Confessions of a Fashion Blogger and Why I Might Fail

Hi I’m Ellen and my life is not as put together as Instagram makes it seem, a filter goes a long way. I want to take you behind the scenes and give you a closer look into my life as a lifestyle/fashion blogger.  Sure, I love taking beautiful photos and sometimes those beautiful photos may give the illusion that my life is organized and put together, but the truth is – it’s all a lie. There are days where I snooze one too many times and washing my hair is just out of the question that day. Then there are other days that my skin can’t handle makeup and my entire office tells me to go home if I’m sick.


I take a lot of selfies and mirror shots

I do this because I really don’t have the time to photograph myself in a pretty park or at the farmers market. My “blog worthy outfits” are taken on my iPhone and I hope I have awesome natural light. I work a full time job and my weekends are usually chalk full of other things. I really hate being a model and I’d rather just give people an affordable option for clothes. So you will never see high quality images on my Instagram because my significant other isn’t a photographer. The typical conversation goes “Hey babe can you take my picture?” “Make sure you get my whole outfit!” “Just hold the button down and I’ll figure it out!!”. “Is it on square?!”


I am in cute and put together outfits 50% of the time

Very rarely do my outfits and makeup both look flawless. There are some days, like most of you know, that your main priority isn’t your eyeliner. After work every day I either go to the gym or to coach, so all of my Instagram pictures are taken in the AM. My dad calls my eyes “sleepy eyes” because I still haven’t been awake all that long. Some days I feel fierce and fashionable and then others I walk out of the house wondering if I’ll be sent home for the t-shirt I’m trying to pull off with a pencil skirt. Since I don’t have hair anymore a top knot isn’t an option, the hard part is that uncomfortable feeling you have when your hair really shouldn’t have made it that 4th day of not being washed.


I’m on a budget I re-wear a lot of the same clothes

I’m not hating on people that are able to buy new clothes and wear lots of different outfits, I am fiercely jealous. I’ve chosen to try to use what I have and see how I can create different looks out of what’s hanging out in my closet. So if you stop by one day and think “that outfit looks familiar”, it’s probably because I have worn it 3 weeks ago or last Friday. Hopefully I’m not disappointing you too much but I really want to blog and give options for the common gal. Red bottoms don’t adorn my feet and Chanel doesn’t hold my lipstick, I shop on a budget but love high fashion, so I want to show others how they can do it too!


I can’t meticulously arrange shit on a table

Successful bloggers have an art for arranging a whole bunch of crap from their homes and purses around their latte. A girl gets a new purse she needs to showcase it in a particular way. It’s a talent, one I don’t possess. I will try this more because I love how they come out and right now they seem to be the photo rage. This is what I waste my time worrying about.


Picture taking in public

Take pictures in the middle of the city, like a crosswalk.  No one will think it’s weird when you stop for photos all by yourself and pose with your dainty little hand stroking your hair oh so gently. Most importantly never look directly at the camera. It doesn’t matter where you look, if you want to look up at the sky like a possessed demon- go for it, girl! Find a colorful wall or an interesting tile floor, 30 likes right there! It’s awkward as I stand next to a hydrangea bush cupping them in my hand. Who does that?! Want a good laugh? Look in my archives and some of my finest modeling work.


It’s hard to keep up with everything but I love every minute of it. I want my blog to show people that life and clothes aren’t perfect and mistakes happen. Fashion and style don’t need to be associated withmoney. We just need to know we like and have the confidence to wear it. Try new things and branch out, that’s how we get our best outfit ideas!

The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.



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