Bikini Bottoms and Tops Under $50

Put me in a fluorescent-lit dressing room to try on a bathing suit is my 5th dimension of hell. Coming to terms that you should have hit the gym at little harder in the middle of a Macy’s, isn’t an ideal intervention location. I try so hard every spring to scour all the articles out there so I know what exactly it is I should be wearing on my body.

According to every article ever written about bikinis they tell me to hide, conceal and create an illusion with my top and bottom. I’m not Siegfried and Roy over here, this isn’t a smoke and mirror show. Every girl get’s a little nervous in a bikini, I don’t know why it’s just something about wearing so little clothing around other people who you automatically perceive as so much hotter than you!

Well fear no more ladies, because I no longer care! I’ve decided that I’m going to wear suits that I find freakin’ adorable. Whether they don’t flatter my boobs or they’ll give me a funny tan line, I don’t care! But here are my favorite separates under $50- so click on the picture and get shopping!

The Tassel Beach BandeauOld NavyOld NavyStrap Side High Rise Bikini BottomTribal Print Ruched Bikini BottomsMinkpink Garden Floral Tie Side Bikini BottomsStrappy Back Bralette Bikini Top - XhilarationBrilliant Blue Aerie Cross-Front Bandeau Top

Mara Hoffman

Be still my beating heart. We can’t discuss bikini’s and not touch upon my coveted Mara Hoffman! I am head over heels for the designs and colors she uses! These are just a taste of my favorite pieces for 2015… So get clicking!

Triangle Top Cutout Maxi DressReversible Wrap Around Triangle Bikini TopCropped RashguardReversible Triangle Bikini TopBustier Bikini TopHigh Waisted Bikini Bottom

I hope this is helping everyone get through these terribly cold months! There are so many cute suits out there this season and I am loving that the high wasted style is back on the racks! It’s comfortable and form fitting! From one-piece to two to full coverage to string- comment below I want to hear your favorite type of swim suit! Stay warm lovers!



Winter Meets Work Wear

As the temperature drops and the many layers weigh we down, I find myself getting creative when I have to dress up for the office. See, I may break away from the norm and wear a dress, but for the most part I just wake up and want to wear leggings and a chunky sweater. Plus it’s honestly too cold some days to not wear sweatpants. Living in PA in the depths of winter, you learn to get creative once it hits negative degrees. Ask anyone who’s ever experienced it and they’ll tell you, you learn to layer like a pro.

If it isn’t snowing, it’s raining. And that rain? It’s usually freezing. These kinds of conditions can make dressing for work quite a challenge; you want to look professional, but not freeze to death at the same time. Heels look lovely, but I’m not losing a toe to frostbite.

I know you’re super busy, so I’ve gone ahead and put together a collection of wintry work outfits guaranteed to boost your career style confidence for you. These outfit ideas will have you looking chic and cozy all season long. Of course, you definitely may need to tweak some depending upon your specific work environment and responsibilities.

Take your winter career style to the next level, let the inspiration begin.

Goodbye Pants, Hello Tights

There is one of two reasons you need to ditch the pants and go the dress route. First of all there will be 1 maybe 2 pairs (if you’re lucky) that you will rely on and wear them to the point of no return. You know saggy knees and stretched out waists. Second, you don’t want to look like a storm trooper because not all dress pants will fit into a boot and with all that ice out there you don’t want to take any chances in 4 inch pumps. So try a comfy boot with a fleece tight and wool dress, because fleece is the fabric of the gods.

Grey Women Coat wool Jacket women dress WinterMarc Jacobs ‘Slalom’ sweater dress: 15 Stylish Women Office-Worthy Outfits For Winter 2014-15 | StyleoholicNavy wool blazer and burgundy bow pumps. (I also like the idea of a pocket square on women, definitely something to try!)

