Winter Meets Work Wear

As the temperature drops and the many layers weigh we down, I find myself getting creative when I have to dress up for the office. See, I may break away from the norm and wear a dress, but for the most part I just wake up and want to wear leggings and a chunky sweater. Plus it’s honestly too cold some days to not wear sweatpants. Living in PA in the depths of winter, you learn to get creative once it hits negative degrees. Ask anyone who’s ever experienced it and they’ll tell you, you learn to layer like a pro.

If it isn’t snowing, it’s raining. And that rain? It’s usually freezing. These kinds of conditions can make dressing for work quite a challenge; you want to look professional, but not freeze to death at the same time. Heels look lovely, but I’m not losing a toe to frostbite.

I know you’re super busy, so I’ve gone ahead and put together a collection of wintry work outfits guaranteed to boost your career style confidence for you. These outfit ideas will have you looking chic and cozy all season long. Of course, you definitely may need to tweak some depending upon your specific work environment and responsibilities.

Take your winter career style to the next level, let the inspiration begin.

Goodbye Pants, Hello Tights

There is one of two reasons you need to ditch the pants and go the dress route. First of all there will be 1 maybe 2 pairs (if you’re lucky) that you will rely on and wear them to the point of no return. You know saggy knees and stretched out waists. Second, you don’t want to look like a storm trooper because not all dress pants will fit into a boot and with all that ice out there you don’t want to take any chances in 4 inch pumps. So try a comfy boot with a fleece tight and wool dress, because fleece is the fabric of the gods.

Grey Women Coat wool Jacket women dress WinterMarc Jacobs ‘Slalom’ sweater dress: 15 Stylish Women Office-Worthy Outfits For Winter 2014-15 | StyleoholicNavy wool blazer and burgundy bow pumps. (I also like the idea of a pocket square on women, definitely something to try!)

Add in Your “Casual Clothes”

From flannel button-downs with pencil skirts to leggings and blazers, try adding some of your more casual or weekend styles into your work wear. It shakes things up a bit because you can take more of a casual look and add a more professional piece to it. You’d be surprised how cute it will actually turn out. Plus it takes clothes that you don’t get to wear that often. Even dressing up a simple sweatshirt with tons of accessories is perfect for negative temps.

winterworkoutfits-v139 spring work clothes for women ideas - Page 9 of 9 - women-outfits.com25 Shades Of Grey Women Office Wear Ideas | Styleoholic

Get your accessory on

Accessories are your best friend during the dark winter days, especially when your default is black, black, and then some more black. A scarf is a playful, cozy statement that looks cool peeking out of a big-collared coat, or when paired with a dress or blazer. Or add a coat on to an outfit, another layer won’t hurt and it will add a new look to what turns into a “same old same old”. Even just throwing on some jewels can brighten up your day. I ofter find myself doing the bare minimum in the morning because it’s so cold, but don’t let yourself fall into that!

winterworkoutfits-v10winterworkoutfits-v8Plaid Jacket

Wear Warmer Fabrics

Picking the right fabric will help with keeping the bulk down and the warmth up. You don’t need to look like Ralphy’s brother who can’t put down his arms. Staying with a “winter fabric” will help you get through the long road ahead. But you might be thinking what the hell is a winter fabric?! Well my top three are cashmere, wool and my favorite, flannel.

winterworkoutfits-v11winterworkoutfits-v7Outfit ideas we love from @Coach, Inc., Inc., Inc., Inc., Inc.

Whether it’s during the work week or for an upcoming special business engagement, I’ve found planning ahead pays off. It’s all about being your best self…and my best self prefers to jumpstart the day or event feeling frazzled-free (at least as much as humanly possible!). Especially when planning for subzero temps!

So tell me your favorite winter wear styles. How do you keep warm in these awful winter months? Comment below! I can’t wait to hear! Stay warm lovers!



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