5 Reasons You Know Your Stylist is the One

Finding the right stylist is like finding the one. Sure, anyone can chop a few inches off of your hair, but do you trust them when it comes to changing your look, or maintaining a signature style in the long term? Your one and only hair soul mate understands you in a way that an anonymous scissored stranger just can’t and won’t ever get.

I found my soul-mate when I was 19. After a few trials and tribulations I needed someone who just got me. From the moment I met her she was ready to take on my insensate talking, indecisiveness, and unrealistic expectations! So here is how you know that you and your stylist are salon besties!

She has no problem telling you “you’re too blonde!”


Hi my name is Ellen and I am Blondorexic. There was a point in time when I would wash my hair and it would be clear and I LOVED IT! But there comes a point in everyone’s life when they must change up that “signature look”.Just think of your aunt who still loves the 80’s and all that came with it.

Well, for my fellow faux blondies out there, you know the expense that comes with keeping up with those light locks and well… I’m poor. So I decided to go light brown. This was after my stylist told me I would be bald if I kept pouring these chemicals on my head and thank god she was there to see me through!


When you show her a picture of a Victoria’s Secret model she snaps you back to reality

hair animated GIF

I do it every time I sit down in that chair. Stylists must hate Pinterest, God even the internet as a whole! So I spend all day looking for a girl’s hair that I absolutely adore. So just a reminder this is what I am giving my stylist to work with:

And this is what I show her:

Look like an "Angel" with this easy makeup how-to from a VS makeup artist!

This is what she has to work with:

After so many years she gets used to it (thankfully) and for the umpteenth time she has to explain why this is completely and totally absurd (because she knows I’m on a budget and this style does NOT fit into it). Plus she reminds me I actually don’t know how to do my own hair. Lighting, extensions and a world class style team go a long way.


You share all your stories, it’s like catching up with an old friend every 7 weeks

We’re at the point now where I sit down and we chat and gossip and I love it! Since I have been going to her for so long catching up is quite enjoyable.We share stories about our puppies and the chaos in our lives. I’ll never forget my mom saying that her stylist was the first person she told that she was pregnant and I can see why.

A good stylist is not only phenomenal at her job but they can make conversations with even the shyest of people. Nothing is more awkward when you are getting your hair done and you sit in silence for an hour and half OR when they talk with other people but not you. Another plus to having a stylist bestie.


She knows what you like

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Whether I’m coming in for an updo or a trim, she knows what I like. I go in, sit down and I tell her “do whatever”, even though she knows I already have an idea in mind. I always want my updo’s fun and trendy. She was doing braids before they were even popular!

She also has listened to me and learned to get to know me and what I like. She knows I hate red in my hair and that sometimes I need to be talked off the ledge. She also knows when I adamantly want to try a style and she’ll do it even if she warns me against it (I always should have listened to her…)


She will never let you walk out
looking anything less than fierce

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And thank god for that! When I tell her things like “Short, but not too short,” “Kinda straight but kinda curly,” “Volume, but not too big.” These direction-less directions cancel each other out. Your stylist is creative, but not clairvoyant. She knows how to filter through and when she has an opinion she expresses it.

So overall remember stylists have to like you too. Yes you have to like how they do your hair, but it’s a two way street like any other relationship. Except these people are in charge of how you look. So it’s more pertinent then a boyfriend in my eyes!

Here are some rules to keep that relationship alive:

  1. You can’t have new hair on a $50 budget
  2. Don’t book a trim and show up for a full head of highlights
  3. Never tell your stylist how to do their job
  4. Say “do whatever” and when they “do whatever” you hate it
  5. One of the “perks” of the job is meeting and conversing with new people. So be friendly, damnit!
  6. Stylists will remember if you are fun.
  7. Don’t be rude- We’re all human. Just remember that the next time someone trims your hair a bit too short. K?
  8. Salons aren’t a used car lot, don’t bargain the price.
  9. Loyalty is key

So do you have a stylist bestie? And stylists what is the worst thing a person can do when sitting in your chair? Comment below I’d love to hear!



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