Fashion Emergency Kit

Let’s face it after working a stressful 8+ hour day you sometimes need some refreshing. Hell sometimes the first hour of work takes its toll on you. But never forget you are fierce, smart and ready to take on the world! Committed to your job and being nothing short of awesome at it, means you don’t have time for any setbacks, especially wardrobe or beauty malfunctions.

I always keep a conveniently-sized cosmetic bag, full of essential fashion and beauty tools tucked inside my desk drawer. It has been a lifesaver on more than one occasion. I call it my Fashion Emergency Kit.

During your morning commute, you notice that your button down is pulling across your boobs. No problem! You’ve got fashion tape to the rescue .

Your “ready to take on the world” pumps are giving you blisters and you’ve got meetings all over the building throughout the day. Again, not a problem! You quickly insert one of your tried-and-true shoe insoles to relieve discomfort and you’re back on track.

Spill some coffee on your blouse? Grab your Tide to Go pen.

Just got news you have an emergency meeting via video chat? The one on my computer is HD… who needs that?! No one wants to see a 5 inch screen of my face in HD so take those oil wipes and tinted lip balm and you’ll look as good as new.

Didn’t pack a lunch and you need to make it to the next pay day? You know the drill. Quick, munch on a nutritious “bar” and go back to conquering the world!

You gotta be business savvy. You know it pays to be prepared on all fronts. There are thousands of scenarios you encounter on a regular basis where these useful items will help you to look, feel and be professionally fabulous at all times.

Here are my top fifteen essentials to jump start your office Fashion Emergency Kit today!Untitled


  1. You walk into work and get your heel stuck in the side walk and the base of your heel is left between the two pieces of concrete. Pop on a new one!
  2. Running late = no shower = greasy hair. This isn’t the SATs, this means you’re screwed! Grab a trail size of dry shampoo and you are set!
  3. Coffee in the morning or lunch in the afternoon there are too many opportunities during the day to spill.
  4. Your new heels never feel as good as your Uggs so make the walk a little better.
  5. I’ll never forget when I had a huge meeting and my bracelet snagged my tights and I tore them practically off my body. So always keep a spare.
  6. Shoes rub and they hurt, but they don’t have to!
  7. Eliminate excess shine for a fresh look and longer-lasting makeup. Don’t leave home without this touch-up essential.
  8. Enliven your look throughout the day. Keep a neutral color in your kit to complement any outfit.
  9. From loose hems to hiding a bra strap. It is the fashion fix all.
  10. Because it isn’t until you get to work you notice the deodorant/ dirt or smug on your shirt.
  11. A toothbrush is so important because there is nothing that makes you feel more self conscious then if you think or actually do have bad breath!
  12. I hate when I break a nail or chip my polish at work. So for those horrible broken nails I like keeping a kit in my bag.
  13. Paper-cuts to blisters band-aids ease the pain.
  14. Bad headaches, vitamins, cramps- your pill case will cover it all plus you want need to have all the bottles all over.
  15. Well you need a bag to keep everything in.

So what are your “essentials” that you keep? Do you think this is something you’ll try or is it just a waste of space? Comment below! I can’t wait to hear!



4 thoughts on “Fashion Emergency Kit

  1. This is fantastic…thank you Ellen! I can never have too many spare pantyhose tucked away…always have multiple pairs and colors ready to go. Even if my first pair is holding up I will change to a fresh pair if I am having a long day….adds to the whole idea of being refreshed!

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