Do You Jacket In Spring?

Yes. It’s official. Spring is here, and that only means one thing: out with the chunky, thick, overly layered outfits centered around the idea of keeping warm, and in with all the flirty, light and colorful outfits that are worn for no other reason other than our love of fashion.

Also, truth being told I get a little panicked at the thought of spring and summer. Because honestly, how fast is this year going by, and also… what the hell have I been doing so far? My bikini body is still in deep deep sleep and has hit the snooze button WAY too many times. Wake up! I am secretly praying for one more cold temp wave here to buy myself some time.

Let’s not get carried away though. Until summer hits us, we’ve still got spring to enjoy, and, fashion wise, this very season is a true blessing. Anything that goes in autumn and summer goes in spring as well… Boots with skirts. Sweaters as outwear. And JACKETS. Jackets all over the place. Jackets layered over anything. Jackets, jackets, jackets, jackets.

The hard part about Spring is, do I wear a jacket? In the morning it’s 30 degrees and when I leave work it’s paradise. Jackets needs to be light and only add to an outfit not make it, like a blazer does for us in winter. So I attached jackets that will work for the work woman (not talking about all the Vivan Ward’s out there) and transition right into weekend wear. So here are some of my favorite Spring jacket styles! Click below and they’re all under $100!


Image 1 of Vero Moda Long Line Trench Coat

Military Jacket

Old NavyOld Navy

Bomber Jacket

GapFloral Organza Bomber JacketOld NavyOld NavyOld Navy

Denim Jacket

Factory denim jacketAmerican Eagle Denim Jacket (Coat)

Fun Blazers

Women's Striped Tailored Blazer Merona®Image 4 of ASOS Blazer in Pastel Lace

Vegan Leather and Suede

Front Page Photo Jacket - Grey, Solid, Long Sleeve, Fall, Short, Faux Leather, Basic, Grey, Long Sleeve, Best Seller, Winter, Best Seller, 1, Top Rated, Urban

So remember the weather is warming up but it’s still cold outside especially in the AM, stay warm in style. Is a jacket added to your Spring time outfit? If so where have you had luck shopping? Comment below, I can’t wait to hear more! And remember email me anytime at! Until next time loves!


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