Levels of Drunk Based Off of Things You Lose (as told by puppies)

The 40 Greatest Dog GIFs Of All Time

We do and say silly things when we drink, for some of us that is an understatement. Upon doing that there are things that we tend to lose, for lack of a better word. So remember, get friends who know when to take you home and lock you up.


Maybe your bestie has it, nope. Maybe you left it in the bathroom, not there. The bartender has it… um no. That guy who took your picture must still have it, shit.. OH WAIT, it’s in your back pocket.

Ability to Dance

You think you look like Queen B, but really your moves are going to get dancing and rock & roll banded from you town. Get jiggy with it girlfriend.

The 40 Greatest Dog GIFs Of All Time

Debit Card

Put it this way, the only bars you should go to are the ones where the bartender physically holds your card until you close your tab. You can’t be held responsible for such things.


You turn around and they aren’t there! What the hell?! Why would they leave you?? I mean you did leave an go to a bar 3 blocks away BUT STILL!

The 47 Absolute Greatest Dog GIFs Of 2013


Thanks for this one Carisa.. but we aren’t going there, a little too messy for most but makes for a good story… many years from now…

The 47 Absolute Greatest Dog GIFs Of 2013


Getting sick was inevitable especially when you thought polishing off a bottle 99 Bananas by yourself was a good and noble idea. Party on Garth.

The 40 Greatest Dog GIFs Of All Time


You were charming when you complimented the girl on her fabulous lipstick, the charm wore off when you decided to “Coyote Ugly” the bar. Please don’t slap your thighs again.

The 40 Greatest Dog GIFs Of All Time



Once you become “that girl” that everyone else has to babysit, you start to lose friends, quickly. Especially when you’re over the age of 22 or someones mom.

The 40 Greatest Dog GIFs Of All Time

Bar Fight

Cool it Steve Austin, I know your beer muscles make you feel like your fixin’ to open up a can of whoop-ass!, but I promise you, you’ll just look like a drunk redneck

The 40 Greatest Dog GIFs Of All Time


Ability to go back into a bar

Saturday night plan making gets awkward because the “place we do not speak of” can’t be mentioned. Your drunk ass got yourself banned for life (I think that was the phrasing the cop used) so now no one can go back.

The 40 Greatest Dog GIFs Of All Time

Memory of the Night

There is a reason that the whole table of people is staring at your at breakfast because they know how you got that bruise on your leg and why your one eyebrow is gone.


Lace Up Heels

If we had to choose this season’s must-have shoes these would be the lace-up heels! No matter what you wear them with, they will instantly transform your outfit.Wear them day or night even with a simple tank and  jeans…With these statement strappy heels you don’t need anything more. They give this fashion-forward allure and bring all eyes to your feet!

Luckily there’s many whose rocking them yet who knew a corset look was worth wearing.  I’ve noticed plenty of these heels crossing the pathway of streets, red carpets, and wanted to know how I could get a pair.

Their Way

Vanessa Balli: Pink Lady Pink Jacket, Lace Up Heels, Skinny JeansLeather Moto, Cutoff Shorts & Lace-Up Pumps ♥ | Gloss FashionistaSprings Most Sultry Shoe? The Lace-Up Heel. Check out our picks.Le Fashion Blog Two Ways Street Style Barbara Martelo Little Black Dress Lace Up Heel Sandals Via Elle Street Chic Ponytail Black Halter Mini Dress Strappy Lace Up Alaia Heeled Sandals Sexy Style Inspiration Paris Fashion Week photo Le-Fashion-Blog-Two-Ways-Street-Style-Barbara-Martelo-Little-Black-Dress-Lace-Up-Heel-Sandals-Via-Elle-Street-Chic.jpgBarbara MarteloLove the lace up heelsLove the heels. PrettySprings Most Sultry Shoe? The Lace-Up Heel. Check out our picks.Blazer and t-shirt with distressed jeans. My go-to outfit choice.


Your Way

Pember Lace Up HeelVince Camuto Narrital Lace-Up Gladiator SandalsJeffrey Campbell Cors Lace Up SandalOffice Parisian Lace Up Ghilly Sandal

Lace up heels are a shoe style that no one should we without. They give instant glamor adding a statement to a night look or a feminine touch to a casual outfit. They look fantastic with bodycon skirts, elongating your legs or flare skirts. So let me know how you styled your lace-ups, comment below or email me at theoxfordguide.com! Stay stylish dolls!


