Everything Pixar Taught Me

Be open to having new people come into your life

You will meet a lot of people and sometimes they will be “better” than you at things. That’s ok! Just because someone wears space boots, doesn’t make your cowboy boots any less awesome!

No matter who you are
you can always achieve great things

 Never let anyone make you feel that you aren’t important and especially never be the one to make someone feel unimportant. Living in a world where you’re a worker bee? Well, you better be the best worker they got!

Keep your old friends close, even if you are apart

They know you and they’ve been in your lives. You can grow up but never grow apart. Distance isn’t an issue, remember to stay in touch because you’ll pick up right where you left off.


Laughter is better than fear

pixar animated GIF

Michael Scott said it best : “I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.” Just enjoy the ride and laugh,  a lot! It helps too when you surround yourself with positive people.


Even with rough waters “just keep swimming”

wednesday animated GIF

It’s easy to give up but it says a lot about a person who can continue on even when the odds (or a fin) are against them. Let no sharks, Darla, or seagull (you get what I mean) ever slow you down!


At the end of the day your family will always be there

Because honestly they’re part of the reason you are who you are, so never forget that. They will stand by your side no matter the obstacle in life.


Never let looks get in the way of becoming friends with someone

14 Remarkable Life Lessons Pixar Movies Taught You

It seems like a silly concept but how many times do we judge a book by its cover even before we read the first chapter? Get to know someone first, they might surprise you!

NEVER give up on your dreams, if you believe it can happen

pixar animated GIF

Who cares if you’re a rat and you want to be a chef? Meaning, if you want to do something do it. Don’t let anything stop you because it’s your life and you need to be happy living it.


Love knows no bounds

Disney Pixar animated GIF There are times when we feel like our other half needs to be and act a particular way! But that isn’t always what makes us happy. So be with who you want to be with. Even if to others you may not seem like a perfect match.


True love never gets old

up animated GIF

Don’t let the romance fade. It’s so easy to put your other half on the back burner once life gets hectic. Try not to let yourself forget those first date jitters and that new love feeling.


Never let anyone make you feel uncomfortable
in your own skin

movie animated GIF

You are who you are. Make no excuses especially if someone else doesn’t like you for you. These probably shouldn’t be people you should surround yourself with.


Be kind to everyone

You never know what will come of any relationship. So don’t write it off because it isn’t what the outside world expects from you. Don’t judge others, you’ll miss out on too many people if you think that way.


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