Spring Dresses: Work Wear

Tis the season for no pants! I love getting ready for work and not having to think because I’m just going to throw on a cute dress. The problem with my closet is that I have work wear dresses and weekend wear dresses. SO this time around I’m focusing on where to find the best dresses to wear into the office. The ones that make you enjoy Monday’s a bit more because you didn’t have to put on pants this morning.

There are a few things I look for when I am shopping for dresses for work:

  • Watch the length and neckline- your working to further your career not for free drinks
  • Professional designs- don’t be afraid of color or fun patterns but just make sure it’s still professional
  • When in doubt throw on a sweater or jacket, like a blazer

So click on the dress you like and get shopping!

Image 1 of ASOS Body-Conscious Dress with Crepe DrapeI Think I Can Dress in Teal - Green, Solid, V Neck, Cap Sleeves, Pinup, Vintage Inspired, Variation, Work, Cocktail, Long, Bodycon / BandageAbroad DressPrimary Image of Lace Shift DressOld NavyPrimary Image of Scroll Flounce Hem DressFactory cotton shirtdress with beltWaterfront of the Line Dress - Long, Multi, Stripes, Print, Daytime Party, Nautical, Short Sleeves, Spring, Scoop, Work, Fit & FlarePrinted Shift Dress - Lots of Love by SpeechlessPrimary Image of Mosaic Printblocked Tunic Dress

Comment below and tell me your favorite places to get your work wear? can you get away with wearing a lot of patterns and colors do you need to keep a more neutral palette? Let me know! I can’t wait to hear!



Life AFTER the Honeymoon Phase

The side of the bed

His whole life my boyfriend had a side… In his twin bed. He was a right side guy through and through. Well when we moved into our house the right just became my side. Now I get to hear all about how he can’t sleep because “I’m on his side”. It’s like he sleeps in a cave in Siberia every night!


“You watched 2 seasons of Prison Break without me?!?”
“You were sleeping…”
“BUT YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO WAIT!  and NOT watch it while I was at the gym!!!!”
We all know that you can never watch a show at the same pace so someone bites the bullet and has to just assume that nothing happened in the last 12 episodes that they missed.

Bad Days

Someone throughout the day pisses you off and they just happen to be in the line of fire- the line of a three headed fire breathing dragon fire. You get mad at how they chew or folded the towel [none of this actually has to do with THEM] So, next time just call up the person at work you’re mad at! LOL JK but really though please don’t do that… Instead the whipping boy will just take their beating.

Mind Reading

“I didn’t mean it when I said I didn’t want anything for Valentine’s Day!” or when you tell him to leave and he actually does! Then you proclaim through tears when he doesn’t get you. In your defense he obviously should have known you didn’t mean it because he in fact has superpowers or is telepathic.

The cuddle/tickle fight gone wrong

It starts with a flirtatious tickle or “love tap” and can only end with verbal threats or someone getting punched in the nose accidentally and crying. There is no other option.

The thermostat

You get cold in the middle of the night and turn the air off. They wake up sweating and blast it. They leave for work. You put the heat on to compensate. They come home, livid that it is June and the heat is on. They open all the windows. You buy a space heater. They say “you can literally boil water in here!” The world explodes.

“But I’m already laying down”

Many a screaming match are born out of being so cozy in your blanket while your significant other uses the bathroom that, upon seeing them amble over on their return trip, you demand that they get you the remote, or the bag of chips, or some thing that you need so badly to survive but cannot be bothered to get up for because you. Are. So. COMFORTABLE.

White Before, After & During Labor Day

We’ve all heard it before:  Don’t wear white after Labor Day or before Memorial Day.
Well, we’re in spring and just a few weeks away from Memorial Day, so it begs the question:  Is it okay to bust out the white skinny jeans or the white cut off fringed jean shorts? Or is this still not acceptable? Like the person who said navy and black don’t go together, this is one of the biggest fashion myths in history, and if you’re anything like me, you want to know where the rumors started and if they’re really true or not.
Well, now that winter is over and (unless you live in the Northeast and had that recent snow squall) we are on our way to a new wardrobe! Spring is tough because it could be cool in the morning and heat up throughout the day so layers are a must. I love white especially once all the snow melts. Pictured below are some amazing ways to incorporate white while staying warm for potentially brisk days.
All winter I’m bulky and trying to keep my toes from falling off, so it’s nice to wear some crisp new colors. I wear white year-round and during the summer love to pair it with tans, khakis, beige, and nudes to give it a clean, minimalist, and chic look.