Do You Jacket In Spring?

Yes. It’s official. Spring is here, and that only means one thing: out with the chunky, thick, overly layered outfits centered around the idea of keeping warm, and in with all the flirty, light and colorful outfits that are worn for no other reason other than our love of fashion.

Also, truth being told I get a little panicked at the thought of spring and summer. Because honestly, how fast is this year going by, and also… what the hell have I been doing so far? My bikini body is still in deep deep sleep and has hit the snooze button WAY too many times. Wake up! I am secretly praying for one more cold temp wave here to buy myself some time.

Let’s not get carried away though. Until summer hits us, we’ve still got spring to enjoy, and, fashion wise, this very season is a true blessing. Anything that goes in autumn and summer goes in spring as well… Boots with skirts. Sweaters as outwear. And JACKETS. Jackets all over the place. Jackets layered over anything. Jackets, jackets, jackets, jackets.

The hard part about Spring is, do I wear a jacket? In the morning it’s 30 degrees and when I leave work it’s paradise. Jackets needs to be light and only add to an outfit not make it, like a blazer does for us in winter. So I attached jackets that will work for the work woman (not talking about all the Vivan Ward’s out there) and transition right into weekend wear. So here are some of my favorite Spring jacket styles! Click below and they’re all under $100!


Image 1 of Vero Moda Long Line Trench Coat

Military Jacket

Old NavyOld Navy

Bomber Jacket

GapFloral Organza Bomber JacketOld NavyOld NavyOld Navy

Denim Jacket

Factory denim jacketAmerican Eagle Denim Jacket (Coat)

Fun Blazers

Women's Striped Tailored Blazer Merona®Image 4 of ASOS Blazer in Pastel Lace

Vegan Leather and Suede

Front Page Photo Jacket - Grey, Solid, Long Sleeve, Fall, Short, Faux Leather, Basic, Grey, Long Sleeve, Best Seller, Winter, Best Seller, 1, Top Rated, Urban

So remember the weather is warming up but it’s still cold outside especially in the AM, stay warm in style. Is a jacket added to your Spring time outfit? If so where have you had luck shopping? Comment below, I can’t wait to hear more! And remember email me anytime at theoxfordguide.com! Until next time loves!


The Bucket Bag

The snow is melting, the temperatures are rising, the days are getting longer, and the heat bills are going down. Yes….Spring is finally here! And the BEST part? We get to ditch our puffy, oversize, fur-trimmed, hard-to-move-or-look-cute-in winter jackets & boots! So with your puffers and parkas put away for the next 8 or 9 months, what’s next? Spring may be the hardest season to dress for….well if you live in Pennsylvania anyway.

First of all, layering is KEY for this time of year, so you’ll need a bag that can store all your spring must haves. Ditch the oversize tote this season and stay on trend with a bucket bag. This 80’s favorite is roomy and sturdy enough to store all your spring needs. It’s drawstring gives easy access and the multi straps make for added comfort since you can switch up how you carry it. Inside, besides the regulars like your wallet, compact, and lipstick,  you’ll want a sweater or cardigan, a hat & scarf, an umbrella, and a pair of flats. The structure of this bag makes my heart flutter. I can’t get enough of the bold lines that allow for a slouchy style. So see below how to style and where to get your own.

Style It

2015 Top :: Marissa Webb blazer, J.Crew top   Bottom :: 7 For All Mankind  Bag :: Mansur Gavriel / Shoes :: Gianvito Rossi<<- Here's the beige leather one... I think I want them both, this one and the black one! ;) - and it's also a perfect match with a denim outfit! ->>grey coat & Mansur Gavriel bucket bag #style #fashionlove the shape and color. best part is-its from Zara but looks so much more expensive.I love that bag! 5 Perfect Pants to Complete Your Work-to-Weekend Look via @WhoWhatWearA bucket of fun.I know many don't like birkies, but I have this exact style in black and I love them. Sometimes fugly can be sexy...you just need the confidence as a catalyst.Mansur Gavriel bucket bagOn Our Radar: Mansur Gavriel | theglitterguide.com

Buy It

Click on the pictures to shop…

Downing bucket bagThe Fringe Bucket BagCross Body Leather Bucket BagRosa/Rosa - FeaturedKate Spade New York Kacey Lane Small Poppy Bucket Bag - Lilac Bliss

For those of you who wanted one, it’s probably time to come to terms with the fact that you’re not going to get a Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bag for spring (even though it made the list!). The good news is that Mansur Gavriel was on the front end of a trend that has since become huge – bucket bags are spring’s biggest handbag shape trend, and being taken on by everyone!

