||Fall Vests||

Puffer vests have taken Pinterest by storm. All you see are girls with perfectly curled hair draping over their flawlessly layered outfit. A lot of people still have yet to delve into this fad. Most don’t like the look that a puffy vest gives because it seams to fit a certain style. That is not the only vest you can wear this season.There are military, boho even moto styled vests. I challenge you this season to try a vest, any type. I posted some of my favorite styles below. Get styling!



want a very casual, "outdoorsy", neutral (I like olive or black) not to puffy vest for winter - like this one.plaid + fur...maybe with leather leggings too...: She tells you where she gets all of her clothes and its actually at places you can afford!: Really loving the old navy vest and beanie hat...now I'm suddenly ok with cold weather: I love comfy casual, the top would be great to play up for work and play down for the weekends: Cheetah and stripes are a fun combo and an easy way to mix prints. Layer over a quilted vest for an added layer of texture.: fall/winter. boots and vest are adorable: If one outfit could define my fall style... this would be it! #flannel #vest #boots: we love vest's!!!:

Buy Your Own

Factory printed quilted puffer vestFactory sherpa-lined utility vestBB Dakota Duncan Brown Striped Vest at Lulus.com!Old NavyOld NavyOld Navyhttps://i2.wp.com/oldnavy.gap.com/webcontent/0010/116/003/cn10116003.jpgHouse Show Headliner Vest - Short, Woven, Grey, Black, Solid, Buttons, Pockets, Casual, FallWomen's Faux Suede Vest - Xhilaration™

Enjoy the cooler days ahead because the fall brings us some amazing adventures. Remember we have to look good doing it though!



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