No, I Wanted the Good Candy.

Every year growing up, it’s the same thing: you dutifully put on your homemade Power Ranger costume, and set out into the neighborhood, knocking on doors with dreams of full-size Butterfingers and Snickers and Twizzlers dancing in your head, only to watch those nougat-based hopes crushed by an old lady handing out boxes of raisins. So, in an effort to put a stop to those kind of kid-saddening monkey business, I’m offering up my list of the worst shit to receive on Halloween. Be sure to print it out and hand it to your neighbors.

Homemade candy

First off my mom is NOT going let me eat your homemade, potentially razor-blade filled candy you concocted in your kitchen. It fills up your bag, but draws zero excitement, holds zero trading value, and generally just get thrown away immediately.



They’re the worst thing to have in your car, on your desk, and even in your pocket.  This is because all you’re really getting is a handful of worthless copper shit that will eventually break your mom’s dryer. Plus now my candy is going to taste funny from the dirty money you threw in my bucket, that also now clankets about when I run. Quarters would have been better cheap ass.


Raisins and Whoppers

Both are the equivalent of a box of Lucky Charms without the marshmallows, it’s a waste.You know they’re always going to be there, but you’re going to do your best to eat around it to get the instant gratification of the better, sweeter, actual candy. Eventually, circa Thanksgiving, your mom finally just makes you throw it away. They have all the sugar of candy but they are far from the delicious sugary treats we all yearn for. I have a theory they don’t make new Whoppers they just keep reusing the same batch that was made 1940. I remember one Halloween, my family had a Whopper fight, which basically was everyone pelting each other with those malted devil snacks.



Twenty years ago we were at the point where kids were taught not to ever eat anything they received on Halloween that was unwrapped. The world is even worse now, so I really can’t imagine that today’s parents are going to let you eat that apple from your plastic orange pumpkin.Unless apples are being bobbed for or dipped in caramel, there is now place for fruit on October 31st!



First off we got the same flyer in the mail so we already have these coupons. Doing this will get you a pure “oh really?!” look of pure disappointment! This is the same thing as trying to give me an information packet about your company in my jolly pumpkin basket, don’t do it. It sucks and makes me hate you.


Anything That Will Pull My Teeth Out

That includes Dots, any taffy that isn’t Laffy Taffy,  Jaw Breakers/Fireballs and anything that is from three Halloweens ago. I’m just looking to have a good time here let’s not get crazy because I have a long night ahead of my Elsa costume requires teeth. Try those shenanigans with the kid who’s just wearing a mask.


Loose Candy

So wait, let me get this straight: you want me to grab a handful of jelly beans out of a bowl that everyone else has been sticking their gross hands in as well? Also, are these even Jelly Bellies? I best be getting at least one toasted marshmallow or I’m going to be PISSED, but I won’t know because my mom just said “throw that away the minute we get home!”


Birchbox: Month 5

Last month was Birchbox’s 5th anniversary and they had a box design done by subscribers. While it’s not my favorite box or design, it sent a much needed message of “you’re beautiful”. The products I got this month have me split though. Along with my samples, I did receive a discount code that I’ll most likely use combined with some of my points. Let’s get into the products!


Benefit Gimme Brow
Volumizing Fiber Gel



Right now I am in the process of growing out my brows to give them a fuller look. Which as most of you know who have do it, it’s not the most flattering process. I always get my brows waxed at the Benefit Brow Bar at Ulta and they always fill me in with Benefit brow gel. I went to apply it myself to fill in my (right now crazy) brows and it just made them look even worse. It really accentuated them in a negative way, making my expression look cartoonish. This is totally a product I want to love but right now isn’t the time. The color was great against my platinum blonde hair and the product itself for being a gel was very light.


amika Bombshell Blowout Spray


I don’t usually use a lot of blow out sprays because with my fine hair, the texture doesn’t really help. Too much product in my hair does more harm then good. I try to not wash my hair every day and sprays tend to bring out more oil. However, this stuff, quite the opposite. It’s gentle but gives me just the right amount of volume and the scent is to die for, when my hair is dry. I use this right before blow drying and really like the effect it has on my hair.I haven’t noticed whether or not its claims for strengthening/repairing work, but it does provide some nice shine in addition to the volumizing effect.


