Small Card, Big Thank You

Ever since I was little my mom has always emphasized the importance of manners, and a hand written thank you note was on the top of her polite list! Sadly thank you notes (like beepers) are becoming a thing of the past with technology, but in my opinion it shows true appreciation and gratitude.

Sure, you can send an email or even a text, but come on! It’s not the same! Your family, friends and acquaintances will adore your sincerity when they receive one of these gorgeous greetings via good ol’ fashioned snail mail. Who knows? They may even wanna frame it.

Sometimes I’ll admit I really dread having to write them, though it’s the right thing to do! They don’t take long to write and mean a lot to most people. A personalized message shows how much you care for the other person. The letter can be personalized to you too! Get shopping below for some adorable thank you cards that you can send out and remember people don’t have to get you something to send a card. It’s nice to just get a thank you for being a friend!

Click on the picture below to
shop the cards!

Thanks & Thanks AgainMerci Available as a Single Folded Card or Boxed Set of 8Multi-lingual Thank You NoteChalkboard Thank You Cards with Envelopes (10 count)Gold Anchor Monogrammed StationeryMason Jar Thank You Cards - Mason Jar Card- Kraft and Mint Heart Card-Rustic Wedding Thank You Cards by Lemon Drops & Lilacs on etsy.comfloral thank you card set

Remembering how important it is to send thank you notes, try keeping a stash close by! I absolutely adore them and stock up whenever I see a sale. Sending these notes says so much about your class, gratitude, and overall etiquette understanding. You aren’t required to send them by any means, but those that do automatically seem more appreciative than those who don’t. Consider that next time someone gives you a gift or does something nice for you! So comment below, I want to hear, is a text good enough or does a hand written letter say a little more? Can’t wait to hear!




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