Their Way

40 Cute Outfits With Converse | http://fashion.ekstrax.com/2014/12/cute-outfits-with-converse.htmlA Smart Trick For Making Sure Your Outfits Are Always Amazing via @WhoWhatWearSnakeskin PrintThe 10 Best Blogger Outfits From New York Fashion Week // www.babesngents.com // #babesngentshttp://YuUStyle.netPeach blazer, white pants and stripes (this classy outfit would be prefect for an office, lunch date, or any other dressy event during warmer weather)White and Florals- love this look!!Stella Wants To Die is wearing light grey jeans from Zara, white blazer from Mango, bag from Purification Garcia and sunglasses from FendiNeutral Work Wardrobe - Hello FashionCasual layers | powder blue scarf | grey henley | white skinny jeans | blush toteWhite on White

Shop Styles Under $100

Flutter Perfection Dress - Short, Lace, White, Solid, Casual, Shift, Short Sleeves, Summer, Good, Lace, Boho, Vintage Inspired, 60s, 70s1969 destructed resolution true skinny high-rise jeansAEO Denim X JeggingSwing Along Black and Ivory Striped Long Sleeve Dress at Lulus.com!AEO Lace Paneled Button Down Shirt - Buy One Get One 50% OffWomen's Textured-Stripe Infinity ScarvesImage 1 of Monki Duster CoatWhite denim jacket | MANGOSilence + Noise Crepe Kimono Tee

So get shopping and tagging me on Instagram @theoxfordguide. Comment below I’d love to hear your thoughts on this once fashion faux pas! Until next time my loves!


Grey Jeans

I recently added a new pair of grey jeans to my closet and after wearing them once with a basic white tee, I went Pinteresting for some additional outfit ideas. While there were plenty of options and a lot of variety but I noticed three outfit formulas that seemed the most popular. Plus we all know I’m not the biggest supporter of color, so you’ll see a trend here. But best of all they include a lot of wardrobe basics so they’re pretty easy to re-create.


All Grey

Going monochromatic is an incredibly easy way to appear put-together while not really trying. Like, at all. But be sure to tack on a few extra items like a scarf or killer heels to add dimension to the outfit

Tan + Grey / neutral -- 60 Great New Winter Outfits On The Street - Style Estate -Grey and Lace Back with Plain Jeans + Handbag + Nude Pumps ~ 60 Great New Winter Outfits On The Street - Style Estate -leather jacket love by sincerly julesAll grey outfit with a pop of color shoe -- Simple outfit that looks fantastic :)Grey look et stan smith | minimal - casual | pH neutregrey jeans, grey  cardigan, neutral jacket, bag and boots outfit

White Tee

My favorite look of the group especially for the warmer months ahead. A simple white tee with your grey skinnies is a killer combo. Keep the tee or tank loose to give it an edgier feel.

Update your grey jean outfit with tan accessories. www.stylestaples.com.auFind more Street Style inspo at http://www.fashionaddict.com.au/top-40-sellers/top-20-fashion.htmlCasual Chic Neutrals: Top Knot, White Blazer, Nude Bag, Grey Jeans & Black Slide Sandals #fashion #style #bloggeri had same hat but on other color...hmmm so no bra underneath? cool,i will try that sometime too,but not on white because under white shirt you can see anything :DHow to wear leather jackets. How to pair leather jackets with dresses. Leather jacket street style.Perfect blend of casual with a dash of profressional



I love all black, don’t ever thing otherwise! But there are times when I want to break it up a bit and I just adore how the black top dresses and edges up the grey jeans.

