Come Fly With Me: If TSA Lets You On

Flying (to me) is stressful and exhausting. I worry the whole time that my plane is going to drop out of the sky or that I will miss my flight or my luggage will be lost. Has any of this ever happened? NO! But I am also the poster child for being “Type A” so I like to come prepared. These are some of my “go-to” tips while flying.


A Flying Outfit

I don’t need to wear my short-shorts that make my legs look like icing coming out of a tube when I sit down! I put on a pair that I typically love but for sitting on a plane (next to a NASCAR driver I might add) they weren’t my best option. Plus it’s ok to look like hell for your 6am take off. It’s not cute when you look like that at 4pm and you’re going to dinner because check-in isn’t for another hour. So plan your outfit for anything, long flights, delays even comfort. Cosmo isn’t going to be waiting to see your choice in clothes once you step off the plane but wearing something practical helps. Wear shoes that can easily be taken and put back on because you don’t want to be falling all over trying to lace up your Timberland’s.  Lastly remember you don’t need to accessorize, you’ll just have to take it off and that leads to the potential of 1 lost earring.


Practical Carry On Luggage

Back to my love of the cross-body. You need something that will be conducive to Home Aloning it across an airport but hold up when you’re traveling. I had to go to Charlotte for work and I didn’t want to check a bag so I bought a Samsonite from Marshals! It was an incredible deal. Get one that  you can lift. You want to make sure it isn’t to difficult to move because you’ll have to move quickly and fit it into tight spaces. I also was lugging a huge purse with me and I did the same my last flight, it was pretty terrible. It’s time for me to look into getting a backpack, hands-free makes a girl happy.



Get the flight app! If there is one thing you learn from this article is to download the airline app. It allows for up to date changes, gate number and gives you digital access to your boarding pass. All of your information can be kept in one place, the app is the best! Also make sure you have all of your tech stuff in order. First off if you check a bag make sure your charger is with you. A better option is putting your phone in a chargeable case. I had my card holder case on while boarding because my ID was kept in a safe place. I threw my chargeable case in my purse just in case I needed a boost. Make sure you keep your headphones in a safe place too, I hated the trip I lost mine in the airport.



Book, iPod, Walkman, Yak Bak, it doesn’t matter but if your like me you need to be entertained. Have a movie ready, that doesn’t require wi-fi because not all planes are equipped to handle Netflix. Pull your favorite shows off of Amazon and rent them right before you leave for your flight. That way the show doesn’t require any internet to run. I get bad motion sickness so I pretty much stick to music but the best entertainment of all is meeting someone new. Making small talk with a stranger. I know my dad is reading this thinking “this is why I worry about you Ellen” but I’m serious people are surprising and entertaining!


A Good Attitude

Everyone is going somewhere and most of those people are in a hurry. The mother who has a screaming baby does not find it helpful if you sigh incessantly and I can assure you the woman working at the kiosk doesn’t need you screaming at her because your suitcase is too heavy. Just roll with it. Shit happens and you can always fix any issues. Except if you miss your flight, hopefully they have another!



What you can and can’t take on the plane is important. Not only does it quicken the process when people don’t screw up but it saves you a pat down as well. You’d be surprised but the amount of people who try to bring full sized bottles of shampoo and conditioner. Don’t believe me? Ask the girl who had to throw away her toiletries because it didn’t fit in the gallon bag. That new MAC foundation won’t be used on her trip. Read up on the “rules”, know that you can take two bags and not have to check anything. Know that you can pack snacks but not drinks. Know how to pack to get the most amount of space. Be prepared.


I hope these quick facts helped. Flying isn’t a fun experience for me and this had what I found to help. Let me know what your tips and tricks are for flying! Comment below I’d love to hear more!



6 thoughts on “Come Fly With Me: If TSA Lets You On

  1. Love this! I do most everything you hit upon…things I learned when traveling a lot for work. I especially enjoy the “good attitude” advice. People can be so grumpy when they travel.

  2. Love this! You hit some real truths in here. I especially enjoy the part about having a good attitude…people can be mean when they’re traveling. I’m actually working on a line of handbags designed specifically for the on-the-go, hard working woman. They will fill the need for more functional bags, but will have the same appeal as our beloved designer bags.

      1. Well I’m working on designs right now, so I don’t have a site yet for the line. But I’m trying to build and connect with my target audience through my blog at, Twitter @WorkinGurlCo and Facebook.

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