Guy Hot

There is a disclaimer to this entire article, in that.. it does not pertain to me. I have someone who despises red lipstick yet when I walk down stairs he tells me how beautiful I look. He understands that fashion is a huge part of my life and supports me 100%. However when I go walking down the street in my pink bow tie, I can’t help but wonder, should I wear more practical or appropriate clothes? But then I thought about it, fella’s the girls in the floppy hats and jean jumpsuits are also the ones who notice your terrible choices in fashion, especially your shoes and when your shirt doesn’t fit around your neck. But I think their are two types of general categories of girls, ones who dress for guys and those who don’t!


she who outfits herself in a sartorially offensive mode that may result in repelling members of the opposite sex. Such garments include but are not limited to harem pants, boyfriend jeans, overalls, shoulder pads, full length jumpsuits, jewelry that resembles violent weaponry and clogs.

Let me set a scene for you;

It’s Friday night. You and your closest girlfriends are at your house getting ready to go out. You’re all spending literally hours on your hair and make up, and you’ve changed 10 times before finally deciding on an outfit. But who are you REALLY dressing for? Most of you I’m sure actually think you are dressing to impress your man {or a prospective man}, but the truth is that we’re all just trying to out dress each other.

We want to be the hottest, trendiest, sluttiest {it’s true and you know it, don’t be such a prude}, or most beautiful girl in the room. In our battle to do so, we forget that all the trends and fashion mean jack shit to most men. With this in mind,

I’ve compiled a little list of things we wear that our men think are the ugliest effing things they’ve ever laid eyes on. Now I’m not saying not to wear these things, hell no ladies! You wear what you love and NEVER let anyone make you feel any less fierce than you are! So click on the pictures to see where you can get them, plus they are all under $50!


“Maybe I’m a little old school but I prefer a little mystery. Leggings as pants don’t leave a whole lot to the imagination”

TOPSHOP High-Waist Ponte TreggingsDorothy Perkins Black LeggingsMarika Tek Tummy Control Leggings

High-wasted Pants/Shorts

“High-Wasted shorts (and pants if that’s even a thing) have a weird look or maybe it’s that they look like they don’t fit right”

Pink Ice Expression High Waist SkinnysPink Ice Rippled Fold High Waist ShortsCharlotte Russe Destroyed Ombre Acid Wash High-Waisted Shorts


“I hate lipstick and when it gets all over me! My mom used to wear it and take a sip of my drink and it would be everywhere!”

The Harem Pant

“They look like pants that guy wore [He meant M.C. Hammer] or Princess Jasmine’s pants [His Favorite Disney princess].”

Slouchy Harem Pants with Pockets in BlackSwell Storm Cloud Harem PantsJunior Women's JOYPEACE Harem Jogger Pants

Sky High Heels

“I don’t mind that as long as she isn’t taller than me. Plus why wear something that ends up hurting by the end of the night.”

Fahrenheit Women's 'Erin-02' High-heel Platform PumpsAX Paris PLAIN SUEDE PLATFORM SHOEPink Ice Blind Spot Heels

Maxi Skirt

“Those peasant skirts don’t always look right, plus they have this crazy floral pattern with a plain tank top- doesn’t make sense.”

Pink Ice Life Crest Maxi SkirtSierra Leone Ruffled Maxi SkirtASOS Wrap Maxi Skirt in Jersey


“How do you pee in that? So are you naked in the bathroom when you pee?”

Old Navy Womens Chambray RompersBoohoo Alyssa Daisy Swing Style Jersey PlaysuitChoies Deep Blue Floral Print Camis Romper Playsuit

Men’s Wear

“I don’t know how I feel about chicks in bow ties”

Over-sized Anything/ Boyfriend

“Fit = most important thing. Also girls that wear clothes that are too small- equally annoying”

Monki Boyfriend T-ShirtHang Up Fringe CardiganOld Navy Womens The Boyfriend Cuffed Denim Shorts 5"


So comment below! Are there such things? Can a girl wear clothes that guys absolutely hate and think are ridiculous? Comment below I’d love to hear! Until next time, stay fashionable my friends!



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