Alessandra Ambrosio.. black blouse, grey suede jeans, and black ballet flats.. airport style..Love this. Black blouse, gray skinny jeans, red pumps.... HotWomensClothes.com. http://michaelkorsbagarea.blogspot.com/ cheap mk bags just need $61.99. 75% save up"And it felt so good to see his face, Or the comfort invested in my soul. Oh to feel the warmth of a smile." -Ben HowardSimple


Time to Shop

Refuge "Hi-Waist Super Skinny" Cropped JeansAEO Denim X Jegging Crophttps://i0.wp.com/www.gap.com/webcontent/0009/267/115/cn9267115.jpgHigh Riser Skinny Skinny Jeans in Dusty WashMOTO Grey Leigh Jeanshttps://i2.wp.com/g.nordstromimage.com/imagegallery/store/product/Medium/16/_10498456.jpgImage 1 of ASOS Lisbon Skinny Mid Rise Ankle Grazer Jeans in Slick Gray Wash with Ripped Knees

I am a tried and true blue jean lover, but I am excited to try out hues in greys and blacks and in between.  These styles seem to be popping up at a lot of retailers lately and I love the laid-back rocker chic vibe these jeans exude.   And while jeans are always “in” every season – it’s fun to have a new style to add to my wardrobe. Comment below! Grey or no grey?

Denim Vest? Don’t Mind if I Do!

Not all fashion trends are worth the effort, especially if you’re old enough for it to be your second time around (think neon colors, acid washed jeans, and pleated silky shorts.) But, the denim vest is an exception. It’s such a versatile piece, I dare say anyone could make it work.

Here are some reasons I love the denim vest:

  • it’s a perfect layering piece for transitioning into Fall
  • provides a great barrier for modesty when a tank top is a little too tight
  • provides a structured look when wearing unstructured pieces/outfits
  • disguises and hides lumps and rolls in the mid-section
  • dresses down a fancier outfit
  • gives you an edge

There are some things we need to focus on though when wearing the denim vest because we want to be more Tiffany Thiessen and less Tiffany Amber Thiessen. So remember that shades and distress level of the jean matters especially when you are wearing jeans. The length matters too because you don’t want to look like a 16 year old, you want to rock the vest on a more upscale level because let’s be honest, most of us are rocking it for the 2nd time around.


Click to Style

layeringsummer with denim vest and white pants- make your outfit look effortless! easy simple layers, simple pieces with one statement piece. the jean jacketLove this. But my bball biceps don't look to hot in denim vestsDenim vest, leather leggings, stars!! - (Discover Sojasun Italian Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram Pages!)american eagle knit jegging in black, $40Denim vest, gray tee, black denim and leopard sneakersDenim vest and olive green jeans. Great combo!Julianne Hough: Denim Vest + White Shorts20 Style Tips On How To Wear Denim Vests, Outfit Ideas | Gurl.Street Style Fall Ideas 2014. Burgundy jeans, boots and bag. Find your best burgundy combination♡ Clothes Casual Outfit for • teens • movies • girls • women •. summer • fall • spring • winter • outfit ideas • dates • school • parties Polyvore :) Catalina Christianodenim vest, fedora and striped dress...summer!


Click to Buy

Light Wash Dropped Armhole Denim VestWacca denim vestThe Jean Vest in Cora WashDenim Vest - Mossimo Supply Co.Denim vest in calyer washWrangler® Premium Patch® Vest - DenimGap Women 1969 Denim VestAbercrombie & Fitch Classic Denim Vest


Just because it’s basically summer, doesn’t mean we have to stop layering our clothes. That’s why pieces like denim vests exist, for the sole purpose of giving our outfits some dimension. Whether you’re going for a clean look with whites and a lighter wash, or fulfilling your inner rock star with ripped jeans and a vintage tee, there are many ways to integrate a jean vest into your wardrobe.

Comment below and tell me your thoughts!




So I Cut My Hair…

So I recently cut my hair into a long pixie. I’m still growing into loving the style but every now and then I get a wind of fierceness and no one can bring me down. That is until I run into someone who hasn’t seen my hair and I get the following reactions:


Why did you do this?

This one usually makes me regret the whole thing and want to hide away until it grows back, or wear a bag over my head.

21 Things All Girls With Short Hair Have Experienced


So… are you a lesbian?

bridesmaids are you fucking kidding me


Is this the new thing now or something?

Haven’t you heard of Mia Farrow? Twiggy? Audrey? Miley?!

21 Things All Girls With Short Hair Have Experienced


Don’t worry, hair grows back!

But I didn’t cut it to see how fast it grows back. Trust me I know it grows back, look at my roots.


I loved you with long hair though.

You know what they say about opinions….