Harvey Prince Hello


I liked this perfume, and it’s something I never buy for myself because I’m usually very indecisive when trying to pick one out. I like that this one is very fresh and has a natural smell to it which isn’t too sweet. I find the scent to be very light and floral with a hint of musk in it. Its like a late sunset smell. It’s not overwhelming, which is good for me personally because I do not like an overbearing scent for myself or the people around me. I get a lot of compliments when I wear it. Finding perfumes are hard but this is light enough that it really can transition between seasons.


POP Beauty POP Portfolio
Eyeshadow Palette


These colors really do POP! So the name is perfect! The colors are great and they stay on all day with no primer underneath. Speaking of no primer, it is hard to find bright colors that show the pigment well unless you prime your eye lids first, but this palette requires no priming to get bright eyes! The only thing is I’m not good with colors or knowing how to apply to purple pallet I received without looking like a Muppet or Mimi from the Drew Carey show. So POP help a girl out here and give everyone a booklet of “How To’s” so we can all better utilize your product!


I didn’t realize this would have such a strong coffee scent to it. I understand that it says Coffee Bean in the title but I figured since it was going around the eyes it wouldn’t be so potent. I’ve been using this for a week now day/night. The scent doesn’t bother my eyes and it doesn’t linger once applied. I think does seem to make a difference on my puffy under eyes. Would I repurchase? I don’t think so, I’m looking for that Holy Grail eye cream that has little to no scent, dries quickly and solves my dark circle/bags problem and this just isn’t it, sadly on the product and my finding the perfect under-eye cream.


Last month has arrived! Can’t wait to show you what’s inside! Until next time my loves!


Breton Stripes

Honestly, black and white stripes tops have been in style for so many seasons now that I’m not sure they can even be called a trend anymore. If anything,  they’ve become as much closet staples as blue jeans and little black dresses. They’re versatile, can be worn with most anything, and can easily be dressed up or down. They can be quite chic despite their casual reputation. I recently did a closet overhaul and realized that with the amount I wear my one black and white striped top (a short-sleeved, tunic style tee), it’s starting to get a little shabby, and it may be in my best interest to grab another one. So I did a little window shopping and found several that I love, as seen above. Now I just need to make a decision on which one to buy.

Banana RepublicSimplicity on a Saturday Tunic in White Stripes - Jersey, Knit, White, Stripes, Casual, Short Sleeves, Summer, Variation, Basic, White, Short Sleeve, Black, Scoop, Best Seller, Spring, Long, Top Rated,0,1950,2250&scl=4.55607476635514&id=YAecY1Image 1 of ASOS Ultimate Boyfriend Sweat In Stripe Ringer Tee in Wide StripeFactory striped waffle henley


||    ModCloth    ||    H&M    ||    L.L. Bean   ||
||    ASOS    ||    Topshop    ||    Madewell    ||
||    J. Crew Factory    ||    J. Crew    ||    Banana Republic    ||
||    Gap    ||    Anthropologie    ||    Zappos    ||



Duck Boots

Like many things from the ’90s, duck boots are HOT HOT HOT once again, and have been for a few years. The rise in social media use for fashion tips has only propelled the desire for these boots, which have never been completely off the radar; they’re just having a true moment right now. They are so hot that last year, they were pretty much sold out everywhere by October. Surely the manufacturers have more inventory this year. I have no idea, but it’s a good bet that these will sell out again in 2015. So if you were one of the disappointed masses who couldn’t take a photo of her duck boots on a rainy or snowy day for Instagram (I admit to seeing each posting with a pang of nostalgic jealousy), consider buying some now.