Bucket bags were seen all over the Spring/Summer 2015 runways and I am absolutely loving this versatile style. From boho chic to polished prep, there’s a style of bucket bag for everyone! Comment below and let me know what you think of the new shape!


6 Ridiculous [ly Real] Fears

What are the ridiculous things you fear? The ones that maybe you don’t confess to people right away for fear they’ll look at you funny or think you’re out of your living mind? Well, folks these are mine, in all of my crazy glory. I know they’re silly, but I’m still afraid of them for one reason or another. People are scared of what they’re scared of, OK?! Tell me what your weird, irrational fears are in the comments, please. Because I, like the rest of society live for ridiculousness!

especially strollers and escalators

33 GIFs From 2013 That Will Make You Laugh Every Time

Oh my good lord, the anxiety I have while watching mothers with their children on escalators. Maybe I was a horrible child but my parents put the fear of god in me over escalators and the threat always came down to I would get sucked into it… Then I see people take their children IN STROLLERS on these devices! WHAT IF YOUR BABY FALLS OUT?! ARE YOU CRAZY?!

Losing a tooth

Something so terrifying about losing a tooth and the fear is always that it’s going to be the front one. Many a sleepless nights were due to dreams that woke me in a cold sweat that my tooth just randomly fell out. First off that doesn’t happen and second I have really good oral hygiene!

Someone in the back of your car

Maybe I’m just a worrisome person but it happens in every terrible 80s horror film where there is a man, most likely with a chainsaw, in your backseat. Every SVU episode and father warn against the dangers of a mass-murderer stowing away in your trunk so they could kill you, or maybe it’s just my dad…

Holding a baby

Very delicate, precious creatures that can’t hold their own heads up. I have watched my phone go down the steps like a slinky. So holding a new born child isn’t really for me… I like it when they have a little more muscle control thanks. And when I am forced to hold a baby I am usually the person who makes them cry or I get made fun of because it looks like I’m holding a vase that should be on display at the Smithsonian.

Driving behind a gas truck

Especially with the kid who is driving his mom’s Neon behind me like he is an extra in Tokyo Drift, flammable gas is not the best kind of truck to be behind. It’s mildly unnerving because I don’t want to reenact the scene from Final Destination either. Plus it is always either in traffic or construction that I am surrounded by this explosive materials, with no where to go quickly.

Doing shit like this

What is wrong with people? I get nauseous when I drive on back roads. So throwing me in a clear plexiglass box that hangs hundreds of feet in the air… I can live without.

So now that you all know I’m nuts I’d love to hear more about the crazy that goes on in your heads! So all 4 people who read this, comment below because I can’t wait to hear! Until next time my weird friends, stay sane, or fake it til they believe you!



LDD: Little Denim Dress

If there’s one thing you need for Spring, I’m going to say it’s the LDD “Little Denim Dress”. We all have denim in our closets, but I’m going to bet that not many of you think of a denim dress as a staple piece.

Like its fancier older sister, the Little Black Dress, there’s a Little Denim Dress to suit every figure, budget and style.  But Little Denim’s arguably a better investment; after all, being comfortable AND hard-working is in her … jeans.

Investing in a denim dress means you have a piece that works for school or work that you can take into evening.  Dress it down with a cardigan and boots or up with a studded belt and  platform heel.  Many are practically wrinkle-proof, which makes them perfect for days where you’re running to and fro and don’t have time to change before grabbing a cocktail.

Here are some great denim dresses to get you started!
Click on the pictures below and begin styling:

Cool for School Dress - Mid-length, Woven, Blue, Solid, Casual, Americana, Shift, Shirt Dress, Sleeveless, Buttons, Cutout, Pockets, Vintage Inspired, 90s, Collared, Festival, SpringBelted Chambray Shirt DressGaphttps://i2.wp.com/www.gap.com/webcontent/0008/868/676/cn8868676.jpgImage 1 of Jack Wills Chambray Shirt DressMOTO Indigo Wash T-Shirt DressImage 1 of Cheap Monday Sleeveless Shirt Dress

There’s something so versatile about denim, because you can ALWAYS dress it up and ALWAYS dress it down, depending on the style, cut and wash. I’ve been doing a lot of experimenting this season with all types so I can’t wait to style mine this season! Send pictures of your denim to be featured on my Instagram page to theoxfordguide.com! Stay stylish my loves!