The 15 Weirdest And Craziest Moments From Miley Cyrus' VMA Performance


Did anyone ever think you were a boy?

I’m actually playing Peter Pan in the next showing on Broadway so that’s what I was going for!

21 Things All Girls With Short Hair Have Experienced


Do you like it?

I do and I feel like a fresh fashion start. It’s fun and I finally mustered up enough balls to do it…


Oh my god! I can’t cut my hair it would look terrible on me…….. but it looks so good on you….

I always tell people how I yelled “Stop!” in the middle of getting my hair cut so they know I wasn’t entirely brave


Boys like long hair

And I’m sure they would love if all women walked around naked but we can’t always get what we want


At least you have a pretty face.

…..thanks…. I think….

But remember to all girls out there, short hair, thin hair, long hair, frizzy hair, you need to rock it and love it! You are a badass bitch and nothing can change that! You live only one life so rock the style that YOU want. Don’t like anyone every deter you from thinking you are anything less than beautiful.

Stay fabulous my friends,


John Bender: The Plaid Wearing Bad Boy

My love of fictional bad boys started when I was playing Dream Phone with my friend Alyssa. I asked her if I could keep the kid’s picture who had the tie-dyed shirt and earring. When my mom found it I told her I liked him and added him to the wall with Danny Zuko and Sean Hunter.

When I was finally old enough I began exploring the 80’s classic genre and fell in love with the Brat Pack. Up until recently I had forgotten my love of those five strangers. So I re-watched and fell in love all over again with the infamous bad boy.


He was dark and mysterious



Plus he had that “Fuck You” attitude that we all love in  our terrible but great first boyfriend

movie animated GIF



But he was sensitive


But had a whit about him…


Plus, my god people, THAT SMIRK!


The man could also dance…


He was a natural born leader,


Who had street smarts


Plus he smoked like all of our favorite bad boys did


He even flirted like a bad boy


And kissed like one too


Sincerely yours,

Circle Skirts

Although it’s been a long, cold spring, it’s time to break out those sundresses, skirts, flats and pastels! If you feel like your legs aren’t quite ready for that trendy pair of high-waisted shorts, throw on a dress or skirt. I personally love wearing high-waisted skirts because the style gives the appearance of longer legs. I also like tucking my shirts in because it allows for the entirety of the skirt to be showcased and looks more put together. Skirts and dresses are freeing and feminine, which I also love. But there is nothing more perfect than the circle skirt.

I’m a big fan of circle skirts, because they fit for every occasion – from leather jackets and sturdy boots, over sweet ruffled blouses and peep-toes, to blazers and pumps. No other skirt allows more styling interpretations. This is the one bottom that should hang in every wardrobe.


Their Way

Stripes & oxbloodStreet Style - Sweet Floral Skirt loveee her hair!Sheek outfit with glitter & gold - Jenna Fashionable Clothing65 Best outfits for spring summer 2013Blake lively is face goals, body goals, style goals, life goals & every goal there is lolPurple button up blouse, Floral skirt & Tan heels8 Pretty Office Perfect Outfits To Help You Look Forward To Your WorkWeek | Fab You Bliss.STREET STYLE: COACHELLA MUSIC FESTIVAL 2013LOVE this skirt!!! I really really want a circle skirt like this. Super flattering and girly, but really versitile.Miss Rich: Trending: The full circle skirt (or skater skirt) and how to wear itSkate Skirt!Glitter mini skirt and short top


Your Way

Laser-Cut Scalloped Skater SkirtGaphttps://i1.wp.com/www.gap.com/webcontent/0009/156/918/cn9156918.jpgLime Triangle Circle SkirtFactory flared skirtKaleidoscope Print Skater Skirt

Too many cute styles, pattered to solid to scalloped, the possibilities are endless! Comment below on your thoughts! Will these skirts adorn your closet? Let me know!


Adult Crop Top: Oxymoron or Fashion Statement

The crop top (much like rock and roll) is here to stay. They’ve been seriously trending for two straight warm seasons now, and we very much doubt they’re going anywhere any time soon. Much different from the late 90s B. Spears look, though, so fear not!This time round, the trend is a lot more sophisticated – and a lot less revealing. Here are some great ways to wear a crop top without looking like you’ve reverted to being a teenager (or are having a midlife crisis!).