These boots have a soft, padded inside that keeps your feet warm, dry, and comfy through any condition. The front of the boot has a rubber “duck-like” appearance combined with a leather, lace-up top half, designed by L.L. Bean himself, as the “original antidote to wet feet”. They’re rugged, durable and extremely stylish. They provide a great alternative to Uggs.

How do I style?

cozy winter style... I am liking these boots for snowy winter days!: LOVE it #UGG #fashion This is my dream ugg boots-fashion ugg boots! gingham shirt + monogrammed sweatshirt + dark skinny jeans + Bean boots: Colorblock sweater with plaid collar shirt and jeggings and LL Bean Duck boots: #LLBean Boot style via blogger Gimme Glamour - Southern, Classic and Stylish #Bean Boots: cute outfit with snowboots: Classy Girls Wear Pearls: Winter Blast: Perfect for fall!: A master class in how to make duck boots look stylish. A perfect snowy-day look for gals at a loss when it cone to looking cute in inclement weather.:

See something you like?
Click on the pictures and shop!

Saltwater Quilted Duck Boot, Red, dynamic,rgb&qlt=80,1&op_sharpen=0&resMode=sharp2&op_usm=0.5,1,3,0&icc=sRGB%20IEC61966-2.1,relative&iccEmbed=1&rgn=0,0,2000,3000&scl=4.47427293064877Old Navy,0,1950,2250&scl=4.55607476635514&id=ehZbQ2Women's Mad Love® Wanda Shearling Style Boots

Comment below! I want to hear your thoughts on these boot.


You’re Doing Better Than You Think

I have tirelessly searched the internet for someone to tell me where I should be at this point in my life. How much should I have in my savings? What the fuck is a 401k? Am I doing ok? Do I need a life coach or rehab? It’s hard to tell and easy to compare. There are people that seem better off but you don’t know their whole story. So my advice worry about you and no one else. Make sure you are living you’re life as the best person you can possibly be.

You paid your bills this month. Better yet you had some month left over for things that aren’t essential for survival, like that Mac lip gloss and Nike running shorts. You were also able to go out to a real dinner have have one to many beers with your friends.

You have a job. It doesn’t matter the hours, or the rate. You are earning an income that allows you to grow and learn and provide for your household. Even if that means helping out with the groceries every so often.

You can afford the small conveniences. A full tank of gas or an iced Dunkin coffee or even lunch that doesn’t include peanut butter. You can allow for these small details in your life.

You have time for you. Which can be anything from a hobby like photography or running to ordering pizza and watching an entire series on Netflix.

You can fix your boo boos. You know when you are getting sick and when you haven’t had enough sleep. You have the ability to make yourself feel better either from heartbreak or sickness or a combo of the two.

You’ve changed.You grow and adapt every day as a human. You learn new things by the hour. Dear god I hope no one is the same person they were a year ago, hell, even a month ago.  Celebrate these changes and the knowledge you gained.

You don’t have to worry about your next meal. You have food in your kitchen, even if it’s Hot Pockets and Rahman noodles you have options. You have groceries that cover your nutritional components and your favorite snacks.

You have one/two actual friends. People worry about the quantity but eventually realize the number of people you can claim to be your friends has no bearing on your life. At the end of the day, all we really want are a few close people who know and love us no matter what.

You have a space of your own. This isn’t always a home or an apartment but that’s great if it is.. All you need is an area, desk or hideaway, where life is at your discretion. You can get lost in your weird little world.

You live beyond the bare minimum. You’ve been to a concerts and movies, you buy books for yourself, you could take a weekend trip if you wanted. You don’t have to work all hours of the day to survive.

You have a variety of clothing. There is no worrying that you will be cold once winter hits and you even have a few bathing suits to choose from once the weather warms up. Dresses for a night out and several types of shoes, especially some for when you’re feeling sassy.

You’ve been through some shit. And hey look you’ve come out alright. And you’ll go through more shit and guess what? You’ll be alright then too.


Let’s Talk About Miscarriage and Infertility.

