion ask yourself is it really worth it to…

Stay mad at a friend

This hasn’t happened to me much but the time it has eats away at me. You have this amazing friendship and something goes terribly wrong. Before you know it all the late nights and amazing times are gone. No one chooses to remember the good they just focus on the bad. Life it too short to stay mad at someone. Plus it’s exhausting!

Fight with your family or loved ones

This probably upsets me the most because I have lost so many people in my life that have made me a better person. I hear stories about families fighting over money or objects. What’s the point? There will always be money and you can always buy more crap. So, shouldn’t we just focus on the people and love around us every day? One day they won’t be here and the last thing you want is regret.


Don’t worry about what hasn’t happened! Don’t worry about about the future or events that are coming up. There is nothing you can do differently. What’s done is done. There is no point to lose sleep over if you did everything you needed to that day at work. Enjoy the time you have with the people in front of you, don’t let worry overcome your life.

Obsess about your image

Someone in this world thinks you are flawless. Don’t worry if you gained a few pounds over the winter, you can always lose it. We need to be happy with ourselves, end of story. There are other problems going on in world around us, being ignorant to these issues just makes you look bad. So stop focusing so much on yourself.

Care what others think

People are going to talk and judge. It is the inevitable that our friends will talk about us behind our backs. You know why we shouldn’t care? Because it is human nature to judge. And if you claim you don’t I call bullshit on that one. Just live your life like Elsa says “Let it go”!

Hate someone you don’t know

 Oh boy am I guilty of this! And honestly it makes me seem like a horrible person. First off jealousy looks terrible on everyone and second you don’t know this person, what could you possibly judge them on? Well it’s usually stories/rumors we hear and voila our opinion is formed based off of someone else. Instead get to know someone, even if they don’t have a flawless reputation.

Make more money

With this one I mean constantly worrying about money. Most of us live paycheck to paycheck or a little above. Don’t worry about they money because you still have an income coming in, which is more then most. Just live within your means

Be rude to people when you’re having a bad day

This is the worst! When people are miserable it’s frustrating. When the people you work with and see more than your family are miserable, it’s awful. There is no need to be a grump, we have to spend too much time together to be pissy. So put your big boy/girl pants on and buck up cowboy because no one wants to deal with your nonsense.

When something happens break it down first, jumping to conclusions does not help. Really think your actions through because you will have to live with the consequences. Remember to live your life with as little negativity as possible. It makes things so much easier.

So until next time,



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