Summer Series: Flower Crown

Floral crowns evoke mystical notions of princesses and forest nymphs. They are the very epitome of fairy tale elegance – and so it does strike as a bizarre trend to bring into the fashionable arena of modern culture.

In amongst our adult shaped lives, composed of concrete apartments and credit cards, it is a strange but satisfactory trend to help carve out a fairytale story into our rather serious lives.

Though it is a light and playful trend, the flower crown does come with its fair share of rules to follow. Wheat those rules are I’m not entirely sure because just like the rest of the fashion world, if you rock it you can wear anything. I just know personally, I love little flowers, I’m more of baby’s breath gal. You just need to find what style looks good on you.

Click below and see some fashionistas shine in their floral headpieces.

Bride's loose messy bun bridal hair Toni Kami Wedding Hairstyles ♥ ❷ Wedding hairstyle ideas flower crown  Romantic wedding photographyRock The Dress Shoot - Kelsea K Photography - Brisbane Wedding WeeklyFlower crowns may seem passe, but they will fit perfectly at any Summer Solstice party. Head to your flower store to pick up a ton of Baby's Breath -- this inexpensive flower works well for flower crowns and won't break your budget. DIY here!Festival fashion, floral headbandsFestival fashionfor a festival i love thisBeautiful boho breakfast wedding. Captured By: Kelsea Holder Photography #weddingchicks in bright boho flower crown | SouthBound Bride Credit: Duane SmithHow to Make a Flower Crown | DIY Floral Crown | Craft Idea | Kristine Marie PhotographyBrides: Flower Crowns For Your Wedding  Wedding Hairstyles With Floral Crowns | Wedding Dresses StyleFlower headbands. So dainty <3.pinned back short hair with headband


Click on the pictures below and get shopping and styling!

Ring O' Daisies HeadbandOversized Flower CrownRhinestone &amp; Chiffon Flower Crown Head WrapMetal Flower Headband

Would you wear one? Comment below because I’m obsessed! I want to hear your opinion. Should we leave the floral crown to our flower girls or can we rock them too?



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