Far too many couples go through what a friend of mine and now local blogger is living through. Hear her story and how she is trying to raise awareness about the loss of a pregnancy. “When you suffer one or more miscarriages you not only mourn that loss, but you also mourn the loss of ever enjoying pregnancy as so many women do. You will Never fully enjoy it. ” Read her story and help spread awareness. I told Jill, that if her message reaches just one person she did her job and more.

So Many Stories

My response to that recent viral Facebook post, the one pleading for people to stop asking when women are going to have children…

I say ask, ask everyone and ask often, and then ask more questions. If you don’t want children, say it. If there’s infertility, say it. If there’s miscarriage, say it. There needs to be more discussion about infertility and loss. We need these discussions so women know they are not alone. If you don’t want to talk about it, you can say that too. But we should not stop asking.

Here goes my (our) big secret for 18 months: I’ve suffered quietly with Recurrent Pregnancy Loss (RPL), with no living children.

This discussion needs to happen. Awareness brings education and research. Did Breast Cancer get their own month by staying quiet? No. You see pink everywhere in October. Did you know that in 1988 President Ronald Reagan…

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40 Timeless Things That Will Never Go Out of Style

  1. Red Lipstick
    It gives every girl a little more confidence and adds just enough vava-voom to a look.
  2. Billy Joel
    He can still belt it out like no other. His lyrics are modern day poetry and he speaks to all of our emotions.
  3. Ray-Bans and Aviators
    From the Blue’s Brothers to Top Gun, these styles of sunglasses are clean and effortless.
  4. Hand Written Notes
    It shows that you’ve taken the time out of your busy day to write someone a piece of literature. If it’s out of the blue, it makes it even more special to know someone is thinking about you.
  5. Thank you notes
    It’s common courtesy and such a nice gesture especially in this crazy world and all of the technology.
  6. Harry Potter
    Harry Potter has not stopped growing since 1997 when the first book was published. From the books to the movies to the recreation of their world, Harry Potter is the new fairytale.
  7. Champagne
    It’s always represented a celebratory event and good times to come ever since I met my best friend is college. Good champagne is a great gift for anyone because you never know when you need to celebrate.
  8. Sex and Politics
    Bill and Monica, JFK and Marilyn, Olivia and Fitz, Carrie and the Politician, need I say more.
  9. Natural Make-up
    Hey, I get it. Kissing a face full of gloss and powder is no fun. But us natural beauties also know that the natural look isn’t totally organic but it makes us feel confident and feminine.
  10. Leather Jackets
    In a fast-fashion world, leather sticks around for the long haul, both in terms of style and physical performance. The more you wear this piece, the better.
  11. Beards
    While the handlebar moustache and the soul patch have all enjoyed their 15 minutes of fame, there are good reasons you don’t often see them around these days, namely, they’re too strange. So let’s leave our men with that stubble or full on beard (sans that neck hair).
  12. French Manicure
    French manicures are a classic when it comes to simple glamour. They’ve stood the test of time and are a staple for weddings, formals or the office.
  13. The Oscars
    From couture gowns to that inimitable golden statuette, the best talent in the industry gathers together for one night to take over prestigious categories.
  14. Pearls
    “Pearls are always appropriate”- Jackie Kennedy (the queen of class)
  15. Levi’s
    There is a reason that generations of people had Levi’s grace their doopas, a reliable brand with quality material. Just ask Cindy Crawford.
  16. Coco Chanel
    From Chanel No. 5 to that quilted bag to menswear done right, Chanel is the definition of class and style.
  17. Sending flowers
    Some don’t enjoy the idea of flowers but I think they’re an amazing way to show someone you’re thinking about them, cupcakes are another way to my heart.
  18. Tiffany & Co.
    When you think of diamonds there is only one option, I mean c’mon Sweet Home Alabama still has girls drooling over that scene.
  19. Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn and Princess Diana
    They are the epitome of classic women who inspired people in a way that most can’t come near today.
