John Bender: The Plaid Wearing Bad Boy

My love of fictional bad boys started when I was playing Dream Phone with my friend Alyssa. I asked her if I could keep the kid’s picture who had the tie-dyed shirt and earring. When my mom found it I told her I liked him and added him to the wall with Danny Zuko and Sean Hunter.

When I was finally old enough I began exploring the 80’s classic genre and fell in love with the Brat Pack. Up until recently I had forgotten my love of those five strangers. So I re-watched and fell in love all over again with the infamous bad boy.


He was dark and mysterious



Plus he had that “Fuck You” attitude that we all love in  our terrible but great first boyfriend

movie animated GIF



But he was sensitive


But had a whit about him…


Plus, my god people, THAT SMIRK!


The man could also dance…


He was a natural born leader,


Who had street smarts


Plus he smoked like all of our favorite bad boys did


He even flirted like a bad boy


And kissed like one too


Sincerely yours,


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