Add in Your “Casual Clothes”

From flannel button-downs with pencil skirts to leggings and blazers, try adding some of your more casual or weekend styles into your work wear. It shakes things up a bit because you can take more of a casual look and add a more professional piece to it. You’d be surprised how cute it will actually turn out. Plus it takes clothes that you don’t get to wear that often. Even dressing up a simple sweatshirt with tons of accessories is perfect for negative temps.

winterworkoutfits-v139 spring work clothes for women ideas - Page 9 of 9 - women-outfits.com25 Shades Of Grey Women Office Wear Ideas | Styleoholic

Get your accessory on

Accessories are your best friend during the dark winter days, especially when your default is black, black, and then some more black. A scarf is a playful, cozy statement that looks cool peeking out of a big-collared coat, or when paired with a dress or blazer. Or add a coat on to an outfit, another layer won’t hurt and it will add a new look to what turns into a “same old same old”. Even just throwing on some jewels can brighten up your day. I ofter find myself doing the bare minimum in the morning because it’s so cold, but don’t let yourself fall into that!

winterworkoutfits-v10winterworkoutfits-v8Plaid Jacket

Wear Warmer Fabrics

Picking the right fabric will help with keeping the bulk down and the warmth up. You don’t need to look like Ralphy’s brother who can’t put down his arms. Staying with a “winter fabric” will help you get through the long road ahead. But you might be thinking what the hell is a winter fabric?! Well my top three are cashmere, wool and my favorite, flannel.

winterworkoutfits-v11winterworkoutfits-v7Outfit ideas we love from @Coach, Inc., Inc., Inc., Inc., Inc.

Whether it’s during the work week or for an upcoming special business engagement, I’ve found planning ahead pays off. It’s all about being your best self…and my best self prefers to jumpstart the day or event feeling frazzled-free (at least as much as humanly possible!). Especially when planning for subzero temps!

So tell me your favorite winter wear styles. How do you keep warm in these awful winter months? Comment below! I can’t wait to hear! Stay warm lovers!


Whatchu Got in That Bag

My purse carries all of my essentials but I am never the girl to win that bridal shower game of “what’s in your purse”. I don’t tend to carry much in my bag for some reason. When I was younger I tried my best NOT to carry one! Why? Because I’m super forgetful and I would leave it places! Plus I can never find anything in it. There have been multiple times when I “lost” something because it was thrown to the deep bottomless pit. So since I am a working woman I have moved up my purse game to a Marc Jacobs boho. The problem with the profession shell is that it holds some interesting items.

Phone/ Phone Case

So my phone is the first and foremost. It’s not only my connection to the world but my go to little camera. So most days I just grab my phone and go, thanks to my card case.This was the best purchase I have ever made. In goes my license, debit card and Target  card (duh). It’s amazing because when I don’t want to lug what seems like a piece of luggage around I just throw my phone in my pocket and go!

CandyShell Card iPhone 5 CasesSTOWAWAY Credit Card Case with Integrated Stand for iPhone 4/4s

Make-Up Staples

So there are a few items that I always have on me. They are all season and much needed in my life. I have my Benetint in a rose shade because it adds a quick splash of color to your lips and cheeks. This works perfect for the winter months because it doesn’t bleed on your lips like lipstick does! Then I add a quick and moisturizing gloss on top. I love soft scents and have fallen in love with the L’Occitane line. It’s glossy and never sticky because who doesn’t love your hair in your gloss. And lastly just a little something to pick up your coloring in the afternoon. Especially after a stressful day and I’ve rubbed my face off I sometimes need to cover my dark circles and all those red marks!

Make-Up Bags

I will never forget when a bottle of lotion busted open all over my bag. Since then I only put my cosmetic stuff in a bag so nothing leaks and ruins another purse. Plus no one wants to see my tampons floating around!

UntitledOrla Kiely Sweet Pea Double Zip Beauty Organizer


The keeper of countless cards, lots of receipts and minimal money. I am a big fan of less is more, so I want a wallet that I can grab and go! I love my bags to be more simpler in color so my wallet can be as exciting as I want.

