the tireless effort to look so effortless

When you think you’ve spent too much time getting ready, stop. It’s better to get dressed on a whim because you make instinctual decisions

Today’s fashion centers around trying really hard to look like you didn’t try at all, intentionally putting yourself together so that it all looks, well, totally not put together. The more sloppy, slouchy and laid-back the look, the better. But ironically enough, to achieve that level of blasé faire requires some serious effort.I admit that I have become completely obsessed with this movement. A friend of mine and I have always wanted to look like the Olsen twins or a Zara model. They have gotten effortless down to a science.

Think of Saturday errands and brunch with some close friends. You want to look like you just rolled out of bed and threw on a pair of jeans you had on the floor and a necklace you found in your purse. You aren’t Brittany Murphy in Uptown Girls so don’t try it, it doesn’t work in the real world we all know that.

Instead you play around with a top knot twisting-pulling and 3 hair ties later it looks “effortless”. After you iron your favorite baggy tee (because there are purposeful wrinkles and wrinkles that just scream this was in the bottom of my hamper)  you try to tuck the corner of your shirt in just enough. This obviously means you CAN NOT pee! You grab some boyfriend jeans and decided frantically between flats, loafers or sneakers! After all is said and done you top it off with a pair of aviators.

45 minutes later it looks like you got ready in 5 minutes.

How they fashion:

I need this hat. Oh and the sweater. Alright, and the sunglasses too. And we can't forget about the necklace. Too cuteJoin the discussion| Is 'fashion week' becoming too superficial? - Anouk Yve | Creators of Desire - Fashion trends and style inspiration by ...BDG Carina Oversized T-Shirt DressJessica Alba & CuteBlogger ivanarevic at it again in our RVCA boot oversized tee. Sarinana is wearing denim shorts from Levis, black round collar shirt from Everlane and a red vintage bag from Chanel10 Ways To Style Cut Off Shorts  Classic additions like black and white stripes, a fabulous handbag and a stylish sunhat are a surefire way to give your denim a fashionable but effortless look.

My favorites:

Slub V-Neck Pocket TeeImage 1 of STRAPPY DRESS from Zara$pdp_fs418$$product410x615$American Eagle Hooded Military Jacket (Coat)

So remember:

  • Keep it baggy
  • Curls look better the next day
  • The chicest looks these days are all about contrasts. Anything ladylike or classic should be paired with something modern and cool
  • When in doubt, top knot, hat or braid
  • Messy and sloppy  have two different meanings
  • Keep the colors and prints simple
  • Minimal makeup- blush, clear gloss and Mascara, Mascara, Mascara
  • Your hair can never look perfect. Ever. Whether you have naturally curly hair or straight, it’s always better to let it run wild.
  • Shoes can be mixed and matched- try pumps, sandals, or even sneakers

But honestly there are no rules anymore. If you have the right attitude (confidence) and you wear your clothes in the right way (a way you feel amazing yet comfortable at the same time), you will have that natural sexiness and before you know it you will be the girl in the enviable ensemble.

Happy dressing my loves,




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