Core’drobe Essentials

Sure, every season I get excited for fresh trends, and I often add a couple of trendy items to my wardrobe. Still, I only do so after I get the basics right. For me, these are my absolute essentials, the foundation of my wardrobe, which I can always fall back on whenever I don’t know what to wear or when I simply don’t like the current trends. So click on the pictures below to see my favorite go-to’s and where to get them!

A Staple Jacket

Military JacketThe downtown field jacket

Cotton, leather, it doesn’t matter but my favorite is the military. Jackets work are needed all year round (well in Pennsylvania). They are perfect with a simple tee or added with a floral sundress.

Perfect Pair of Jeans

Skinny Skinny Jeans in Silverlake WashFlawlessFX Super Skinny Jeans - Pacific Rinse - Levi's - levi.com1969 resolution true skinny jeans

Finding the perfect pair of denim that fits you without making you feel.. uncomfortable is the hardest part of shopping. Then there is quality. Trust me when I say, you don’t want to buy a denim which starts fading after a couple of wash or stops fitting in your body after some time. Been There, Done That.

Little Black Dress

Kind Intentions Dress


I don’t think this needs much explanation. A Little Black Dress should be a closet must-have. Karl Lagerfeld said it best  “One is never over-dressed or under-dressed with a Little Black Dress.” I have a short sleeve fit and flare from Madewell that I just adore and the fabric is four seasons.

The “Go-To” Shoe

Bluefish 2-Eye Boat Shoe, Linen Oat, dynamic

For me it is always my Toms. They are easy and go with any season because of their material. There are so many options from flats, to sneakers that are perfect for those Sunday errands or a casual night out. Plus because every now and then, it feels so liberating to wear comfortable, flat shoes instead of heels.

Quality T-Shirt

We The Free Free Fallin TeeImage 1 of V-NECK T-SHIRT from Zara

I always loved an effortless tee but I quickly realized you want something with a better quality. They still can lift an outfit although they’re super simple. I have a soft spot for pocket tees too. The colors I buy are typically pretty neutral like grey, white and black.

Quilted Sweater/ Cardigan

Perfect-fit mixed-tape cardiganDon't Ask Why Waffle Knit Cardigan

A neutral shade goes with everything, and a longer style that hits at the hip flatters most figures.The extra layer is a stylish way to keep warm not only in the winter but on those cooler nights once the sun sets in the summer time. Many different styles of cardigan work with so many peoples personal style.

All Purpose Tank

Unisex Power Washed TankImage 1 of ASOS Tank with Low Scoop BackHometown Muscle Tee

This is one of my favorites! In the summer it fits perfectly with your shorts or a maxi. In the winter it goes great under sweaters or coats. It can be dressed up and accessories are easily added. I love a baggier tank that can hang loose over leggings or be tucked in to a pencil skirt.

Crisp Button-down

Boy shirt in classic whiteClassic Oxford Shirt, Cotton, White, Small, Sleeve Monogram

Believe it or not, a button-down goes a long way. You’d be surprised at its  You can wear it with denim, skirts, shorts and of course with pencil skirts. To be precise, a white shirt comes in handy, no matter where you’re wearing or what you’re wearing it with. Fit is key. Some are meant to be on the baggier side while others have more of that feminine cut. Remember you don’t want that button pull over your boobs.

Ankle Boots

You and Tennessee Ankle BootHere, There, and Everywhere Bootie in Taupe by Chelsea Crew - Mid, Faux Leather, Tan, Solid, Exposed zipper, Better, Variation

Super versatile. Super comfortable. Plus you don’t need to worry about shoving jeans into a riding boot because they can be worn with all types of pants. Ankle booties fall somewhere on the daintiness scale between pumps and boots and make a stylish alternative to both.

Striped Top

Saint James® for J.Crew slouchy tee

The striped top is slowly becoming a much needed neutral! I’ve been in to stripes since I was a kid, and I don’t think this will ever change. Especially the classic Breton stripe is my true favorite, it’s just so crisp looking. Instant Parisian feeling.

So tell me your favorite go to piece! Comment below or email me at! Until next time lovers!



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