My 3 Month Shopping Ban

I’ve always identified myself as an emotional shopper. I enjoy buying things  and sometimes I shop when I don’t need to. It is my reward system after a hard week or celebration after whatever accomplishment I choose to celebrate. I love the rush of going into Target and seeing what new styles adorn their racks. I noticed my  budget had taken a dip from things around the house, like a fence, and from impromptu trips to the mall. I needed to get back on track.

I noticed I would just buy things to buy them. I would have a few shirts at $20 a shirt that I would wear once and in a few months time I would come to hate it. I buy things for no reason at all. Instead when I end up going to a bigger mall like King of Prussia or Short Hills, I wish I had save that $100 I spent on those shirts I never wore to put it towards something I really wanted. I realized I derailed a bit and I needed to get myself back to buying things that I needed or truly did want.

For three months I’ll be taking on a personal challenge of not shopping. No searching the internet for new dresses, no popping into Zara to look at the handbags and no searching around and filling my cart up with nonsense. I’ve read about other bloggers giving up for an entire year but I couldn’t ever do it, I probably should but I’m finding that my wardrobe has major holes in in. I’m missing staple pieces in my closet that I wish I had more of. Instead  I have three of the same shirt from Gap. I need a detox from shopping, I’m sick of buying just to buy.

So here are the rules I set for myself:

I’m allowed to shop for:

  • groceries
  • puppy food
  • cosmetics (basics, like mascara, if I run out *I won’t*)
  • toiletries (toothpaste, toilet paper, medicine)
  • cleaning products
  • gifts
  • Potentially a pair of running shoes (right now I’m alright but I’m thinking they’ll become a necessity in the near future)

And I’m NOT allowed to shop for:

  • “fun” cosmetics (like the 20 lipsticks I wore once)
  • clothes (including workout gear)
  • shoes (sans the running kicks)
  • accessories- necklaces, rings, headbands
  • household items (candles, decor) girlfriend needs a detox on BBW
  • electronics and appliances

I am excited about this challenge I really hope to learn more about my style and to save money! Have you done a shopping ban before? Did you enjoy it or will it never happen again? Comment below I’d love to hear more!


7 thoughts on “My 3 Month Shopping Ban

  1. I could never do this! I’ve been shopping everyday this week :’) I wish you luck
    Love this look!

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