  20. Gossiping
    Gossiping will never go out of style because there will always be people who are jealous and unhappy. Make sure you don’t become someone who belittles others.
  21. Tailoring
    Having clothes that fit in all the right places that look like someone made them specifically for you says something about your style.
  22. Well used cookbooks
    Stains and bent pages show that many meals were made over the years and that means that so much love and happiness occurred while eating them.
  23. Valentine’s Day (sorry I don’t think it’s going anywhere)
    A day for people to show their love for each other and while most think it’s only for couples, think again because it will forever be my dad’s holiday to me!
  24. Converse
    Bennie “the Jet” Rodriguez was the first person I ever saw to rock Chuck Taylors and I fell in love. Still to this day you can find them in all patterns and colors.
  25. Chivalry
    Holding doors open and pulling out chairs are things I can do by myself but when there is a man who treats you like a lady, it makes you heart flutter.
  26. Dancing
    You want to be the person who dances, at wedding or in a bar, you want to dance and enjoy the music.
  27. Music festivals
    From Woodstock to Coachella, music festivals allow for days of our favorite artists all at one venue. Plus with each festival allows for people to rock a particular style.
  28. Acting in a ladylike manner
    Listen girls we don’t need to be ratchet here. People claim guys don’t act like that gentlemen but that doesn’t mean we need to stop acting like ladies.
  29. Hand me down jewelry
    It’s more about who the jewelry is coming from. People receive meaningless presents all the time but when it comes from someone who wants you to have their lock or favorite ring, you tend to see the piece in a different life.
  30. Sense of Humor
    It’s hard to believe right now because we are young with perky boobs but there will be a time when we will actually need our personalities. So in the meantime surround yourselves with people you can have a real conversation with.
  31. The Beatles
    Their music is still played in movies, concerts, and even bars. They have generations upon generations of followers.
  32. Film
    Everyone with an iPhone is a photographer, you can take hundreds of pictures over a few minutes. Film allows us to think about what we are doing, the angles, the lighting. Everything is purposeful and thought over for more than just a quick second.
  33. First Kiss Jitters
    The first intimate moment between two people gives you once in a lifetime butterflies. So take them in and never forget the feeling your significant other gave you.
  34. Trench Coats
    Ask any fashionista which fashion item she considers to be the most timeless and versatile of them all, and I bet you she names the trench coat. The typically double-breasted, classical camel-colored that’s been worn by pretty much every fashion icon under the sun.
  35. Martini’s
    The Classic American Cocktail
  36. Stripes
    If there’s one piece that most of us probably have in our closets, it’s the classic striped shirt. The one that goes with everything you own.
  37. Cotton
    Pleather, Rayon, Polyester are all fabrics that really have some type of comic affiliation but cotton is popular enough that it has its own commercial.
  38. Best Friends
    People who understand you no matter what and who will love you no matter the crazy shit you do. That type of friendship is timeless.
  39. Education
    Continuously learning and growing in this ever changing world is a necessity. Educate yourself on the world you live in, you’ll never regret that.
  40. Being Kind
    Treat others the way you wished to be treated. No one likes to feel bad or be hurt so don’t make people feel that way.

13 Halloween Movies For Scaredy Cats


Halloweentown brings us into a world that all Halloween lovers could only wish to visit! It’s my childhood wrapped up in yet another Disney movie. The Cromwell clan bands together to save all of the creatures that reside in best place on earth. Who knew that witches made potions in microwaves and that vampires goes to the dentist?! Every little detail epitomizes Halloween for me.


Hocus Pocus

This movie is so near and dear to my heart, I cannot begin October until I sit down and watch this work of art. Everything about it is perfect. It has that Disney Channel Original Movie charm, badass witches, ~amazing~ special effects, and a KILLER musical number starring Bette Midler. THIS MOVIE SURELY PUT A SPELL ON ME, AM I RIGHT??



