Birchbox: Month 2

June is the month of sunshine, beaches, end of school and porch drinking. Here is a sneak peak at June’s Birchbox ‘Adventure’ – big or small, near or far, adventure is a state of mind—and this month’s picks will help you get there. Overall I liked this month’s box but I liked last months much better (keep in mind it’s only my 2nd) So this is what I found inside:



 Another great product this month! This perfume with adorn my dresser soon. The smell is amazing a great blend of fruity and floral. Keep in mind  I am a huge fan of the floral scents so those who aren’t, proceed with caution. It’s very light and I would totally wear it during the warmer months. It’s light and flirty perfect for a night out on the town but soft enough for the office. Plus! the sample was a roller, not one of those terrible tubes of gross that spills all down your arm (it’s the little things in life).
 This was a bonus to my Birchbox so I picked it and shouldn’t complain but it was alright. I love the idea of being able to remove my make-up and grime at the end of the day without having to go through a bunch of steps. This product did the trick – however – my face felt sticky after using and I ended up having to rinse my face which, technically, added a step. #firstworldproblems
So did you receive a Birchbox? What did you think? Comment below!




4 thoughts on “Birchbox: Month 2

      1. Yeah that would be great! hah I guess its a 50/50 chance but Im glad you’re enjoying them:) I’ll try it soon, hope you’re enjoying your summer!

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