Bow About Your Business Wallet - Purple, Solid, Embroidery, Quilted, Minimal, Faux Leather

Ellen Stuff

So you’ve seen the “typical” stuff now let us meet the pieces that make my bag…. interesting. First and foremost I always have a camera and my latest love is my Polaroid! It’s a great conversation starter AND the pictures are instant. Then we have my Gameboy, lifesaver when waiting for a friend or sitting at the DMV. I know I’m way too old for this but I can’t get Mario on my iPhone. And lastly we have my notebook. My friend gave it to me for my birthday and I use it to write down thoughts and potential posts.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera Bookshelf Small Notebooks (Set of 2) by Kate Spade New York

My bag is my lifesaver most days and holds everything I need in it. So what do you keep in that bag of yours? Tell me what I’m missing on this list! Comment below, I can’t wait to hear! So until next time lovers!



The Oxford Guide: What I Am and What I Am Not

I am new to the blogging scene and I feel at times I struggle to find my voice. I want everything to be consistent from my daily posts to my overall message. I don’t know what this will grow into. A 20 something try to find herself in the world? A catalog of my thoughts and fashion? Lifestyle and humor? I really am not sure. The only thing that I want to get across to all my readers is that I am here to make people feel more confident,everything from style to their daily life. My blog is a guide for people, for help, thoughts and ideas. Here are a few rules that are followed in every message.


[1] I want to give people an affordable option for “it” clothing

I’m on a budget, there is no surprise there. Louboutins do not trump groceries, even though I wish they could! I want to give people different types of options for different styles. Not everyone is going to feel comfortable in skinny jeans so I want people to know that isn’t all they “have” to wear. In all of my articles I try to give affordable options that cover all sizes and styles. Fashion doesn’t have rules and people need to know that they can wear clothes that they feel confident in.

[2] I will never post 12 different pictures of my daily outfit

How is that helpful to anyone? You don’t need to see all the angles of my outfit. Whenever I post about a particular style that interests me I always give a handful of options. But not just options I like. Options that (I think) cover many different styles. I don’t just want to showcase my closet I want to help build and develop yours.  Plus, I want my posts to have something behind them to give people styles on their budget.

[3] I believe in confidence and
supporting all types of styles and bodies

I don’t believe in belittling people based style or body type. I also don’t believe in changing people. None of that matters! I wear what I want and I don’t care what others think or say. That is how I want everyone to feel as they read my posts, I hope to build on confidence. Overall I hope my readers have fun when they get dressed every morning. I want to show people runway and street styles by how it’s worn. Then I find them the pieces so they can add it to their wardrobe.

[4] I am not always put together so NEVER think I am!

Yesterday I went out in a beanie because my hair stuck up in every direction because I honestly didn’t want to shower! My hair is thin and my skin isn’t ready to grace the cover of Vogue so at times I don’t feel very confident. But I have to work with what I have, so when you know why. Plus I have made a lot of fashion mistakes but I love trying out new styles because you never know what is going to work!

[5] I work full time

I would love that have all of these pictures as my own but there aren’t enough hours in the day! So my blog is set up that I use other bloggers and photographers work to help get my message across. I hope one day I can use my own work. But right now I have to work within my time limits. I love the girls that showcase their clothes and give multiple options of where to buy. Hopefully one day I’ll get there.

In the beginning I wouldn’t consider myself a fashion blogger.  I have a self deprecating character, I’m brutally honest, I have a clothing budget, I feel silly getting my picture taken because I’m NOT photogenic. But…..But I DO love fashion. But there is so much more that I love to share!
SO 2015, I’m ready for you and I hope you will join me on this crazy adventure!


picture c/o Kate Spade

Core’drobe Essentials

Sure, every season I get excited for fresh trends, and I often add a couple of trendy items to my wardrobe. Still, I only do so after I get the basics right. For me, these are my absolute essentials, the foundation of my wardrobe, which I can always fall back on whenever I don’t know what to wear or when I simply don’t like the current trends. So click on the pictures below to see my favorite go-to’s and where to get them!

