Closet Classics Worth the Splurge

Fashion is disposable, there is really no way around it. If you’re a trend setter, or a trend follower, the chances of that trendy item making its way into the next season are probably slim to none (except crop tops, tip of the cap to you because I didn’t think you would make it this far).

You toss, donate or sell. That being said, there are certainly items in your wardrobe that you probably did spend a mint on, and if you were smart about it, they’re items that never go out of style. So if your super trendy wardrobe seems to be missing a few timeless touches, here are 8 items I think spending some good coin on will pay you back in dividends. Hopefully can add some of these staples to your wardrobe!


Trench Coat

Icon trench coatMID-LENGTH TRENCH

There’s always that funny transitional time between summer and fall, and winter to spring, you need a coat that keeps your warm enough, but is light enough you can layer. The classic trench is a piece that no wardrobe can go without. It is arguably the most versatile coats you can purchase, and it’s definitely something worth spending some good coin on. Choose colors that are timeless like black, tan, or even red.



My leopard print Betsey Johnson watch is only going to make it so fun in my life. It’s cheap and gaudy (but I love it), especially for business meetings and nights out you want a more classic piece. Right now men’s watch styles are in and they have been for awhile, so maybe leave the fake rhinestones at home and try a sold gold or tortoise shell style.



Chloe Scalloped Patent Leather Ankle-Strap FlatsValentino Patent Leather FlatsTod's - Suede Ballerinas

These almost didn’t make the list because I thought that most of my flats never made it the whole season. From tearing to smelling terrible, I usually toss them. But I thought of the pairs that did and why they did. They had a better sole made with a firmer material.


Remember Audrey Hepburn’s iconic black dress from Breakfast at Tiffany’s? That’s the sort of impact you should make with your little black number. You should definitely have more than one, but let one or two of them be timeless. Stay away from anything with mesh or sheer material as a staple, it’s not classic. Don’t cheap out, great fabric costs money and will last through decades of wear.



Rag & bone 3x1 Mid-Rise Skinny Ankle Jeans

You might be rolling your eyes at this one but far too many belt-loops have been lost serving on the front line. From poor coloring or ill fitting, you get what you pay for with denim. You don’t want a saggy knee or that butt gap so trust me when I say that spending more will get you a better fit.


When it comes to shoes, leather pumps are perhaps the most reliable and versatile option. At once sophisticated and sexy, they’re perfectly suited for almost any outfit and occasion. You don’t need a traditional stiletto, have fun with it but keep the color classic. Lime green won’t be in every season so keep those styles for Forever 21 or H&M.


Cross- Body Purse

MARC BY MARC JACOBS Ligero small cross-body bagJason Wu Small Diane Crossbody BagRebecca Minkoff Sydney Mini Crossbody Bag

For all those times when a tote bag is too big and a clutch is too small, the cross-body bag is just right. In an attention-grabbing color, the portable handbag packs a stylish punch. Great for travel or a night out, it allows for both hands to be free so you don’t need to worry about where to put your bag.


Leather Jacket

Image 1 of Y.A.S Nappalon Leather Jacket$prod_main$

You might never need to buy a new leather jacket again. The more you wear it the better. Nothing beats the smell of leather, the buttery feel and the overall look it adds to an outfit. They transition (like the trench) from summer to fall and winter to spring very well. On cool nights I throw my coat in my bag just in case, sadly though, they aren’t meant for the rain.


What are the pieces you spend a little more on? Comment below I’d love to hear more! Until next time my loves.



3 thoughts on “Closet Classics Worth the Splurge

  1. Great post…love trench coats! One staple I always keep is my great grandmother’s pearl necklace…fits close to the neck and adds to any business or casual outfit!

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