Ghostbusters remains one of the funniest films I’ve ever seen. Every one of Bill Murray’s lines is flawlessly delivered! It’s not as if Dr. Venkman, Stantz and Spengler just invented some neon vacuum cleaners for the hell of it. They lost their jobs, so they went into business together. They didn’t have the capital to pull it off, so Ray generously agreed to a third mortgage. When Pete’s client and crush, Dana turned into a literal dog, they risked their lives to save her, the city and the world in one fell swoop. Oh and there is a giant marshmallow involved as well. The whole movie screams Halloween.


Edward Scissorhands

So it’s safe to say Tim Burton completes me and feeds my obsession with Halloween. Edward’s a guy with no parents. No understanding of the social structure of the world. He ends up living in a house with a beautiful girl, but lacks the words to tell her how he feels about her. He just wants to make people happy, but doesn’t really understand how. Things go well for him, and he smiles. Things go poorly, and he lashes out. If you’re a human, you probably went through this. A “monster” with a love story.


Hotel Transylvania

Dracula is the owner of an inn for weary, wayward, traveling monsters, whose 118-year-old daughter Mavis falls for a human who accidentally wanders in as a guest. Dracula is your typical monster dad who is overly protective of his daughter who (like all teens) knows what she needs and apparently that is a human boy. The movie goes on to show you about all different types of creatures. It takes you into a world that usually scares and frightens us but you go on to see we’re all alike.


The Addams Family

Based on the sitcom from the 1960s, this quirky gem, introduces us to Gomez and Morticia Addams, whose family finds life in the suburbs rather difficult. Especially when estranged Uncle Fester finds his way home. There is a lot of dark humor that is perfect for the adults and minimal scare factor that all ages can enjoy.


Quite the morbid background about the death of a little boy but don’t let that deter you from the pseudo Cinderella story that involves my 1995 crush, Devin Sawa . He is known as “the friendly ghost” and befriends the ghost hunters that come into his home. From the comic relief of his three belligerent uncles, to the amazing lab his father built, Casper leaves your imagination spinning with excitement!

It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

Because really why wouldn’t you want to watch this? It’s an elementary school staple. Our local library has a copy so fire up your VHS and get nostalgic.



This is probably one of the weirdest movies ever. Such strange details are added that make me fall in love with this movie time and time again. Who doesn’t love cheesy musical numbers to Day-O or Winona Ryder Also, you have to ask yourself what would you do if you’re a ghost whose powers are activated by your name, but you can’t say it yourself? You engage in some rather clever clue delivery, of course.


The Nightmare Before Christmas

Jack, the literal Pumpkin King has the best set of groupies:

“You’re such a scream, Jack!”
“You’re a witch’s fondest dream!”
“Jack, you make wounds ooze and flesh crawl!”
If only we could be so lucky to hear such compliments. While his lady friend is brilliant and resourceful, Sally is an easy one to admire. The fine details are what make the movie, from the details is the weird presents to Jack and his science experiments.


Tower of Terror

23 Of The Most F*&%ed-Up Moments From Disney's "Tower Of Terror" Movie

This is one of those movies that if you watch it over the age of 10 you would realize that still has it’s freaky moments and was actually as scary as you thought, like the “I’m Cold” kid from Are You Afraid of the Dark? The scary factors play on all of your young fears. This movie opens up with killing off 5 people and then sends modern day folk into a haunted building. From dead bodies dancing to butch knifes to a party full of ghosts, and we watch their souls disappear into thin air.


Corpse Bride

Weird? Without a doubt. A corpse courtship may not be to everyone’s tastes, young children’s in particular. But the movie has its appeal, especially those of the blushing bride herself, voiced by a pouty Helena Bonham Carter. This movie is a lush, modern valentine to old-fashioned sentiment, and to old-fashioned moviemaking, too. The story concerns a young man and woman who meet for a marriage arranged by their parents, both families in need of money. The young man’s betrothal to the corpse bride leads him to contemplate his own death, in order to fit in with her friends. Death combined with many musical numbers is one of the many reasons this movie made the list.


