Winter Wardrobe Rut

We’re right in the thick of winter and perhaps the worst is behind us. I’m getting tired of wearing sweaters and the unwilling feeling to be inventive with my outfits. I’m not yet excited for summer since its so far away which means bare legs and arms are also just a dream.

Let’s face it: your closet is full, but you’re feeling like you’ve got absolutely nothing to wear… all of the time. In fact, you haven’t worn a nice outfit since November. You keep wearing that same sweater and jeans combo that you know looks good, and you avoid venturing into new style territory until the warmer weather sets in.

The thing is, I don’t blame you, and you’re not alone in your despair. You’re in what we call a rut, and I’m going to be the person that lends their hand and pulls you out of that deep dark hole. The key to getting out of a fashion rut is simpler than you may think, and it can totally change the way you feel about your wardrobe for little to no money. So what are you waiting for? Walk into your closet and take a deep breath: it’s cleansing time people!


Find a style muse

There are people in this world whose job it is to be fashionable. Look at them, copy them, study how they style their clothes. So in that winter rut see what your muse is wearing and if that isn’t doing it, see who her muse is. Research is fun and exciting and will open you up to so many new styles.

Take Pictures

Even if they aren’t posted anywhere, pictures give you a different perspective on how your outfit looks on your body. It could be as simple as a selfie in a full length mirror. It’s nice to go back and see outfits that you loved and others that need a little tweaking.

Take it to the streets

Rihanna in nude dress

There is nothing better than street style. Look at the people around you, look at blogs because these people aren’t runway models but they offer a new fashion perspective. Plus bloggers will tell you where you can get their clothes. Remember, different stores open new doors. And a huge bonus is that some bloggers find looks for less!

Go shopping alone

I hate shopping with people, like serious heart pumping shopping. You can try on crazy outfits and different trends before you showcase them to your people. This also allows you to figure out what exactly you are looking for. Sometimes friends can deter you away from a trend you really want to try.

Understand “your” style

Don’t get stuck in “that’s not my style”. How do you know?? Try it out! You don’t need to shop at the same three stores. Try something new. If you see a trend and think that it isn’t for you, try to get a piece on the cheaper end. That way you can see if you really don’t like it, that way there’s no harm. But you never know!

Switch up your “norms”

Instead of a studded earring try a mismatched set. Instead of a pump try a wedge. Instead of all black, go winter white. Instead of legging go for a wider leg pant. Instead of heavy eye makeup try a bright lip. The options are endless, just try thinking outside of the box.


So remember if someone has ever made a jab about your five pairs of black heels and your rebuttal was that there’s nothing wrong with having a signature look, I agree. Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn had their signature looks and they’re still being copied to this day. However, the line between style rut and signature style is a fine line to walk. So when you find yourself putting on you “go-to” outfit- STOP and pick something up that you haven’t worn in awhile.

How do you get get out of style rut? Comment below! I can’t wait to hear!



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