A Staple Jacket

Military JacketThe downtown field jacket

Cotton, leather, it doesn’t matter but my favorite is the military. Jackets work are needed all year round (well in Pennsylvania). They are perfect with a simple tee or added with a floral sundress.

Perfect Pair of Jeans

Skinny Skinny Jeans in Silverlake WashFlawlessFX Super Skinny Jeans - Pacific Rinse - Levi's - levi.com1969 resolution true skinny jeans

Finding the perfect pair of denim that fits you without making you feel.. uncomfortable is the hardest part of shopping. Then there is quality. Trust me when I say, you don’t want to buy a denim which starts fading after a couple of wash or stops fitting in your body after some time. Been There, Done That.

Little Black Dress

Kind Intentions Dress


I don’t think this needs much explanation. A Little Black Dress should be a closet must-have. Karl Lagerfeld said it best  “One is never over-dressed or under-dressed with a Little Black Dress.” I have a short sleeve fit and flare from Madewell that I just adore and the fabric is four seasons.

The “Go-To” Shoe

Bluefish 2-Eye Boat Shoe, Linen Oat, dynamic

For me it is always my Toms. They are easy and go with any season because of their material. There are so many options from flats, to sneakers that are perfect for those Sunday errands or a casual night out. Plus because every now and then, it feels so liberating to wear comfortable, flat shoes instead of heels.

Quality T-Shirt

We The Free Free Fallin TeeImage 1 of V-NECK T-SHIRT from Zara

I always loved an effortless tee but I quickly realized you want something with a better quality. They still can lift an outfit although they’re super simple. I have a soft spot for pocket tees too. The colors I buy are typically pretty neutral like grey, white and black.

Quilted Sweater/ Cardigan

Perfect-fit mixed-tape cardiganDon't Ask Why Waffle Knit Cardigan

A neutral shade goes with everything, and a longer style that hits at the hip flatters most figures.The extra layer is a stylish way to keep warm not only in the winter but on those cooler nights once the sun sets in the summer time. Many different styles of cardigan work with so many peoples personal style.

All Purpose Tank

Unisex Power Washed TankImage 1 of ASOS Tank with Low Scoop BackHometown Muscle Tee

This is one of my favorites! In the summer it fits perfectly with your shorts or a maxi. In the winter it goes great under sweaters or coats. It can be dressed up and accessories are easily added. I love a baggier tank that can hang loose over leggings or be tucked in to a pencil skirt.

Crisp Button-down

Boy shirt in classic whiteClassic Oxford Shirt, Cotton, White, Small, Sleeve Monogram

Believe it or not, a button-down goes a long way. You’d be surprised at its  You can wear it with denim, skirts, shorts and of course with pencil skirts. To be precise, a white shirt comes in handy, no matter where you’re wearing or what you’re wearing it with. Fit is key. Some are meant to be on the baggier side while others have more of that feminine cut. Remember you don’t want that button pull over your boobs.

Ankle Boots

You and Tennessee Ankle BootHere, There, and Everywhere Bootie in Taupe by Chelsea Crew - Mid, Faux Leather, Tan, Solid, Exposed zipper, Better, Variation

Super versatile. Super comfortable. Plus you don’t need to worry about shoving jeans into a riding boot because they can be worn with all types of pants. Ankle booties fall somewhere on the daintiness scale between pumps and boots and make a stylish alternative to both.

Striped Top

Saint James® for J.Crew slouchy tee

The striped top is slowly becoming a much needed neutral! I’ve been in to stripes since I was a kid, and I don’t think this will ever change. Especially the classic Breton stripe is my true favorite, it’s just so crisp looking. Instant Parisian feeling.

So tell me your favorite go to piece! Comment below or email me at! Until next time lovers!