Everything Pixar Taught Me

Be open to having new people come into your life

You will meet a lot of people and sometimes they will be “better” than you at things. That’s ok! Just because someone wears space boots, doesn’t make your cowboy boots any less awesome!

No matter who you are
you can always achieve great things

 Never let anyone make you feel that you aren’t important and especially never be the one to make someone feel unimportant. Living in a world where you’re a worker bee? Well, you better be the best worker they got!

Keep your old friends close, even if you are apart

They know you and they’ve been in your lives. You can grow up but never grow apart. Distance isn’t an issue, remember to stay in touch because you’ll pick up right where you left off.


Laughter is better than fear

pixar animated GIF

Michael Scott said it best : “I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.” Just enjoy the ride and laugh,  a lot! It helps too when you surround yourself with positive people.


Even with rough waters “just keep swimming”

wednesday animated GIF

It’s easy to give up but it says a lot about a person who can continue on even when the odds (or a fin) are against them. Let no sharks, Darla, or seagull (you get what I mean) ever slow you down!


At the end of the day your family will always be there

Because honestly they’re part of the reason you are who you are, so never forget that. They will stand by your side no matter the obstacle in life.


Never let looks get in the way of becoming friends with someone

14 Remarkable Life Lessons Pixar Movies Taught You

It seems like a silly concept but how many times do we judge a book by its cover even before we read the first chapter? Get to know someone first, they might surprise you!

NEVER give up on your dreams, if you believe it can happen

pixar animated GIF

Who cares if you’re a rat and you want to be a chef? Meaning, if you want to do something do it. Don’t let anything stop you because it’s your life and you need to be happy living it.


Love knows no bounds

Disney Pixar animated GIF There are times when we feel like our other half needs to be and act a particular way! But that isn’t always what makes us happy. So be with who you want to be with. Even if to others you may not seem like a perfect match.


True love never gets old

up animated GIF

Don’t let the romance fade. It’s so easy to put your other half on the back burner once life gets hectic. Try not to let yourself forget those first date jitters and that new love feeling.


Never let anyone make you feel uncomfortable
in your own skin

movie animated GIF

You are who you are. Make no excuses especially if someone else doesn’t like you for you. These probably shouldn’t be people you should surround yourself with.


Be kind to everyone

You never know what will come of any relationship. So don’t write it off because it isn’t what the outside world expects from you. Don’t judge others, you’ll miss out on too many people if you think that way.

Guy Hot

There is a disclaimer to this entire article, in that.. it does not pertain to me. I have someone who despises red lipstick yet when I walk down stairs he tells me how beautiful I look. He understands that fashion is a huge part of my life and supports me 100%. However when I go walking down the street in my pink bow tie, I can’t help but wonder, should I wear more practical or appropriate clothes? But then I thought about it, fella’s the girls in the floppy hats and jean jumpsuits are also the ones who notice your terrible choices in fashion, especially your shoes and when your shirt doesn’t fit around your neck. But I think their are two types of general categories of girls, ones who dress for guys and those who don’t!


she who outfits herself in a sartorially offensive mode that may result in repelling members of the opposite sex. Such garments include but are not limited to harem pants, boyfriend jeans, overalls, shoulder pads, full length jumpsuits, jewelry that resembles violent weaponry and clogs.

Let me set a scene for you;

It’s Friday night. You and your closest girlfriends are at your house getting ready to go out. You’re all spending literally hours on your hair and make up, and you’ve changed 10 times before finally deciding on an outfit. But who are you REALLY dressing for? Most of you I’m sure actually think you are dressing to impress your man {or a prospective man}, but the truth is that we’re all just trying to out dress each other.

We want to be the hottest, trendiest, sluttiest {it’s true and you know it, don’t be such a prude}, or most beautiful girl in the room. In our battle to do so, we forget that all the trends and fashion mean jack shit to most men. With this in mind,

I’ve compiled a little list of things we wear that our men think are the ugliest effing things they’ve ever laid eyes on. Now I’m not saying not to wear these things, hell no ladies! You wear what you love and NEVER let anyone make you feel any less fierce than you are! So click on the pictures to see where you can get them, plus they are all under $50!


