Picky Eaters Are the Worst

Let me take you back to 1994 when my neighbors thought it would be a great idea to order pizza! I freakin’ love pizza like I do the 4 other foods I eat. Well no one cleared it by me to order an everything pie so I left. I was 5 and I left their home without telling anyone because I was not having that shit.

The following year my mother enrolls me in kindergarten. Now I’m a daycare kid so I’m used to adjusting to the meals and telling Mrs. Drust my personal orders, like “no green beans but I’ll eat all my chicken nuggets I promise”. Well the lovely catholic school education offers breakfast every morning except Monday’s. You would think this wasn’t an issue but Monday’s were blueberry muffin day. When I would go up to my teacher crying because I didn’t like those kinds of muffins she tells me to eat around the blueberries! Lady you’re kidding right?! So my go to plan was to tell them I was sick and then I didn’t have to go to school on Mondays, people caught on.

So then Natalie comes into my life (and like any new relationship invites me over to play! Her mom is making chicken (that is one of the several foods I eat so no need to worry!). Well she brings out grilled chicken and I burst into tears. I don’t eat burnt food! A. I just insulted this woman B. Who cries over food?! Fast forward 20 years and Nat’s mom still invites me over every time they make burnt chicken.

You’re probably thinking holy shit this girl is weird unless you know a picky eater in that case you know how weird it actually is.


You’re friends know there needs to be something on the menu that you’ll eat and they usually offer options like “don’t worry they have chicken fingers”.


22 Things Picky Eaters Are Tired Of Hearing
New restaurants are terrifying. There is so much you can do with food and you end up taking off all the good ingredients until you basically have a grilled cheese. But honestly you would probably enjoy the meal as is but it’s s too scary.


Sleepovers are a little intimidating. But after your mom debriefed the other moms they all knew to have a hamburger ketchup only ready and waiting and pop tarts without the crust were fine for breakfast.


Well now your an adult and a picky eater. Work dinners are scary because cutting up your food like you’re a world renowned surgeon isn’t a good conversation piece.


Going to a new and small restaurant (meaning their menu isn’t online) is a little scary. Not being able to inspect the menu before sends you into shear panic. You sit there in silence, inside your head deciding if the red sauce is a deal breaker or not. (True life I have texted my mom asking if I would like certain meals).


The comfort of ordering the one dish you know and love because everything else on the menu is repulsive.


Eating with your significant others family for the first time and someone failed to mention to their parents that you are repulsed by carrots and you literally have half a plate of them. Now they’re going to know their son is dating a psych or even worse… rude.


You’re ok as long as there is cheese, carbs and chicken. Pretty much my plate is always the same color. OH and dessert, I eat all things made with sugar.


22 Things Picky Eaters Are Tired Of Hearing

I’m a cheap date because typically a smaller menu means a more expensive restaurant, which again is terrifying. I’m good with the spicy chicken nuggets from Wendy’s and a medium fry.


Ranch and ketchup have been life savers on more than one occasion.


22 Things Picky Eaters Are Tired Of Hearing

“This isn’t how my mom makes it” because you parents have learned what meals they can take onions out of and what dinner’s should NEVER have tomatoes in it.


Constantly hearing you didn’t even try it or you don’t know if you don’t try gets annoying. I know what I like and I am getting “better” with trying different foods but there are some foods that I don’t enjoy eating. My friends and family pretty much know the drill so they have adapted and trust me I appreciate it!



Summer I Am Not Giving Up On You

I know the summer is slowly dwindling down but that does not mean that we need to bring out our over-sized cardigans and riding boots. It seems like every time we near the end of one season we are ready to jump into the next, without really finishing the first. We have a lot more cold than we do warm in Pennsylvania so I am not wishing this last days of summer away. Join with me in savoring what little time we have left because I hate negative temps. Here are my four favorite reasons I will miss this fun loving season.