Double Double Toil and Trouble

40 Reasons Why "Double, Double, Toil & Trouble" Is What You Need This Halloween

Last but c’mon people it’s certainly not least. OKAY YES IT’S A MARY-KATE AND ASHLEY MOVIE. But if you’re looking for an awesome way to waste a an hour and a half and that’ll get you in the Halloween spirit, this has everything you need. Bobbing for apples, pumpkin carving, witches, a weird magical moonstone, and, oh yeah, CLORIS LEACHMAN. And we all know that any movie with Cloris is a movie worth watching, and i guess the Olsen twins too.

Top Ten Rules of Throwing a Party

Have enough food and water

Alcohol and more alcohol never mix, ever, especially tequila. So have food for people. Real food like a tray of Philly pretzels, with chips & dips and mini sandwiches. Having nonalcoholic beverages available isn’t’ a bad idea either and I don’t mean just so you can add alcohol to them. Send people home with a soda or bottle of water. Don’t run out either because party goers rarely know how to control their alcohol consumption. So be certain that you have more than enough to soak up the excess alcohol.

Have enough toilet paper

Speaking of having enough of, make sure people feel comfortable in your bathroom. Upset stomachs happen especially when you add beer and shots into your diet. So make sure that there is enough toilet paper for people. Also up until 2 weeks ago our toilet could only be flushed every 20 minutes and that sucks when you have people over! So people who are new to your home feel so uncomfortable, make sure that doesn’t happen! You want to make sure that people feel welcome and well… at home.


If you want people to BYOB… Tell them…

Never assume people know to bring their own alcohol. I have gone to many a parties where the host would be insulted if people brought alcohol and I have been to parties where I have heard girls talking in the kitchen a pissy saying “I can’t believe she didn’t even bring anything!” As a host, make sure you tell people what they should or can bring. Have a friend who likes to try new recipes? Let her bring one! Someone has a bottle of wine they have been dying for you to try? Tell them you’ll provide the bottle opener. If you really don’t want people to bring anything, TELL THEM!


No drinking and driving

Have freshly washed blankets and pillows ready just in case people have a bit too much to drink and need to sleep it off at your house. Drinking and driving isn’t tolerated in my house, so give people options. Or make sure that there is a DD. It doesn’t need to be a 90s sitcom where all the keys are in a jar in the parents room but if someone is getting out of hand, cut them off. I’d rather my friend be mad at me over something so stupid, then hurt themselves or someone else.


Make sure the guest list is public

Do the right thing, dude. If you have invited two people to your party who only recently stopped exchanging bodily fluids and had to remove each other from social media out of their own self-preservation, let them know. Don’t leave them out in the cold to ruin their whole weekend by running across the person who just ripped their heart out and ate it. It’s just not a nice thing to do, and you wouldn’t like it to happen to you. Give them the opportunity to politely decline and cry at home in peace. But I’m not here to live your life.


Don’t clean during the party

Friends don’t want you to Swiffering under their feet or running the dishwasher. Let it go until everyone leaves, don’t make people feel like you’re pushing them out. There is always your best friend who will stay until the end and know their duty is to help you clean. So until the night is over, just enjoy the company and a messy house. It is literally the most passive aggressive way for you to say “you are totally ruining my life and flow of my house, please leave so I can clean”.

Damage comes with the territory

Something is going to get broken, stained, or misplaced because your drunk friends love to fuck with you. Put away things that break easily, hope for the best, and resign yourself to at least a few repairs to be made in the morning. Do it right, and you may even avoid the unfortunate “Really guys?! Where the hell is my remote!” group message in the morning. Maybe.


Don’t be a  music dictator

You cultivate the perfect playlist with all of your favorite songs with a nice blend of the hits and classics, you spend weeks perfecting it. Then that guy (and we all have that guy) takes it upon himself to go add 10 of the most annoying songs he can come up with in a row. He will take the whole thing over and becomes DJ Irritating for the rest of the evening. So unless you want to spend the night fighting him — time to just accept that Creed will come on at some point.

My Alarm Never Went Off!

