Fashion Rules I Love to Break

Who made these rules? Why did we listen? Well I’m here to tell you that rules are meant to be broken especially when it comes to fashion. This is a list of rules that I have followed in the past and am breaking free from!


Navy and black can’t be worn together

“Don’t wear this, wear that” is slowly fading out of the fashion vocabulary! We wear paisley and floral together, so why can’t we wear that deep inky blue with pitch black pieces?

Casual Fall Outfit. Skinny jeans, black booties, a beanie and an oversized navy sweater9 Secrets To Making Your Outfit Look Expensive via @WhoWhatWear | Style Tip: Keep it very, very simple. Casual, navy blazer, black denim. | Photo: Stockholm Street StyleStunning but id get r]id of those boots and wear my tan suede lace up thigh boots for a wnter nyt out wit the ladies

Over-sized makes you look frumpy

 Over-sized is only bad when it’s not meant to be “big”. There is a different from a boyfriend cut and one size too big. If worn right it could even make you look slimmer.

Oversized sweater - love itLove the denim cut-offs with the white shirt & blazer.. so simple & chic!Simple summer look -- stretchy black jeans, sleek slip-ons sneakers, oversized white t-shirt, dove-colored trench. Neutral/graphic colors make all of it look elegant even though it's mostly casual.

Gold and silver clash

Lately I’ve been into mixing jewelry. It all started with my Alex and Ani’s and stemmed from there. Now I mix my rings and necklaces too!

25 reasons you can (and should) mix gold and silver accessories // Edgy-chic arm party.Layered

No white during winter

Winter white is the best! Just look at Olivia Pope! Plus it’s light, elegant and has a savoir faire that all black seems to lack.

Donna Karan 2014.  Winter white fashionGlamourous: Jessica looks every inch the supermodel in her dramatic fur top and white skirt which contrasted beautifully with her dark hairThese two know all white is even more eye-catching with colorful accents.  Source: Tim Regas

Never mix your prints

Fashion is at the point where leopard and stripes are becoming “neutrals”. You can wear any prints with any color, designers are now encouraging wearing multiple matters at once.

mix printsIt's all in the mix.Mixing prints and patterns is not only acceptable — it's supremely on-trend.

Your bag should match your shoes

Umm, that’s lame and not true…

Who doesn't want a little structure in their life?shoes<3Eric javits rabbit hair felt hat, we the free kyoto cuff mushroom thermal & coach willis black bag

Take off one accessory before leaving the house

This is overrated. Sorry I know Chanel’s word is the gospel but this has to change because “more is more”. Take that necklace that you wear everyday and add three more! Trust me you’ll love the look!

Don’t  go places overdressed

Why don’t we get dressed up more? I am in love with Downton and they wear black tie to every meal! So what if you want to wear a sequin tee to go grocery shopping or wants to wear a tulle skirt to the movies? I say do it and do it with confidence!

Princess gala look: crop top, tulle maxi skirt, fluffy bag. Kenzas.Do #holiday sparkle the Jenna Lyons way*adds sequin pants to want list, because I'm grown and I can* Werk!

Your” body type” effects your style

Short people can’t wear midi skirts, tall girls can’t wear heels and curvy girls can’t wear skinny jeans? Um what?! First of all that’s not true and second you can wear whatever you please, so have at it ladies don’t let society tell you otherwise. You’re fierce!

Casual Charm: light denim jeans, white tank top, blush pink vest cardigan, and a statement necklace. #spring #summer #autumnTips for Tall Girls in Heels  #shoes #loveshoes ✿ #fortheloveofshoes Seng is wearing a logo sweatshirt from Mango, tropical midi skirt from Chicwish, shoes from Tibi and the bag is from Chanel


So comment below and tell me if you think that these “rules” should be broken? What rules do you break when you get dressed! Can’t wait to hear! Remember keep wearing the clothes you WANT to wear not what Vogue TELLS you to wear.




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