7 Reasons Why I Have Road Rage

On my way to work this morning, I came to the conclusion that driving can be a nightmare whether you’re 16 or 60 or going 4 miles or cross-country.  I’m certainly not saying I’m the greatest driver to ever live, but I am saying that people, in general, need to get things together… I mean, hello…you are literally the conductor of your very own 5,000 pound machine, so put down the mascara and I don’t know…drive?  Here’s an inconclusive list the 7 types of drivers that make you wish you stayed home.  Feel free to add your own!

The Sunday Stroller

90s Ace animated GIF

This person enjoys a nice drive between the hours of 8 AM and 9AM. every weekday. Typically they have no where to go, or maybe breakfast! They stay safely under the speed limit and are found on one-lane roads – no passing here, folks!  People! Sunday is your day, steer clear the other six.

Jeff Gordon Jr.

Car Drif animated GIF

The person who drives like they’re auditioning for the last Fast and the Fursious extra spot. But really, it’s just rush hour on a Friday and we’re on a two lane road, and you cut me off going 95. Hey dickhead, now I get to sit behind you while your bass give me a heart mummer.

The Elderly

Very similar to our favorite Sunday driver except this one pulls out in front of you. The blinker still on for the next 7 miles, giving false hope they’ll soon move out of your way. The elderly also seem to drive dangerously slow so don’t expect anything quick to happen.

The Teenager

There are one of two options we have here. We have the kid who still has his mom riding shotgun. They freak out on the highway and go the literal speed limit everywhere else. Then we have the child who is freed from their parent, they text, speed, tailgate and blast music… and rear-end your car.

The Hesitater

The person who is in a constant state of hesitation. Do I go? Do I brake? You almost hit them 10 times because no one (including said hesitater) knows what they’re doing! It’s frustrating because more often than not, someone is doing something they shouldn’t be doing in a car.

The Beauty Queen

Getting honked at for putting on makeup in your car.

Girlfriend, I get it. You’re running late! You need to touch up your lipgloss… oh and your primer, foundation, bronzer, eyeliner and eyeshadow! I mean I can see your busy and you’re doing your best to get it all done at the red light so I shouldn’t expect you to go EVERY time the light turns green, totes obvi!

The Asshole

This is the person who makes my blood boil! These people really do not care about anyone’s safety. They speed, swerve and verve into other lanes. They will try to cut you off when the lane is about to end and you will also see this parking in two spots on a Saturday morning at Target.

Fashion Rules I Love to Break

Who made these rules? Why did we listen? Well I’m here to tell you that rules are meant to be broken especially when it comes to fashion. This is a list of rules that I have followed in the past and am breaking free from!


Navy and black can’t be worn together

“Don’t wear this, wear that” is slowly fading out of the fashion vocabulary! We wear paisley and floral together, so why can’t we wear that deep inky blue with pitch black pieces?

Casual Fall Outfit. Skinny jeans, black booties, a beanie and an oversized navy sweater9 Secrets To Making Your Outfit Look Expensive via @WhoWhatWear | Style Tip: Keep it very, very simple. Casual, navy blazer, black denim. | Photo: Stockholm Street StyleStunning but id get r]id of those boots and wear my tan suede lace up thigh boots for a wnter nyt out wit the ladies

Over-sized makes you look frumpy

 Over-sized is only bad when it’s not meant to be “big”. There is a different from a boyfriend cut and one size too big. If worn right it could even make you look slimmer.

Oversized sweater - love itLove the denim cut-offs with the white shirt & blazer.. so simple & chic!Simple summer look -- stretchy black jeans, sleek slip-ons sneakers, oversized white t-shirt, dove-colored trench. Neutral/graphic colors make all of it look elegant even though it's mostly casual.

Gold and silver clash

Lately I’ve been into mixing jewelry. It all started with my Alex and Ani’s and stemmed from there. Now I mix my rings and necklaces too!

25 reasons you can (and should) mix gold and silver accessories // Edgy-chic arm party.Layered

No white during winter

Winter white is the best! Just look at Olivia Pope! Plus it’s light, elegant and has a savoir faire that all black seems to lack.

