Chukka Boots

From the British Military, to the polo sidelines (a “chukka” is a polo term), to Steve McQueen, desert boots have remained a classic in the men’s footwear department. Now we’re seeing them on women with shorts, jeans and dresses.

Ladies now it’s our turn! You have a wide variety of get-ups to pair or wear with these fashion forward boots. You can wear them just like men with skinny jeans or shorts. Also try skirts, short dresses, tights (leggings), khaki pants can be worn for a trendy, stylish outfit.

So how can a girl wear the Chukka/ Desert Boot? How should one combine these masculine shoes with women’s clothes? Here are some options, I thought of:

How they wear them:

summer, staying cool, dress, one and done, mauve, cotton, loose skirt, sheer, boots, cotton shoes, colors, palette, periwinkle, pastels from: thesartorialist

Desert Boot is the secret ingredient for all of these lovely outfit ideas. Depending on how you add these footwear to your wardrobe, you can be romantic, feminine, rocky and preppy. It’s all up to you.
Where to get them:
Women's TOMS 'Desert' Wedge BootieClarks Women's Original Desert Boot Lace-Up BootWomen's Bernardo 'Sahara' Desert Bootie
Well, as for me – I’m looking forward to try out all of these outfits with my new Lucky Brand Asherr Boot! Comment below and let me know if you like this style or if it really isn’t for you!  I also want to hear if you have the Chukka/ Desert boot and how you style it!
Happy outfitting, everyone!

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