Getting an extra half-hour of shut-eye seems worthwhile, until you wake up with wild hair, puffy eyes, and just a few minutes to dash to work. For anyone who’s ever woken up in a groggy haze and stared at her clock in horror, this one’s for you.

We’re not judging you for last night’s bottle of bubbly, but we’re here to open your eyes (literally) and teach you our ways. Here, the cheater’s guide to looking like a presentable human being in a few steps.

Prep Before

If you’re reading this, chances are this isn’t the first trip to the rodeo. Many a  times you’ve woken up in a panic and had somewhere to be, oh, five minutes ago. If you know your tendency to choose sleep over all else (including being on time), I suggest doing two things the night before: prep your hair and then your skin. Try sleeping in a masque or have a date night with your Clarisonic and some moisturizer. When every minute counts you’ll be happy your skin had a sight glow in the morning. And as for those lovely locks, try braids or curlers. That why you can just throw in some product as you’re running out the door and when all else fails, the top knot is here to save the day.

Don’t worry about the essentials

Are you going to be bent out of shape all day if your hair looks disheveled? Or are you going to feel naked if you don’t apply an adequate amount of makeup? You’re not going to have time to tackle both situations, so pick the highest priority and go with the bare minimum on the other.

You need to have a full-proof approach on both sides. Have a hair style that is quick and easy, that doesn’t resemble how you used to look when you woke up after a week long bender.  If you’re a makeup gal, know the essentials that you need to feel beautiful!

Priorities my dear

Contouring is out of the questions and today isn’t the day to try out that Pinterest hair style you found over the weekend. You need to know if you are the girl who will worry about her locks or if her eyebrows are on point.

If it’s your hair…

When time is short and you have to look polished, don’t waste time trying to tame your bedhead. Rushing through your hair routine can leave your strands looking even worse. Instead, give your hair a spritz of oil-absorbing dry shampoo. The trick with dry shampoo is to spray it on and DO NOT TOUCH! Let it do it’s magic and soak up the shine. I prefer dry shampoos with a mintier scent because it hides that next day smell hair tends to get.  So you have two options once the hair is set:

Leave it as is (if you happen to be lucky enough to have naturally perfect bedhead). If you’re like the rest of us toss it up or have an easy updo. My go to was always either a top knot or braiding my hair down one side of my head and tucking the rest in a clip. A topknot hides all wrongs, and will instantly help you look put-together and chic. Have another style? Comment below with it, because you shouldn’t be keeping that to yourself.

or Make-up..

Mascara is a must for me but for others it might be foundation or bronzer. Know what you are comfortable with and without. Here are ways to do your makeup in 3, 5 and 10 minutes.

3 minutes

Get a BB cream that covers your foundation and moisturizer.
Next throw on some color on that cheeks.
Finsihing touch, mascara of course.

5 minutes

Add a bit of concealer to under eyes and to hide blemishes
Then a touch of blush/bronzer to your cheek bones to create a “I’m awake” look
Curl your lashes for a simple touch to give some length or conture those brows

10 minutes

Highlighter is a nice touch to the upper cheeks bones, nose and chin.
A fine line of black/brown eyeliner adds a bit more drama to the eye
Finish up with your favorite lipstick or gloss


Know Thyself

You could live a life of denial, or you could accept the fact that you have the tendency to, let’s say… ignore your alarm clock. I recommend you choose the latter. Why? So you can be prepared when you (inevitably) find yourself racing against the clock and a bit of foreshadowing, the clock wins.. The first order of business? Keeping an emergency bag of makeup and hair products in your purse at all times with necessities. I suggest these items: tinted lip balm, BB cream, bobby pins/hair tie, mascara, and an eyeliner pen. They’re the things I need to get ready in a pinch when you need to run into the bathroom at work quick for a few touch-ups.

So these are my running late tips and there are some people who will never need them. My boyfriend is one of them, not because he doesn’t wear make-up but more so because he is ALWAYS on time. The only reason he is ever late is because of me. So for fellow tardy tina’s comment below with your favorite ways to save time when you’re running a bit behind! Until next time my loves.