Donna Karan 2014.  Winter white fashionGlamourous: Jessica looks every inch the supermodel in her dramatic fur top and white skirt which contrasted beautifully with her dark hairThese two know all white is even more eye-catching with colorful accents.  Source: Tim Regas

Never mix your prints

Fashion is at the point where leopard and stripes are becoming “neutrals”. You can wear any prints with any color, designers are now encouraging wearing multiple matters at once.

mix printsIt's all in the mix.Mixing prints and patterns is not only acceptable — it's supremely on-trend.

Your bag should match your shoes

Umm, that’s lame and not true…

Who doesn't want a little structure in their life?shoes<3Eric javits rabbit hair felt hat, we the free kyoto cuff mushroom thermal & coach willis black bag

Take off one accessory before leaving the house

This is overrated. Sorry I know Chanel’s word is the gospel but this has to change because “more is more”. Take that necklace that you wear everyday and add three more! Trust me you’ll love the look!

Don’t  go places overdressed

Why don’t we get dressed up more? I am in love with Downton and they wear black tie to every meal! So what if you want to wear a sequin tee to go grocery shopping or wants to wear a tulle skirt to the movies? I say do it and do it with confidence!

Princess gala look: crop top, tulle maxi skirt, fluffy bag. Kenzas.Do #holiday sparkle the Jenna Lyons way*adds sequin pants to want list, because I'm grown and I can* Werk!

Your” body type” effects your style

Short people can’t wear midi skirts, tall girls can’t wear heels and curvy girls can’t wear skinny jeans? Um what?! First of all that’s not true and second you can wear whatever you please, so have at it ladies don’t let society tell you otherwise. You’re fierce!

Casual Charm: light denim jeans, white tank top, blush pink vest cardigan, and a statement necklace. #spring #summer #autumnTips for Tall Girls in Heels  #shoes #loveshoes ✿ #fortheloveofshoes Seng is wearing a logo sweatshirt from Mango, tropical midi skirt from Chicwish, shoes from Tibi and the bag is from Chanel


So comment below and tell me if you think that these “rules” should be broken? What rules do you break when you get dressed! Can’t wait to hear! Remember keep wearing the clothes you WANT to wear not what Vogue TELLS you to wear.



For Those Who Aren’t Bridesmaids

It’s happened to all of us. A pretty invitation arrives in the mail requesting our presence at a sure-to-be-fun event. We should be delighted, but all too soon the dreaded question enters our minds: What will I wear? As informative as invites usually are, sometimes their dress code guidance leaves something to be desired. (Garden party chic?)

I’m in the heart of my wedding years so buying a dress for every wedding can be extremely expensive! Thankfully there are sites like Rent the Runway and Gilt Group, where dresses can be rented or bought at low low prices. Even sites like Polyvore where you can put in details like price range! Plus there is always consignment shops, borrowing friends dresses and re wearing dresses you already have ( I know I know, I’m guilty of it too!)

So I wanted to shine some light on the wedding dress codes for all occasions. The dresses pictured below are just that, pictures. Typically I link them to the site where you can purchase the clothes but this post is used more as a guideline. If you need any help just comment below or email me at and I’ll be happy to help you search!

Black/ White Tie

Formal Dress is a scary concept for a lot of women.  For men, there are some pretty set rules of what to wear and what not to wear. For the most part men don’t own a tux so they rent- easy enough! But for women?  This is definitely open to interpretation, which is the worst thing in the entire world that you could do to a woman. No only is she going to be put in an extremely formal setting, she wants to wear something that she fits in with! The last thing you want is to be under-dressed or stand out… in a bad way. Tradition says not to wear a short dress, tradition, shmradition!  For Black Tie and White tie I say: think formal. Think elegant. Do NOT think prom. Remember Grammys  not Quinceañera.
P.S. White Tie is much more formal than Black Tie so color and style does come into play! Shoji Illusion Yoke Lace Gown available at #Nordstrom  Possible MOBZiad Nakad Haute Couture  romantic lavender beaded lace evening gown evening gowns vestidos de #novia


