10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

[1] I love orchids, even though I have killed EVERY plant I have ever owned.

[2] I know every single word to Mrs. Doubtfire and Hercules (the Disney version)

[3] Johnny Cash, Garth Brooks and Cher will always be my favorite artists.

[4] Atticus Finch and Cool Hand Luke are the best characters ever created

[5] Whenever I get excited about something, I can’t stop talking about it. When there’s no one else to talk to, my brain continues the conversation with itself.

[6] When I have a bad day there is nothing max volume and a back road drive can’t fix

[7] I can’t wink but my heart melts when my boyfriend winks at me, when I wink at him, it’s the adverse effect

[8] My mom calls me Dolly and my dad calls me Pooks. I’m not sure of Dolly’s origination but Pooks comes from Garfield’s Pookie Bear. I also had a doll growing up and her name was Madeline Adeline and two imaginary friends names Kenny and Dito (pronounced Dee toe).

[9] I always wanted to be a photographer for Time. Something romantic about traveling and photographing the world.  Bringing back pictures to people who wouldn’t otherwise see them.

[10] I used to pretend to be sick every Monday in kindergarten because they served blueberry muffins and the nuns told me to “eat around them”. 22 years later I still hate them and refuse to eat them.



So tell me yours! Comment below about your 10 facts people wouldn’t know about you! I can’t wait to hear!



2 thoughts on “10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

  1. 10 things…

    1. Will always fight for those who can’t fight
    for themselves.

    2. Dr Seuss holds the key to surviving life’s
    uphill battles…”today you are you. That is
    truer than true. There is no one alive who
    is you-er than you.”

    3. I married my best friend.

    4. I sleep an average of 4 hours.

    5. I have traveled to more countries than

    6. My favorite color is yellow.

    7. I always keep learning.

    8. I am in my pajamas as much as possible

    9. I am vegan

    10. Will always watch “It’s always sunny in

    1. thank you so much for replying!!! I love your facts! this comment made my day! I especially love the fact that you married your best friend!!! ❤ thanks again for sharing! See you at boxing!! 🙂

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