So I Cut My Hair…

So I recently cut my hair into a long pixie. I’m still growing into loving the style but every now and then I get a wind of fierceness and no one can bring me down. That is until I run into someone who hasn’t seen my hair and I get the following reactions:


Why did you do this?

This one usually makes me regret the whole thing and want to hide away until it grows back, or wear a bag over my head.

21 Things All Girls With Short Hair Have Experienced


So… are you a lesbian?

bridesmaids are you fucking kidding me


Is this the new thing now or something?

Haven’t you heard of Mia Farrow? Twiggy? Audrey? Miley?!

21 Things All Girls With Short Hair Have Experienced


Don’t worry, hair grows back!

But I didn’t cut it to see how fast it grows back. Trust me I know it grows back, look at my roots.


I loved you with long hair though.

You know what they say about opinions….

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Did anyone ever think you were a boy?

I’m actually playing Peter Pan in the next showing on Broadway so that’s what I was going for!

21 Things All Girls With Short Hair Have Experienced


Do you like it?

I do and I feel like a fresh fashion start. It’s fun and I finally mustered up enough balls to do it…


Oh my god! I can’t cut my hair it would look terrible on me…….. but it looks so good on you….

I always tell people how I yelled “Stop!” in the middle of getting my hair cut so they know I wasn’t entirely brave


Boys like long hair

And I’m sure they would love if all women walked around naked but we can’t always get what we want


At least you have a pretty face.

…..thanks…. I think….

But remember to all girls out there, short hair, thin hair, long hair, frizzy hair, you need to rock it and love it! You are a badass bitch and nothing can change that! You live only one life so rock the style that YOU want. Don’t like anyone every deter you from thinking you are anything less than beautiful.

Stay fabulous my friends,



5 thoughts on “So I Cut My Hair…

  1. This may be my favorite blog post ever. The gifs are brilliant. You are KILLING that short hair. Killing it. Nothing else matters. Because you own it. Rock on, girlfriend.

    1. I don’t think you understand how much that means to me!! 💛 thank you so much!! But we need to get together soon for dinner!! And thank you again for all the love and support

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