Horray! You just got an invitation with more interpretive nonsense! Cocktail attire for men at weddings means suit and tie, or a dinner jacket. A tie or bow tie, doesn’t matter and neither does color, you can have so much fun with it! And for all of my ladies out there, we focus on the all-encompassing term “cocktail dress”. You should probably be keeping the dress-length mid-thigh for this, because it’s a wedding, but you can probably get away with it being a little on the shorter side. Remember, if you are like me, you’re about to dance up a storm. Leave some wiggle room because you never want them to see your spanx! The best advice if you want to stand out isn’t going to be your dress. It’s going to be in the details, your hair, makeup and shoes!

If you are in doubt, there's only one way to turn - to the little black dress. Very few things in fashion have stood the test of time like the little black dress. Every girl needs the perfect little black dress in her closet because it is sexy and versatile. Whether you are going to a semi formal, black tie event, or just on a hot date, a black cocktail dress is always the right choice.Cute cocktail dress in berry by Carmen Marc ValvoCocktail DressThis dress!


If you’re like me, seeing this on an invitation totally freaks you out! I’m totally going to be over dress! Or worse what if I’m under-dressed!? First off, it’s always better to be a bit on the overdressed side. Casual attire on a wedding invitation means your Sunday Best, not your favorite pair of jeans. Men should take on slacks (khakis or chinos) and a button down or collared shirt. Women can wear a dress, skirt and top or even dress pants. You can have fun with this! Prints, colors and patterns will be perfect, especially based off the venue. Shoes come into play because if it’s outside, we don’t need to be wearing our Louboutins to get stuck in the grass!

Summer dress. IN LOVE!so pretty!Summerso summer

Destination Wedding

Typically destination weddings are going to be more on the casual side but the good thing about these types of weddings is that it is an intimate group. Typically immediate family and close friends, so you’ll know what to wear. However there might be a dress code that they couple has in mind. A friend of mine was married in Aruba and she wanted everyone in white. That makes things easy! I would always go with a light cotton dress and gents you can wear linen pants or shorts. Keep it light, airy and colorful especially if you’re on an island, have fun with it!
Beautiful dress for any beach vacation. www.sistersinthesand.comcute summer dress#haberdashion #fashionDNACute for summer

Absolutely Nothing- Zip, Zero, Nodda

Why would anyone do that?! This one gets my heart pumping. Figuring out what to wear is easy when you know the couple or the family because… all you have to do is ask! The hard part is when you are going into a wedding and you’re a third party invite. There are some ways to narrow down your options. Based off of the venue, time of year and invite (yes that little piece of paper that your significant other hopefully didn’t throw it away) you can deduce what you’ll be wearing that night.
There are a few final thoughts in my Wedding Dress Code Guide. Wear something you love and you can move in. Weddings are FUN, full of energy, and full of love. Bring those great vibes with you and remember to dance! And lastly tradition dictates that guests not wear white to a wedding so not to upstage the bride. My guess is most brides still care a lot about this rule and some don’t. But to be on the safe side don’t be a dick and wear white. The day isn’t about you so make the brides day the best it can be by having an amazing time!
So tell me, what are your thoughts on wedding attire! Should we keep to traditional styles? Have you ever felt over/ under dressed? Comment below!

Sweatshirt Chic

How many times have you said “I wish I could wear sweats all day every day”?  I can tell you that I’ve muttered that sentence more times than I care to even say. I remember my roommate and I in college would hate wearing “girl clothes” because we were totally in love with our sweats! Well I am excited to say that sweatshirts have moved over into the “girl clothes” realm!

We’re in the heart of winter  and that silly groundhog isn’t helping us either, so we need to prepare for the long haul. There’s something about wearing sweats on days that aren’t weekend mornings that can literally make me paralyzed by comfort and render this gal completely unproductive. BUT WAIT there is hope hoodie lovers – sweatshirts that are fun and functional are here to rescue you from your daily dressing dilemma of style vs. comfort.  You can now have both.  Let us rejoice!

