Thoughts Every Girl Has When Getting Ready for a Night Out

  1. Maybe I can just finish one more episode of Grey’s Anatomy
  2. No! Let’s do this! Big night out!
  3. Well, what if I just don’t go out. Then I can watch the rest of the season, in my pjs… with Ben.. and Jerry.. alone.. with pizza
  4. NO NO NO! YOLO! You are going out no matter what! Get it together!
  5. So, I have nothing to wear, how is this possible…
  6. I promised myself I’d try new styles like the cute way that girl wore a velvet tee over a plaid button down
  7. This is so not me!
  8. Why don’t I look like an Olsen twin- I wish I had their style
  9. I’ll just get back in bed to look through Pinterest and get inspired
  10. How the hell is it 9:30?!
  11. Well maybe I can go with that cute messy look
  13. Ugh, fine I’ll just go with my regular hairstyle…
  14. I haven’t worn this dress in forever
  15. Ew.. now I know why
  16. Maybe I should get rid of it, and this top and these awful pants..
  17. But wait they might come back in style
  18. I totally forgot about these shoes!
  19. Well, heels or flats?
  20. Heels will make my legs look super long
  21. But I don’t have room in my purse for my flats and band-aids
  22. 10:00 pm?!
  23. Red lips or smokey eye?
  24. I hate when I get lipstick all over my martini and I’m constantly reapplying all night…
  25. Where did I save that smokey eye tutorial?
  26. It looks like I got punched in the face- I’ll just add more glitter
  27. Well on the upside I look better than I did an hour ago so here goes nothing
  28. Wait I hate this top…
  29. I have literally tried on every piece of clothing own and I put on the first outfit I tried on…

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