Their Way

Crop top, skirt, cross body and oxfords. Is this a great outfit for a concert or what? Still Undecidedhttps://i2.wp.com/fashion.ekstrax.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Dynamic-Crop-top-Outfits-12.jpghttps://i2.wp.com/fashion.ekstrax.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Dynamic-Crop-top-Outfits-17.jpghttps://i2.wp.com/fashion.ekstrax.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Dynamic-Crop-top-Outfits-8.jpghttps://i2.wp.com/fashion.ekstrax.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Dynamic-Crop-top-Outfits-9.jpghttps://i1.wp.com/fashion.ekstrax.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Dynamic-Crop-top-Outfits-16.jpghttps://i1.wp.com/fashion.ekstrax.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Dynamic-Crop-top-Outfits-25.jpghttps://i1.wp.com/fashion.ekstrax.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Dynamic-Crop-top-Outfits-18.jpghttps://i0.wp.com/fashion.ekstrax.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Dynamic-Crop-top-Outfits-30.jpghttps://i1.wp.com/fashion.ekstrax.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Dynamic-Crop-top-Outfits-33.jpghttps://i0.wp.com/fashion.ekstrax.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Dynamic-Crop-top-Outfits-39.jpghttps://i2.wp.com/fashion.ekstrax.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Dynamic-Crop-top-Outfits-40.jpg

Tips and Tricks:

Have the belly of X-Tina in her dirty video? Rock that tight, high cut crop. Show off that athletic build

Not so confident in your midriff? A boxy/ flouncier cut with a high-waisted piece will give a tiny waist affect. It draws the eye right to the smallest point of your body

If you want to try the trend but are a little nervous, go with a neutral color.

Crop tops don’t need to immediately show skin, some only show when you participate in “Shout”.

Confidence is your best accessory. Don’t cross your arms all night; if you aren’t comfortable don’t rock the trend. It’s ok!



Your Way

Crochet Crop Top - Xhilaration®http://lp.hm.com/hmprod?set=key<pre>

</pre>,value[/environment/2015/4IT_0152_012R.jpg]&set=key[rotate],value[-0.9]&set=key[width],value[3449]&set=key[height],value[4033]&set=key[x],value[812]&set=key[y],value[289]&set=key[type],value[FASHION_FRONT]&hmver=0&call=url[file:/product/large]Adam Levine Women's Cropped Tank Top - DinosaurAnnika Aztec Cap Sleeve Crop TopCrop Tee in Boating StripeWorth a Thousand Flirts Top - Blue, Solid, Crochet, Boho, Cropped, Sleeveless, Crew, Cotton, Short, Blue, SleevelessGoddess Halter TankImage 3 of True Decadence Botancial Floral Bralet


Fashion Expectations vs. Reality

Short Hair

I cut all my hair off and dyed it blonde and when I wake up I look like the pitcher from Summer Catch (you know that kid with the flame glove!)




Dark Lips

Dark lips how I want to love you, but I just can’t help but think if people are staring in a good or bad way. Plus when you mess up your liner, black isn’t the most forgiving color.




Big Sunglasses

In the words of my 4 year old cousin “Your glasses look like great-grandmas!”, she obviously doesn’t know fashion.






High-waisted looks so good on girls who can walk the VS fashion show, everyone else they just look like mom jeans with a little something extra.




Winter Outfits

You can’t wait to bust out the new wardrobe and put together all of those cute outfits. But even though heels photograph well in 3 inches of snow, you look like an idiot and it’s cold.



movie animated GIF


Hipster Glasses

I’ve tried so many Warby Parker take-home kits and I always come off looking like Urkel or Harry Potter.




Men’s Fashion

Suits are meant to be tailored- nothing more to say here.



Office Fashion When Working In Media - Expectation Vs Reality


Beach Hair

When you spend hours adding sea salt to your hair and all you come off with is looking like is the Molly American Girl doll once you took her braids out, it’s just not meant to be.




Fall Layers

They look so cute and chic. The girls have the right amount of layers, adding the perfect fall colors. But I can barely wear a long sleeve under a blazer, let alone a flannel, chambray shirt, velvet tee and sequin tie. You win again Pinterest.


I love layering for fall, and finish with a leather jacket! They always looks great!