For Those Who Aren’t Bridesmaids

It’s happened to all of us. A pretty invitation arrives in the mail requesting our presence at a sure-to-be-fun event. We should be delighted, but all too soon the dreaded question enters our minds: What will I wear? As informative as invites usually are, sometimes their dress code guidance leaves something to be desired. (Garden party chic?)

I’m in the heart of my wedding years so buying a dress for every wedding can be extremely expensive! Thankfully there are sites like Rent the Runway and Gilt Group, where dresses can be rented or bought at low low prices. Even sites like Polyvore where you can put in details like price range! Plus there is always consignment shops, borrowing friends dresses and re wearing dresses you already have ( I know I know, I’m guilty of it too!)

So I wanted to shine some light on the wedding dress codes for all occasions. The dresses pictured below are just that, pictures. Typically I link them to the site where you can purchase the clothes but this post is used more as a guideline. If you need any help just comment below or email me at and I’ll be happy to help you search!

Black/ White Tie

Formal Dress is a scary concept for a lot of women.  For men, there are some pretty set rules of what to wear and what not to wear. For the most part men don’t own a tux so they rent- easy enough! But for women?  This is definitely open to interpretation, which is the worst thing in the entire world that you could do to a woman. No only is she going to be put in an extremely formal setting, she wants to wear something that she fits in with! The last thing you want is to be under-dressed or stand out… in a bad way. Tradition says not to wear a short dress, tradition, shmradition!  For Black Tie and White tie I say: think formal. Think elegant. Do NOT think prom. Remember Grammys  not Quinceañera.
P.S. White Tie is much more formal than Black Tie so color and style does come into play! Shoji Illusion Yoke Lace Gown available at #Nordstrom  Possible MOBZiad Nakad Haute Couture  romantic lavender beaded lace evening gown evening gowns vestidos de #novia


Horray! You just got an invitation with more interpretive nonsense! Cocktail attire for men at weddings means suit and tie, or a dinner jacket. A tie or bow tie, doesn’t matter and neither does color, you can have so much fun with it! And for all of my ladies out there, we focus on the all-encompassing term “cocktail dress”. You should probably be keeping the dress-length mid-thigh for this, because it’s a wedding, but you can probably get away with it being a little on the shorter side. Remember, if you are like me, you’re about to dance up a storm. Leave some wiggle room because you never want them to see your spanx! The best advice if you want to stand out isn’t going to be your dress. It’s going to be in the details, your hair, makeup and shoes!

If you are in doubt, there's only one way to turn - to the little black dress. Very few things in fashion have stood the test of time like the little black dress. Every girl needs the perfect little black dress in her closet because it is sexy and versatile. Whether you are going to a semi formal, black tie event, or just on a hot date, a black cocktail dress is always the right choice.Cute cocktail dress in berry by Carmen Marc ValvoCocktail DressThis dress!


If you’re like me, seeing this on an invitation totally freaks you out! I’m totally going to be over dress! Or worse what if I’m under-dressed!? First off, it’s always better to be a bit on the overdressed side. Casual attire on a wedding invitation means your Sunday Best, not your favorite pair of jeans. Men should take on slacks (khakis or chinos) and a button down or collared shirt. Women can wear a dress, skirt and top or even dress pants. You can have fun with this! Prints, colors and patterns will be perfect, especially based off the venue. Shoes come into play because if it’s outside, we don’t need to be wearing our Louboutins to get stuck in the grass!

Summer dress. IN LOVE!so pretty!Summerso summer

Destination Wedding

Typically destination weddings are going to be more on the casual side but the good thing about these types of weddings is that it is an intimate group. Typically immediate family and close friends, so you’ll know what to wear. However there might be a dress code that they couple has in mind. A friend of mine was married in Aruba and she wanted everyone in white. That makes things easy! I would always go with a light cotton dress and gents you can wear linen pants or shorts. Keep it light, airy and colorful especially if you’re on an island, have fun with it!
Beautiful dress for any beach vacation. www.sistersinthesand.comcute summer dress#haberdashion #fashionDNACute for summer

Absolutely Nothing- Zip, Zero, Nodda

Why would anyone do that?! This one gets my heart pumping. Figuring out what to wear is easy when you know the couple or the family because… all you have to do is ask! The hard part is when you are going into a wedding and you’re a third party invite. There are some ways to narrow down your options. Based off of the venue, time of year and invite (yes that little piece of paper that your significant other hopefully didn’t throw it away) you can deduce what you’ll be wearing that night.
There are a few final thoughts in my Wedding Dress Code Guide. Wear something you love and you can move in. Weddings are FUN, full of energy, and full of love. Bring those great vibes with you and remember to dance! And lastly tradition dictates that guests not wear white to a wedding so not to upstage the bride. My guess is most brides still care a lot about this rule and some don’t. But to be on the safe side don’t be a dick and wear white. The day isn’t about you so make the brides day the best it can be by having an amazing time!
So tell me, what are your thoughts on wedding attire! Should we keep to traditional styles? Have you ever felt over/ under dressed? Comment below!

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