Coffee Mugs: My Latest Accessory

So…..I’m a little obsessed with mugs. There is absolutely no reason for me to own as many mugs as I do. Over the years they have become so delicate and elegant with fancy handles and cute patterns…..from polka dots to monograms….and what about the owl mug? It’s just too ridiculous to pass up. It’s so fun to drink your morning brew out of a cute little cup…it makes me feel so fancy….and I do have quite the selection. I’m hoping to reel it in a bit so wish me luck.I

Like all fashionista we want to be stylish in every aspect of our lives, so a typical mug won’t do! I made a list of some of my favorites and I am particularly obsessed with the monogrammed mug and the one with the lipstick. I makes swoon in excitement!

So get clicking and shopping!

Thrive Got the Power Mug by Karma Living - White, Sayings, Good, BlackGift Boutique Reiko Kaneko Lip Tease MugCoffee/Tea Mug: Coffee First, Then Glam {11 oz Ceramic Mug} {Pink, Girly, Cute, Heels, Skirt, Fashion Illustration, Porcelain Mug, Cup}Oui by French Bull Mug Set of 4image descriptionMoon and Lola - Live Happy Quote Saying Statement MugMinnie Mouse Mug - ''Minnie's Bake Shop''Bless This Hot Mess Travel Coffee Mugposy court mug by kate spade new york

Not a coffee person? That’s ok! Bar carts are all the rage right now so make yourself a little coffee station for when guest come over! Decorate it with a cute bowl to hold all your K-Cups and don’t forget to add some adorable mugs!

Home Coffee StationSo are you a coffee person? Do you care what you drink your coffee out of? Comment below! I can’t wait to hear! Until next time my loves!


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