Birchbox: Month 4

We’re soaking up every last bit of sun, sand, and sea with the help of the samples this month. Too much sun? This month is designed to help from your hair to to your toes, giving you the boost (and moisture) to head into the season of closed toed shoes and scarves.

LAQA & Co. Charm School Kit


This is a two for one product, used on both your cheeks and lips. It comes in three colors Cray-Cray (coral peach), Mixtape (ruby rouge), and Humble Brag (blush pink). I received humble brag and I love it on my cheeks. I have a fair complexion and light eyes and platinum hair, it was the perfect color. It goes on so smooth and easily blended. As a lip color, not a fan. It’s extremely matte and gives fully coverage. Not as smooth as I had hoped and a terrible color for me (personally). I am strictly a natural or red lip gal. The purples and pinks aren’t for me. Thumbs up for cheeks, two thumbs down for lips.


RUSK® Volumizing Mousse


Mousse is a scary product, too much and you might as well rewash your hair, not enough, it doesn’t do anything. This product was amazing. From the smell to the texture it was everything I had hoped for. My hair is color treated and thin so I worry when I put product in my hair but this did exactly what I wanted it to. If gave my hair a little lift and added some texture to my freshly washed hair (which I personally love). I only have to use just a bit because higher end products are more concentrated so a little goes a long way. There was not crunch or stick because girlfriend does not need a sticky pixie, GROSS!


dr. brandt® pores no more® cleanser


The smell of this product was amazing, it was earthy and fresh. It’s very foaming so you only need a pea sized amount to obtain that clean feel. It’s in my cart just waiting for my shopping ban to be lifted and this will be my new face wash. My skin is acne prone and oily in my T-Zone but this made it feel fresh all day, even adding makeup on top of it. As for the “pores no more” I didn’t notice a difference, many people did but I don’t think it helped. That isn’t a deterrent though because my skin had never felt better after using it.


Air Repair Complexion
Boosting Moisturizer


My skin is a mess, like a 13 year old boy, mess. One of the many problems is that certain parts of my skin get very dry and this month it was under my eyes. The skin is thin there so having it dry is terrible. This product hadn’t come at a better time. It didn’t break me out and my skin looked healthier. I have been using this product for a few days now and I can already notice a positive difference. Plus for added moisturizer you can apply it heavily and leave it on for 15 minutes, use it as a moisturizing mask. Great product but have found others that do the exact same thing at a drug store price.


Oribe Shampoo and Conditioner
for Beautiful Color


First off I’m going to say I really hate the Shampoo and Conditioner combos, they remind me of when magazines would have good samples in them. You can’t get enough usage to tell if spending THAT much money on hair products is worth it. Granted I’m will to spend, I own a bottle of hair spray that cost me $30. It does exactly what I need it to those of you who are judgy. So anyway, I loved the smell, texture and feel from the shampoo and conditioner, but did it do what I needed? I don’t know! I only used it twice! That is not enough. So yes I liked it but it won’t be in my shower anytime soon.


Oribe Masque for Beautiful Color


Now this product I liked, probably because I got to use it more than twice. The smell was great and made my hair feel smooth. Never left it feeling greasy a few hours later like other masques have. A little goes a very long way so you just need a pea sized amount. It really penetrates all of my hair and doesn’t just lay on the top. It made my typically dry hair very silky and definitely tamed my flyaways.


Two more months of Birchbox and my time is over. Still deciding though if i would like to renew. I love the concept of getting a package with stuff stuff inside. If it’s in the budget I will be renewing because being introduced to new products is really awesome.



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