The Cross Body is My Perfect Purse

I always feel hindered when I’m carrying a heavy purse or when I have no pockets and my phone is in my hand. I’m down an arm and that makes for difficult time. Whether it’s a night out or running around with friends, I always make sure that I carry a bag that is low maintenance.

I don’t want to be dancing and having to worry about where I can safely leave my purse. I also hate when you’re at a work event and your heavy bag is in the way. I constantly am switching my purse between hands while shifting my glass of wine all to make sure that my right hand is available to those who need to shake it.

The struggle is real for this fashionista. So today I write to you all about my favorite accessory, the cross-body. This adorable bag allows for both hands to be accessible just in case Shout comes on or you need to have two drinks in your hand. Below are some of the cutest bags I could find, UNDER $50!

Click on the pictures below and get shopping!

Women's Pushlock Crossbody Handbag - TanWomen's Bow Crossboday HandbagCheer I Come! Bag - Red, Solid, Cutout, Work, Casual, Daytime Party, Boho, GoodCross-body small bag | MANGOTan AEO Leather Fringe Crossbody Purse Over Crossbody Bag

Until next time my loves,


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