“Maybe I’m a little old school but I prefer a little mystery. Leggings as pants don’t leave a whole lot to the imagination”

TOPSHOP High-Waist Ponte TreggingsDorothy Perkins Black LeggingsMarika Tek Tummy Control Leggings

High-wasted Pants/Shorts

“High-Wasted shorts (and pants if that’s even a thing) have a weird look or maybe it’s that they look like they don’t fit right”

Pink Ice Expression High Waist SkinnysPink Ice Rippled Fold High Waist ShortsCharlotte Russe Destroyed Ombre Acid Wash High-Waisted Shorts


“I hate lipstick and when it gets all over me! My mom used to wear it and take a sip of my drink and it would be everywhere!”

The Harem Pant

“They look like pants that guy wore [He meant M.C. Hammer] or Princess Jasmine’s pants [His Favorite Disney princess].”

Slouchy Harem Pants with Pockets in BlackSwell Storm Cloud Harem PantsJunior Women's JOYPEACE Harem Jogger Pants

Sky High Heels

“I don’t mind that as long as she isn’t taller than me. Plus why wear something that ends up hurting by the end of the night.”

Fahrenheit Women's 'Erin-02' High-heel Platform PumpsAX Paris PLAIN SUEDE PLATFORM SHOEPink Ice Blind Spot Heels

Maxi Skirt

“Those peasant skirts don’t always look right, plus they have this crazy floral pattern with a plain tank top- doesn’t make sense.”

Pink Ice Life Crest Maxi SkirtSierra Leone Ruffled Maxi SkirtASOS Wrap Maxi Skirt in Jersey


“How do you pee in that? So are you naked in the bathroom when you pee?”

Old Navy Womens Chambray RompersBoohoo Alyssa Daisy Swing Style Jersey PlaysuitChoies Deep Blue Floral Print Camis Romper Playsuit

Men’s Wear

“I don’t know how I feel about chicks in bow ties”

Over-sized Anything/ Boyfriend

“Fit = most important thing. Also girls that wear clothes that are too small- equally annoying”

Monki Boyfriend T-ShirtHang Up Fringe CardiganOld Navy Womens The Boyfriend Cuffed Denim Shorts 5"


So comment below! Are there such things? Can a girl wear clothes that guys absolutely hate and think are ridiculous? Comment below I’d love to hear! Until next time, stay fashionable my friends!


Underneath It All…

I’ve always found the pseudo-empowerment idea that women wear sexy underwear “for themselves” somewhat untrue. Listen up fellas! It’s like when people claim they wear makeup for themselves. If I’m on a deserted island the last think I want is a pair of thigh highs and my lip liner. When I’m home alone, I exclusively wear hideous, polka dot granny panties, and I feel amazing…ly comfortable. Lingerie has a very specific purpose. It’s worn to be seen by another person—or persons, if that’s what you’re in to—and there’s just no way around that, in my opinion. But I’m not saying that lingerie doesn’t benefit everyone involved.

When you are in something that makes you feel sexy, the entire experience is heightened. But different types of lingerie create different effects. And if you choose the wrong lingerie, you will die alone.

So lets talk about what to wear. What’s the hottest color for lingerie? Some years ago I would have say black, but now things have changed, as fashion tends to do. Nude is the chicest and trendy tone for bras and panties right now.

Typically, nude underthings serve as necessities rather than sexy go-tos. But I’m rethinking lingerie color altogether and looking to add neutral pieces to my underwear drawer that boast pretty sheer fabrics and lace detailing. Because honestly it is even better than wearing nothing at all. Take a look at my inspired picks below:


Chantelle Merci Demi BraNude Natori Feathers BraMulti-Way BraCalvin Klein Underwear Picture of Silk Satin Triangle BraUNIF Vice Underwire Bra - Bras + Bralettes | Unif | Lingerie | AllImage 3 of Dita Von Teese Star Lift Balconette Bra

Undies (I don’t say panties…)

Belabumbum Serena Lace BoyshortCommando Bikini - Double Take Lace #BK05_0NMS15_I0D8LStrappy V-string PantyGossard Superboost Lace ShortLets Stay in Shortie

Neutral, flattering, and sophisticated, nude lingerie can make anyone feel more confident in their own skin. This grouping of non-colors compliments many different skin colors and can always be relied on to raise the status of an otherwise ordinary design.What do you think? Comment below! So until next time, stay sexy!


