LDD: Little Denim Dress

If there’s one thing you need for Spring, I’m going to say it’s the LDD “Little Denim Dress”. We all have denim in our closets, but I’m going to bet that not many of you think of a denim dress as a staple piece.

Like its fancier older sister, the Little Black Dress, there’s a Little Denim Dress to suit every figure, budget and style.  But Little Denim’s arguably a better investment; after all, being comfortable AND hard-working is in her … jeans.

Investing in a denim dress means you have a piece that works for school or work that you can take into evening.  Dress it down with a cardigan and boots or up with a studded belt and  platform heel.  Many are practically wrinkle-proof, which makes them perfect for days where you’re running to and fro and don’t have time to change before grabbing a cocktail.

Here are some great denim dresses to get you started!
Click on the pictures below and begin styling:

Cool for School Dress - Mid-length, Woven, Blue, Solid, Casual, Americana, Shift, Shirt Dress, Sleeveless, Buttons, Cutout, Pockets, Vintage Inspired, 90s, Collared, Festival, SpringBelted Chambray Shirt DressGaphttps://i2.wp.com/www.gap.com/webcontent/0008/868/676/cn8868676.jpgImage 1 of Jack Wills Chambray Shirt DressMOTO Indigo Wash T-Shirt DressImage 1 of Cheap Monday Sleeveless Shirt Dress

There’s something so versatile about denim, because you can ALWAYS dress it up and ALWAYS dress it down, depending on the style, cut and wash. I’ve been doing a lot of experimenting this season with all types so I can’t wait to style mine this season! Send pictures of your denim to be featured on my Instagram page to theoxfordguide.com! Stay stylish my loves!




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