My Alarm Never Went Off!

Getting an extra half-hour of shut-eye seems worthwhile, until you wake up with wild hair, puffy eyes, and just a few minutes to dash to work. For anyone who’s ever woken up in a groggy haze and stared at her clock in horror, this one’s for you.

We’re not judging you for last night’s bottle of bubbly, but we’re here to open your eyes (literally) and teach you our ways. Here, the cheater’s guide to looking like a presentable human being in a few steps.

Prep Before

If you’re reading this, chances are this isn’t the first trip to the rodeo. Many a  times you’ve woken up in a panic and had somewhere to be, oh, five minutes ago. If you know your tendency to choose sleep over all else (including being on time), I suggest doing two things the night before: prep your hair and then your skin. Try sleeping in a masque or have a date night with your Clarisonic and some moisturizer. When every minute counts you’ll be happy your skin had a sight glow in the morning. And as for those lovely locks, try braids or curlers. That why you can just throw in some product as you’re running out the door and when all else fails, the top knot is here to save the day.

Don’t worry about the essentials

Are you going to be bent out of shape all day if your hair looks disheveled? Or are you going to feel naked if you don’t apply an adequate amount of makeup? You’re not going to have time to tackle both situations, so pick the highest priority and go with the bare minimum on the other.

You need to have a full-proof approach on both sides. Have a hair style that is quick and easy, that doesn’t resemble how you used to look when you woke up after a week long bender.  If you’re a makeup gal, know the essentials that you need to feel beautiful!

Priorities my dear

Contouring is out of the questions and today isn’t the day to try out that Pinterest hair style you found over the weekend. You need to know if you are the girl who will worry about her locks or if her eyebrows are on point.

If it’s your hair…

When time is short and you have to look polished, don’t waste time trying to tame your bedhead. Rushing through your hair routine can leave your strands looking even worse. Instead, give your hair a spritz of oil-absorbing dry shampoo. The trick with dry shampoo is to spray it on and DO NOT TOUCH! Let it do it’s magic and soak up the shine. I prefer dry shampoos with a mintier scent because it hides that next day smell hair tends to get.  So you have two options once the hair is set:

Leave it as is (if you happen to be lucky enough to have naturally perfect bedhead). If you’re like the rest of us toss it up or have an easy updo. My go to was always either a top knot or braiding my hair down one side of my head and tucking the rest in a clip. A topknot hides all wrongs, and will instantly help you look put-together and chic. Have another style? Comment below with it, because you shouldn’t be keeping that to yourself.

or Make-up..

Mascara is a must for me but for others it might be foundation or bronzer. Know what you are comfortable with and without. Here are ways to do your makeup in 3, 5 and 10 minutes.

3 minutes

Get a BB cream that covers your foundation and moisturizer.
Next throw on some color on that cheeks.
Finsihing touch, mascara of course.

5 minutes

Add a bit of concealer to under eyes and to hide blemishes
Then a touch of blush/bronzer to your cheek bones to create a “I’m awake” look
Curl your lashes for a simple touch to give some length or conture those brows

10 minutes

Highlighter is a nice touch to the upper cheeks bones, nose and chin.
A fine line of black/brown eyeliner adds a bit more drama to the eye
Finish up with your favorite lipstick or gloss


Know Thyself

You could live a life of denial, or you could accept the fact that you have the tendency to, let’s say… ignore your alarm clock. I recommend you choose the latter. Why? So you can be prepared when you (inevitably) find yourself racing against the clock and a bit of foreshadowing, the clock wins.. The first order of business? Keeping an emergency bag of makeup and hair products in your purse at all times with necessities. I suggest these items: tinted lip balm, BB cream, bobby pins/hair tie, mascara, and an eyeliner pen. They’re the things I need to get ready in a pinch when you need to run into the bathroom at work quick for a few touch-ups.

So these are my running late tips and there are some people who will never need them. My boyfriend is one of them, not because he doesn’t wear make-up but more so because he is ALWAYS on time. The only reason he is ever late is because of me. So for fellow tardy tina’s comment below with your favorite ways to save time when you’re running a bit behind! Until next time my loves.



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