5 Reasons You Know Your Stylist is the One

Finding the right stylist is like finding the one. Sure, anyone can chop a few inches off of your hair, but do you trust them when it comes to changing your look, or maintaining a signature style in the long term? Your one and only hair soul mate understands you in a way that an anonymous scissored stranger just can’t and won’t ever get.

I found my soul-mate when I was 19. After a few trials and tribulations I needed someone who just got me. From the moment I met her she was ready to take on my insensate talking, indecisiveness, and unrealistic expectations! So here is how you know that you and your stylist are salon besties!

She has no problem telling you “you’re too blonde!”


Hi my name is Ellen and I am Blondorexic. There was a point in time when I would wash my hair and it would be clear and I LOVED IT! But there comes a point in everyone’s life when they must change up that “signature look”.Just think of your aunt who still loves the 80’s and all that came with it.

Well, for my fellow faux blondies out there, you know the expense that comes with keeping up with those light locks and well… I’m poor. So I decided to go light brown. This was after my stylist told me I would be bald if I kept pouring these chemicals on my head and thank god she was there to see me through!


When you show her a picture of a Victoria’s Secret model she snaps you back to reality

hair animated GIF

I do it every time I sit down in that chair. Stylists must hate Pinterest, God even the internet as a whole! So I spend all day looking for a girl’s hair that I absolutely adore. So just a reminder this is what I am giving my stylist to work with:

And this is what I show her:

Look like an "Angel" with this easy makeup how-to from a VS makeup artist!

This is what she has to work with:

After so many years she gets used to it (thankfully) and for the umpteenth time she has to explain why this is completely and totally absurd (because she knows I’m on a budget and this style does NOT fit into it). Plus she reminds me I actually don’t know how to do my own hair. Lighting, extensions and a world class style team go a long way.


You share all your stories, it’s like catching up with an old friend every 7 weeks

We’re at the point now where I sit down and we chat and gossip and I love it! Since I have been going to her for so long catching up is quite enjoyable.We share stories about our puppies and the chaos in our lives. I’ll never forget my mom saying that her stylist was the first person she told that she was pregnant and I can see why.

A good stylist is not only phenomenal at her job but they can make conversations with even the shyest of people. Nothing is more awkward when you are getting your hair done and you sit in silence for an hour and half OR when they talk with other people but not you. Another plus to having a stylist bestie.


She knows what you like

11 Ways To Piss Off Your Hairstylist

Whether I’m coming in for an updo or a trim, she knows what I like. I go in, sit down and I tell her “do whatever”, even though she knows I already have an idea in mind. I always want my updo’s fun and trendy. She was doing braids before they were even popular!

She also has listened to me and learned to get to know me and what I like. She knows I hate red in my hair and that sometimes I need to be talked off the ledge. She also knows when I adamantly want to try a style and she’ll do it even if she warns me against it (I always should have listened to her…)


She will never let you walk out
looking anything less than fierce

11 Ways To Piss Off Your Hairstylist

And thank god for that! When I tell her things like “Short, but not too short,” “Kinda straight but kinda curly,” “Volume, but not too big.” These direction-less directions cancel each other out. Your stylist is creative, but not clairvoyant. She knows how to filter through and when she has an opinion she expresses it.

So overall remember stylists have to like you too. Yes you have to like how they do your hair, but it’s a two way street like any other relationship. Except these people are in charge of how you look. So it’s more pertinent then a boyfriend in my eyes!

Here are some rules to keep that relationship alive:

  1. You can’t have new hair on a $50 budget
  2. Don’t book a trim and show up for a full head of highlights
  3. Never tell your stylist how to do their job
  4. Say “do whatever” and when they “do whatever” you hate it
  5. One of the “perks” of the job is meeting and conversing with new people. So be friendly, damnit!
  6. Stylists will remember if you are fun.
  7. Don’t be rude- We’re all human. Just remember that the next time someone trims your hair a bit too short. K?
  8. Salons aren’t a used car lot, don’t bargain the price.
  9. Loyalty is key

So do you have a stylist bestie? And stylists what is the worst thing a person can do when sitting in your chair? Comment below I’d love to hear!