Summer brings us short, tanks and my favorite, sundresses. I love the feeling of sitting outside as I bask in the sunlight as the sun hits my shoulders. There is nothing better than sun-kissed skin and that summer glow. Plus you don’t need makeup! From fun colors or minimal clothes, summer adds that lightness that we all need. Don’t get too excited to cover yourself up yet because we will be doing that for the next seven months. Enjoy getting in that sweltering hot car & riding with the windows down. Enjoy spending all day in a bikini & flip flops. Enjoy having everyone see your new pedi. Embrace the warmth and dress for it!



Outdoor concerts, amusement parks, or having a glass of wine on the porch, summer allows us to be outside and enjoy life. There is something about summer that brings out the kid in all of us. Spend as much as you can doing outdoor activities because before you know it, that hiking trail will be frozen over. Stay up later than normal hanging out with friends on a work night because I know you’ll all be miserable come mid-January when it’s -5 windchill. Take in all the vitamin D you can get.



The smell of Coppertone always reminds me of the beach and the laissez faire attitude you have while you’re there. And when you come inside after being out by a fire all night makes me fall in love with summer all over again. From the perfume that you wear or the candles that you burn everything is light and fresh. Open your windows and doors, you’ll smell the fresh cut grass and the warmth blowing through your home. Or when it rains and the smell the hot concrete gives off after a summer shower.



There is nothing better then fresh fruit and vegetables from the Farmer’s Market. Not only are you supporting local businesses but the freshness can’t be found in stores. Then there is my favorites food group, dessert! S’mores and ice cream are much more enjoyable in the summer time. Plus nothing screams summer like drinking a frozen cocktail out of a mason jar. And who doesn’t love the no clean up the grill offers. Throw some of those veggies you got at the Farmer’s Market on the grill and voila dinner! I mean cmon corn on the cob? Watermelon? Popsicles?

Anticipation of Autumn is exciting because it brings change. Change coming soon will excite anyone, especially if it’s a change in clothes, events and new Bath and Body Scents. So keep burning that mango candle and wearing your lace shorts because the rate this year is going we better start Christmas shopping. Enjoy what’s left of it and please don’t let me see a countdown until Autumn. I’ll be over here enjoying sweating when I walk outside.



Denim: High-Waisted

It took me this long to get on the high-waisted train, but now it’s full steam ahead. When I try a style, that I personally think is out of my comfort zone, I like to do some research. Sounds terribly corny I know but I really want to see the different takes that people have on that style. I started looking at the curves they gave girls and how it can make anyone’s legs look like they go on for miles!

Fall is coming whether we like it or not so we can’t keep wearing shorts forever, especially here in Pennsylvania. We have to get back into the styling of jeans so here are ways to rock this style! Some of my favorite styles brought to you by Pinterest.

Striped shirts are a classic, and look great tucked into high-waisted jeans… ankle boots add a nice touch.Mom-jeans no more! High-waisted denim can be modern and sexy when paired with a lace top and classic trench.High-Waisted Pants Because of your big bottom, low-rise jeans are definite no-no’s. Prevent your butt cleave from showing up by investing in high-waisted pants. Not only does it accentuate your heavenly curves, it can provide the much-needed support as well. Have problems getting the right fit? Choose a style that fits your hips. Then, have the waist tailored."I'm the king of Brooklyn for all you know Watch out cause here I come." -Shakey GravesCandice SERIOUSLY her figure in those jeans is absolutely perfect!!!! Wish I looked that good in a pair of jeans!!Flannel button downs tucked into the perfect jeanslace crop top + high waisted jeans http://lookshq.comHigh Waist jeans. Button Down shirt http://FashionCognoscente.blogspot.comMonika “Jac” Jagaciak in a pair of high waisted jeans, a moto jacket, white t-shirt, and strappy nude heels


I hope I’ve convinced you of the awesomeness that this style can bring to your closet, now get shopping!

Click on the pictures below and shop for your favorite high waisted style.

Factory Miller wash high-rise skinny jean with 29" inseamPrimary Image of Tall Curvy Super Skinny High Rise JeansRefuge "Hi-Rise Skinny" High-Waisted JeansImage 1 of ASOS Ridley High Waist Skinny Jeans in Drew Dark WashMOTO White Busted Joni JeansMOTO Smokey Grey Ripped Jamie JeansGap


Get shopping and get styling. I can’t wait to see how you style! Comment below and post your pictures!


