Summer I Am Not Giving Up On You

I know the summer is slowly dwindling down but that does not mean that we need to bring out our over-sized cardigans and riding boots. It seems like every time we near the end of one season we are ready to jump into the next, without really finishing the first. We have a lot more cold than we do warm in Pennsylvania so I am not wishing this last days of summer away. Join with me in savoring what little time we have left because I hate negative temps. Here are my four favorite reasons I will miss this fun loving season.



Summer brings us short, tanks and my favorite, sundresses. I love the feeling of sitting outside as I bask in the sunlight as the sun hits my shoulders. There is nothing better than sun-kissed skin and that summer glow. Plus you don’t need makeup! From fun colors or minimal clothes, summer adds that lightness that we all need. Don’t get too excited to cover yourself up yet because we will be doing that for the next seven months. Enjoy getting in that sweltering hot car & riding with the windows down. Enjoy spending all day in a bikini & flip flops. Enjoy having everyone see your new pedi. Embrace the warmth and dress for it!



Outdoor concerts, amusement parks, or having a glass of wine on the porch, summer allows us to be outside and enjoy life. There is something about summer that brings out the kid in all of us. Spend as much as you can doing outdoor activities because before you know it, that hiking trail will be frozen over. Stay up later than normal hanging out with friends on a work night because I know you’ll all be miserable come mid-January when it’s -5 windchill. Take in all the vitamin D you can get.



The smell of Coppertone always reminds me of the beach and the laissez faire attitude you have while you’re there. And when you come inside after being out by a fire all night makes me fall in love with summer all over again. From the perfume that you wear or the candles that you burn everything is light and fresh. Open your windows and doors, you’ll smell the fresh cut grass and the warmth blowing through your home. Or when it rains and the smell the hot concrete gives off after a summer shower.



There is nothing better then fresh fruit and vegetables from the Farmer’s Market. Not only are you supporting local businesses but the freshness can’t be found in stores. Then there is my favorites food group, dessert! S’mores and ice cream are much more enjoyable in the summer time. Plus nothing screams summer like drinking a frozen cocktail out of a mason jar. And who doesn’t love the no clean up the grill offers. Throw some of those veggies you got at the Farmer’s Market on the grill and voila dinner! I mean cmon corn on the cob? Watermelon? Popsicles?

Anticipation of Autumn is exciting because it brings change. Change coming soon will excite anyone, especially if it’s a change in clothes, events and new Bath and Body Scents. So keep burning that mango candle and wearing your lace shorts because the rate this year is going we better start Christmas shopping. Enjoy what’s left of it and please don’t let me see a countdown until Autumn. I’ll be over here enjoying sweating when I walk outside.




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