Here are a few styles I’m loving right now!

 Street Style

45 Fall Looks I'm Loving {The Weekly Round UP} - This Silly Girl's Life:: fling ::adding fun accessories, like a patterned scarf, to a sweatshirt and jeans is an easy way to dress things upJason Wu crewneck sweatshirt styled with a Junya Watanabe leather pleated skirt and pointy heelsgray sweatshirt, colored skinnies, loafersEarly Fall Outfit for more fashion & beauty follow get huge discounts soon  and like the page @Yvonne Coffey Jamy , i am launching my website soon!AAS: Backpacking in Europe? Pack the essentials: 1. Striped top 2. Cropped Skinny Jeans 3. Cream Skirt 4. Grey Tee 5. Denim Jacket 6. Flat Shoes 7. White Button upLove the sweatshirtTaking a nice preppy pencil skirt and pairing it with a T & blazer or sweater is a great look.


So now it’s your turn to try and style these comfy and fashionable looks! Click on the picture and check out the sites!

Your Style

Factory woven-sleeve sweatshirtImage 3 of SMILE IS THE BEST SWEATSHIRT from Zara Sun-faded sweatshirtHowdy Do Sweatshirt in Grey - Grey, Long Sleeve, Mid-length, Knit, Grey, Novelty Print, Casual, Darling, Sweatshirt, Long Sleeve, Variation, Crew

So it’s no secret that super comfy ranks high on my list of “favorites” and luckily more designers are seeing all the good it brings to the world! So tell me your thoughts, should sweats stay in the house or should we bring them to the streets? Comment below!

p.s. I love hearing your input!

So until next time lovers,


Lace Up Ankle Boots

Do you ever have a trend or style you’re dying to try but you think that it “really isn’t you”? Plus I know a lot of us are in the same boat, the S.S. Poor. Being on a budget can be difficult with sites like Pinterest and Istagram, you see and want it all but you need to pick and chose. This is why it’s hard to “try out” a trend because it’s wasted money on something you might not like!

Two Black Friday’s ago, I had been saving for the special occasion of deals and sales! I walked into BCBG and there they were my “Laura Ingalls Wilder” boots. They weren’t like the riding boots everyone else was wearing, so I bit the bullet, grabbed my size and I thought worst case, I can return them.

I got up to the register and there it was “All Sales Final” whelp I guess it is all or nothing. Fast Forward to today and I am having them resoled because I have literally worn holes in the bottom of them! They have become my go to boot and they were definitely money well spent!

Check out the styles below and see if this trend is one for you!

Their Style

Chambray top with black leggings and brown lace up ankle bootsthe moptop: leggings, tunic dress, lace-up boots: love her styleEdgy chic. add some green jeans!brown lace up boots! now to buy a cardigan.white tank, brown satchel, brown lace up bootiesStreet stylegreat fall outfit.  especially those boots!I love this outfit!Love this look! lace dress, baggy denim shirt,  tie-up boots

Click the links below to see how you can get these boots!

Your Closet

Dunescape BootTimberland Women's Savin Hill Mid Lace Up BootLucky Women's Nahdia Motorcycle Boot, Black, 6 M USRockport Alanda Brogue Boot Lace-up w/ Double Strap Women's Lace-up BootsThink! Denk Lace Up Bootie - 83015 Women's BootsBoots & Booties - Charm Beyond Compare Bootie in Brown

I know that when I wear a killer pair of lace-up boots, I feel feminine but badass at the same time. Since there are so many variations of boots like these, you can wear a boot that will say, “I love hiking!” or wear a pair that makes you feel confident and fashionable. It’s always nice when your shoes can figuratively speak to the masses. So many options – combat boots, roper boots, treaded boots, you name it! It’s time to invest in a lace-up boot to suit your mood, ladies!

Comment below! Do you love the style or are you going to pass on this one? If you already have a pair where did you get yours and how did you style them?

Can’t wait to hear! Until next time loves!