Fashion For Cause

I had my Toms on the other day and a friend asked me why I loved those ugly shoes so much. At first I had no idea she was talking to me because honestly I don’t wear ugly clothes! I began to explain to her that they were so comfy and versatile. In my rant I forgot to mention the most important part: this company gives back to the world. How can you not fall in love with a brand that wants to make a difference in the lives of others. This is when I began my search for other companies and stores that uphold these same values. Check them out and get shopping! I picked out some of my favorite pieces, and remember no buyers remorse here, just think of all the people you’ll help!



“Let’s get right down to it: No human being should be owned by anyone, anywhere, for any reason- ever. It really is that simple.We are passionate about India- where some of the highest estimates of slavery and sex-trafficking anywhere in the world are reported. And while it may seem overwhelming, we are hopeful because we are seeing how safe, sustainable jobs are making a way for women to make their way out of the trade- and stay out. That’s why we say that Sudara goods are made from hope, and made for comfort.”

Happy Village Tank-BlackWe Will Be Free Tank-WhiteSardha Minihttps://i2.wp.com/cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0768/6165/products/nagavani_wrap_crop_large.jpgManifestation Word Tattoos--Be YouMunny Full








“We are a trade initiative, and we work to create employment opportunities for women struggling to lift themselves out of extreme poverty. With collectives based in Rwanda and the USA, we see firsthand that real change happens with the dignity of work and the freedom of being self-sufficient. Our Rwandan artisans earn 15 to 20 times the average wage in Sub Saharan Africa, and 100% of net proceeds are reinvested to train and employ more artisans in need.”

Xanadu, Hope NecklaceSilver + Gold, Infinity Twist EarringsBracelets, Benefit Collection in 24 K SetBe Curious, Fresh BraceletCanary, Sky NecklaceMaterial Girl, Long Fabric Wrap





“In the Winter of 2008, a young man walked into the Democratic Republic of Congo. Five escaped child-soldiers told him that boys, too small to carry a gun, were being sent to the front lines, armed with only a whistle. Since that day, a coalition of young and old, rich and poor, have fought – side by side – toward a dream most would call impossible. PEACE in CONGO Make their weapon YOUR voice. Be a WHISTLEBLOWER for PEACE.”

Origin original 3-2 webshop tight.png5 boys chrome 3-2 webshop thight.png






“Sevenly exists to bring funding and awareness to the world’s greatest causes. Beautiful Cause Art created specifically for the Cause of the Week donates $7 to the designated charity. Every week, Sevenly’s followers team up to help bring funding and awareness to the world’s greatest causes. We commission the creation of “cause art” that celebrates the work of these charitable partners in the world.”

Life Triblend Racerback TankAdoption Changes Lives Flowy RaglanFreedom Is Not Free Flowy RaglanWish Like Wild Flowy V NeckThrough Storms Flowy Long Sleeve TeeEducation Is Freedom Flowy Racerback Tank

“FEED’s mission is to create good products that help FEED the world. We do this through the sale of FEED bags, accessories, and apparel by building a set donation into the cost of each product. Thus the impact of each product, signified by a stenciled number, is understandable, tangible, and meaningful. We take great pride in using natural fabrics and artisan-made materials, along with fair-labor production, in creating all FEED products”
The Givve Collection
“Every item featured on Givve is already associated with a charity.  Therefore each time you buy something you lovve from Givve, together we enable more money being donated to charity.  The charity and/or cause supported by each product is clearly listed underneath the item so its clear how you can do more through your purchases. My dream is that we inspire shoppers to change from shopping to givving!”
FutureGloryCo_Palms_bucket_frontwho-made-your-clothes-tee-in-emerald-under-the-canopyc22e187d5426036a01e3ff82a2abd510_bestOrange_Ikat_Throw_1024x1024ff92a7e0373299e7ebcb10a7e329f4bb_bestfashionABLE Rita Scarf (Orange)
More designers, especially those who have set their precedent in the fashion world, should give back. From starting personal charities to partnering up with other to help the world, all of these stores are doing good. Comment below and tell me your favorite stores that support charities big or small.

Hungover and Hard Up

Waking up after a night of less than acceptable behavior is never fun, it’s actually probably one of my least favorite things to do, next to root canals (which I only had when my tooth was knocked out with a hockey stick). A shameful hangover sucks when you have work the next day, or worse a family function.

First and foremost your phone is the gatekeeper of memories and bad ideas.One of two situations can happen. Like they teach us in Adulting school, your phone is kept in your purse all night until it is pulled out to call a cab home. The latter (or the norm as I like to call it) your Snapchat story is 435 seconds long the first 200 seconds are pictures of you looking fly and the other half are you exclaiming to the masses how incredible the gyro (that is all over your face) is. People watching get motion sickness due to your lack of film skills and dancing abilities.

Going through your missing memories, this is the time when the unsettling feelings come to you. I have woken up many a times where I feel the need to apologize to people for actions that are unbeknownst to me but the wrongness of last night is eating away at me, rotting my soul from the inside out. On a brighter note you don’t have to remember arguing to the rando about why John Elway is God’s gift to football (a sport you know nothing about).

The thing is though, people have the ability to upload anything they want to the world wide web. Watch what you do because you might become the next internet sensation or worst a Meme.There is always proof in cyberspace! Just because you don’t remember what went down the night before doesn’t mean that you locker buddy from 7th grade didn’t get the comment you made on an album from 2007.

Next, Snapchat is the devils app. It should be deleted when you go out. I somehow synced my photos to come to my phone after I send one but sometimes the embarrassment is too much so all evidence is deleted.

Some nights I come home take out my contacts and wash my face put my clothes away and charge my phone. Other nights I wake up in the bathtub with half a hot pocket still in my mouth. But the ultimate slap in the face is when your friends want to go get breakfast in the morning and all the details (or how you remember them) are hashed out over your bacon, egg and cheese. You choke down each bite every time someone brings up last night because the memories start fighting through the foggy alcohol memories. Then karma comes to brunch and DDT’s you because tequila, that’s why. It’s like flashbacks of terror as you start to remember all the gut-wrenching memories, because yes you did partake in a dance-off.

BUT in order for any of this to happen you need to get out of bed.

When you stand up all of that hate and embarrassment hit you. Or it was the 7 shots you insisted on doing. Then you wonder how that bruise got there or why your quads hurt! And bam there it is another memory flashing through your eyes. In case you were wondering yes you are one someone’s snap story and no it isn’t anyone you know.

So remember drink responsibly.



Disney Style

I noticed that there was a lot of shopping to be done in Disney. I was keeping a lookout for a subtle yet magical tank but I really couldn’t find anything inside the parks that I really loved. Disney sold shirts with adorable raw sketches of Disney princesses and ruined it with “Caution: High Maintenance”. I don’t like that. I will never wear it. I’m a huge Disney fan but I don’t want to look like I’m wearing a little girl’s tee. So I was on a quest to find adorable shirts that weren’t so, stupid. Here are my favorites!

Click on the pictures to buy them!

https://i2.wp.com/ih0.redbubble.net/image.79762648.0796/fig,heather_grey,mens,ffffff.2.jpgWalt Disney World Travel Poster by LunamisClearClearhttps://i2.wp.com/ih1.redbubble.net/image.47803120.7198/figtn,220x294,gold,mens,ffffff.u2.jpgPeter Pan Neverland - Second Star T-ShirtBelle Silhouette T-ShirtDisney Castle home tank top Disney vacation shirtOriginal Princesses w/ Rapunzel T-shirtP. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way Sydney | Athletic T-Shirt | Front

What do you think? What ones are your favorite? Comment below I’d love to hear!



Come Fly With Me: If TSA Lets You On

Flying (to me) is stressful and exhausting. I worry the whole time that my plane is going to drop out of the sky or that I will miss my flight or my luggage will be lost. Has any of this ever happened? NO! But I am also the poster child for being “Type A” so I like to come prepared. These are some of my “go-to” tips while flying.


A Flying Outfit

I don’t need to wear my short-shorts that make my legs look like icing coming out of a tube when I sit down! I put on a pair that I typically love but for sitting on a plane (next to a NASCAR driver I might add) they weren’t my best option. Plus it’s ok to look like hell for your 6am take off. It’s not cute when you look like that at 4pm and you’re going to dinner because check-in isn’t for another hour. So plan your outfit for anything, long flights, delays even comfort. Cosmo isn’t going to be waiting to see your choice in clothes once you step off the plane but wearing something practical helps. Wear shoes that can easily be taken and put back on because you don’t want to be falling all over trying to lace up your Timberland’s.  Lastly remember you don’t need to accessorize, you’ll just have to take it off and that leads to the potential of 1 lost earring.


Practical Carry On Luggage

Back to my love of the cross-body. You need something that will be conducive to Home Aloning it across an airport but hold up when you’re traveling. I had to go to Charlotte for work and I didn’t want to check a bag so I bought a Samsonite from Marshals! It was an incredible deal. Get one that  you can lift. You want to make sure it isn’t to difficult to move because you’ll have to move quickly and fit it into tight spaces. I also was lugging a huge purse with me and I did the same my last flight, it was pretty terrible. It’s time for me to look into getting a backpack, hands-free makes a girl happy.



Get the flight app! If there is one thing you learn from this article is to download the airline app. It allows for up to date changes, gate number and gives you digital access to your boarding pass. All of your information can be kept in one place, the app is the best! Also make sure you have all of your tech stuff in order. First off if you check a bag make sure your charger is with you. A better option is putting your phone in a chargeable case. I had my card holder case on while boarding because my ID was kept in a safe place. I threw my chargeable case in my purse just in case I needed a boost. Make sure you keep your headphones in a safe place too, I hated the trip I lost mine in the airport.



Book, iPod, Walkman, Yak Bak, it doesn’t matter but if your like me you need to be entertained. Have a movie ready, that doesn’t require wi-fi because not all planes are equipped to handle Netflix. Pull your favorite shows off of Amazon and rent them right before you leave for your flight. That way the show doesn’t require any internet to run. I get bad motion sickness so I pretty much stick to music but the best entertainment of all is meeting someone new. Making small talk with a stranger. I know my dad is reading this thinking “this is why I worry about you Ellen” but I’m serious people are surprising and entertaining!


A Good Attitude

Everyone is going somewhere and most of those people are in a hurry. The mother who has a screaming baby does not find it helpful if you sigh incessantly and I can assure you the woman working at the kiosk doesn’t need you screaming at her because your suitcase is too heavy. Just roll with it. Shit happens and you can always fix any issues. Except if you miss your flight, hopefully they have another!



What you can and can’t take on the plane is important. Not only does it quicken the process when people don’t screw up but it saves you a pat down as well. You’d be surprised but the amount of people who try to bring full sized bottles of shampoo and conditioner. Don’t believe me? Ask the girl who had to throw away her toiletries because it didn’t fit in the gallon bag. That new MAC foundation won’t be used on her trip. Read up on the “rules”, know that you can take two bags and not have to check anything. Know that you can pack snacks but not drinks. Know how to pack to get the most amount of space. Be prepared.


I hope these quick facts helped. Flying isn’t a fun experience for me and this had what I found to help. Let me know what your tips and tricks are for flying! Comment below I’d love to hear more!


Birchbox: Month 3

My favorite time of the month has come around again – my Birchbox allows for a little surprise every month, plus who doesn’t love packages? Birchbox’s theme for the July box is “Go Bold”. Birchbox says, “Summer is the season for wearing brights and taking risks—so dial up your beauty routine with this month’s picks.” So check out some of my favorite and not so favorite from this month.


stila look at me liquid lipstick trio
Besco (Classic Red)

IMG_2433First off once this lipstick is set, it is on for the long haul! Once it dries it gives a really pretty matte look. But I am pretty sure that I could work a kissing booth all day and still have a perfect pucker. My skin is usually dry so long lasting typically does not mix well. I find that lipsticks (especially red) always bleed. This did NOT. The lipstick does pack a colorful punch though, so caution is advised when applying. You have to work quick and carefully, but overall I enjoyed the product.


Jouer Daily Repair Treatment Oil

IMG_2438-001I was really hesitant to try another oil treatment on my problem combination skin. I suffer from adult acne and have been on a strict dermatologist regime for almost 2 years. About a week ago, I gave this a shot after reading rave reviews online and have been delighted by how moisturizing and luxurious it is. I did not breakout and it helped with severally dry areas on my face and neck. I have not noticed my skin as tighter or having a slight glow (that other reviews had(, but that’s fine by me if I can get moisturized skin!


Atelier Cologne Pomélo: Paradis Cologne Absolue

IMG_2444-001First of all the packaging was adorable! The problem? Birchbox shoved the adorable postcard and pretty bag into a little holder bending and tearing the package. I know that has nothing to do with the product but Birchbox c’mon! ANYWAY! I have my favorite fragrances and perfumes. I have my go-to scents that I really love but try to switch up my scent depending on the season and my mood. This fragrance is different and would not be one I would pick out in stores. I didn’t hate it but I won’t buy it, it’s light, airy, it’s not overpowering. So much so that it wears off pretty quickly. Overall lovely scent, if you like citrus, but not meant to last all night.


theBalm® cosmetics Balm Desert® Bronzer/Blush

IMG_2429I was looking forward to trying this. I did LOVE the color of the product.
It did go on nice, and stayed on, unlike some bronzers I have tried.It works really well on my pale (pasty) skin. I have have a lot of pink tones in my face and this complements them nicely. The packaging is darling but the size was too small! How do I get a brush in here? It’s quite difficult when it’s about a half inch in diameter. Lastly I love that there are no sparkles in this, it’s a pretty matte color.




August Lust List

August is a month of hot weather and end of summer fun! But it always makes me fall in love with ocean breezes, sun kissed skin, little dresses, and the cool summer nights.

Though summer is nearing the end, winter is still far enough away. I love the easiness that comes along with August. Summer is perfect for late nights with friends even if we have work in the morning or just having a drink on the porch. So here is my lust list for August and my ode to the end of summer. Even though I’m on a shopping ban i use this to really focus on the items I really want once this ban is over! So, check out what I’m lusting over this month:



“1Face supports nine causes; cancer, hunger, breast cancer, clean water, disaster relief, environment, AIDS, education, and animal rights, and have partnered with different charities to bring global change. Each cause has a specific metric that tells you exactly what you purchase does. From building wells to providing a year of education, 1Face is committed to bringing about change, worldwide”. Such an incredible company that is not only helping other but showing to the world that one person can make a huge impact in the lives of others. I am so happy that my friend wore one of their awesome pieces out with us. The left is water and the right is animals.



I first heard of Lush a few years back when I was talking to a friend about her amazing sun-kissed skin… in December. She began to tell me all about this incredible store that had all handmade cosmetics. This is when Lush entered my life.

She made it sound amazing and I couldn’t wait to check it out. I went to Lush  and fell in love the second I arrived. I love to touch and feel products, so I was at home the moment I walked through the door. I always get the same bath bombs though, never really branching out, plus it doesn’t help that I live 2 hours from the closest store.

H'Suan Wen HuaOcean SaltLight Pink

Strappy Bra

Can you see my bra? Good, that’s the point. The weather is warm and tops are small. Bra strap slips happen so let’s take this old fashion faux paux and make it into something beautiful! These bras are meant to be seen and not hidden away. I’m lovin on this look right now. It  takes an plain tank and makes it stylish! 

Strappy Back Bra

The Cocktail Collection from DavidsTea

One of my favorite summer activities is sitting outside with a nice cold drink in my hand! This drink is as easy as brew then chill! Once cold enough add a splash of your favorite alcohol! There are three amazing flavors. These limited edition, cocktail-inspired teas come in Raspberry Mojito, Ruby Red and last but not least Sangria.

big product image

So what do you lust after? Comment below! I’d love to hear about products and fashion you can’t seem to get enough of!